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Jessica Kingsley Publishers: Winter 2023

I Will Die On This Hill
Autistic Adults, Autism Parents, and the Children Who Deserve a Better World
By (author): Meghan Ashburn By (author): Jules Edwards Foreword by: Morénike Giwa Onaiwu Illustrated by: Nathan McConnell
Meghan Ashburn , Jules Edwards ,

Foreword by :

Morénike Giwa Onaiwu ,

Illustrated by :

Nathan McConnell


Jessica Kingsley Publishers



Product Form:


Form detail:

UK Trade
Paperback , UK Trade


Higher Education
Jan 19, 2023
$26.95 CAD


214 x 136 x 20 mm | 300 gr

Page Count:

256 pages


black and white 'headshot' illustrations of 11 contributors
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Autism Spectrum Disorders
Relating to people on the autism spectrum
  • Short Description
This book bridges the divide between #ActuallyAutistic activists and Autism Parents in the online community. Written by an author team with experience on both sides of the coin, Meghan Ashburn and Jules Edwards reflect on how they have resolved their differences to become firm friends, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way.
A call-to-action for anyone involved in the autism community - especially autistic people and non-autistic parents - to learn from one another and achieve more together

There is a significant divide between autistic advocates and parents of autistic children. Parents may feel attacked for their lack of understanding, and autistic adults who offer insight and guidance are also met with hostility and rejection.

Meghan Ashburn, a mother of two autistic boys, and Jules Edwards, an autistic parent, were no strangers to this tension and had an adversarial relationship when they first met. Over time, the two resolved their differences and are now co-conspirators in the pursuit of disability justice.

This book unites both perspectives, exploring the rift between these communities and encouraging them to work towards a common goal. It provides context to dividing issues, and the authors use their experience to illustrate where they've messed up, where they've got things right, and what they've learned along the way.

Meghan Ashburn is a mother of autistic twins. She's an educational consultant who is passionate about inclusion and accessibility. Meghan is the creator of Not an Autism Mom and hosts That Au-Some Book Club. www.notanautismmom.com

Jules Edwards is an autistic activist and parent of autistic children. She is the writer of Autistic, Typing, and works to educate the community and influence policy to promote disability justice. www.autistictyping.com

I Will Die On This Hill offers practical, invaluable guidance interwoven with wisdom, humor, and raw honesty to emphasize how critical it is for autistic adults and non-autistic parents to cultivate mutual respect and find "common ground" despite having differing, and sometimes seemingly parallel perspectives. - Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

I Will Die on This Hill is such a gift for all of us who have been clueless and way too speculative and assuming about autism. I can't guarantee that this is going to make you a better advocate-it might do that. But more importantly, Ashburn and Edwards' honest and unsentimental book will make you a better human being and, therefore, a better neighbor, better educator, better family member to Autistic adults, Autism parents and the children who need us all to do better. - Marcie Alvis Walker, creator of Black Coffee with White Friends

If you work with autistic children or have an autistic child in your family, I Will Die on This Hill is the very next book you should read, and maybe the most important book you'll read in your life. - Nick Walker, PhD, author of Neuroqueer Heresies

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