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Take Cover PRH fall 2022 Middle Grade-YA titles

By (author): Kate Alice Marshall
Kate Alice Marshall


Viking Books for Young Readers



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Paperback , Digest


Children: Age (years) 8 - 12, Grade (US) 3 - 7
Aug 30, 2022
$11.99 CAD


7.69in x 4.94 x 0.81 in | 0.48 lb

Page Count:

288 pages
Viking Children's Books
Viking Books for Young Readers
JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
A twisty, creepy follow-up to Thirteens, for fans of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Stranger Things.

Last Halloween, Eleanor, Pip, and Otto narrowly escaped the clutches of the evil January Society and their leader. But life in the too-quiet Eden Eld isn’t safe just yet: according to the bargain they made with Mr. January, it’s now his sister’s turn to hunt the three of them. And her methods are a bit more…treacherous. 

When their friends and neighbors begin disappearing, abducted by strange, mud-drenched monsters, Eleanor and her two best friends must race to uncover their enemy’s secrets. If they fail, their families will be next.

Stalked by the relentless mud beasts, they have to find a way to escape using their trusty book of twisted fairytales, their wits, and their friendship. But they quickly learn that the power of the stories they’ve turned to for help has a stronger hold on them—and their futures—than they realized. Even if Eleanor and her friends survive, they won’t end this journey the same people.

Series Overview: This is the sequel to Thirteens, which came out in Fall 2020.

The conclusion to the trilogy will be in Fall 2022.

BOOK BUZZ:Thirteens was a 2020 Middle Grade Book Buzz panel selection at BEA, garnering early fans who couldn’t get enough of this adventurous, daring trio and the clever writing that evenhandedly delivers both jump scares and a beautiful friendship story.

SATISFYING SEQUEL: The follow-up to Thirteens is every bit as thrilling, with the stakes and heart both turned up so that readers will race through to find out if Eleanor, Pip, and Otto prevail…or if they fall into the clutches of their sinister rival.

SPOOKY MIDDLE GRADE: In the era of Stranger Things, horror for the middle grade crowd is on the rise. Readers are craving stories that keep them on their toes.

RISING AUTHOR: With rave reviews and a movie deal (backed by Ben Affleck!) for her debut, I Am Still Alive, and a television deal for her sophomore YA, Rules for Vanishing, Kate’s star is on the rise. 

TRIO OF FRIENDS: At its heart this is a friendship story and these three are fast friends, all of whom bring different skills and experiences to the table. It’s the kind of friendship you feel a part of as you read. And after the fallout in the first book, where they learned definitively that Pip’s mom was evil, this sequel has strong SEL themes as they friends navigate Pip’s anger and abandonment issues. You’ll want to hug all three of them by the end of this book.

PITCH-PERFECT HORROR: Horror for the middle grade crowd requires a delicate balance—it has to be scary enough to hook thrill seekers, but not so scary that it keeps them up at night. This story hits that sweet spot with age-appropriate horror.

BONUS CONTENT: A preview of the final book in the trilogy, Glassheart, will be included in this paperback edition.

Kate Alice Marshall started writing before she could hold a pen properly, and never stopped. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with a chaotic menagerie of pets and family members, and ventures out in the summer to kayak and camp along Puget Sound. She is the author of the YA novels I Am Still Alive, Rules for Vanishing, and Our Last Echoes. Thirteens was her middle grade debut. Visit her online at katemarshallbooks.com and follow her on Twitter @kmarshallarts.

Author Residence: Seattle, Washington

Marketing: National media campaign

Online promotion and social media outreach

Librarian and educator outreach

Raves for Brackenbeast:

“The story-within-a-story worldbuilding gets more complex and tightly intertwined with each new detail, and the smart commentary on beauty, femininity, and female power adds depth. This series just gets better.”—Kirkus Reviews

Raves for Thirteens:

“Readers beware! This book is a trap: once you start reading,you will not be able to stop. Thirteens is a deliciously creepystay-up-all-night adventure that will shiver throughyou like a cold October wind. I loved every page!”—Jonathan Auxier, New York Times bestselling author of The Night Gardener and Sweep

“Creepy, mysterious, and a whole lot of fun. Thirteens kept me up well past my bedtime. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”—Cassie Beasley, New York Times bestselling author of Circus Mirandus

“A sensational, spooky tale. Thirteens has all the creepyelements that I adore: a town with a wicked history,lovable characters, great writing, plenty of scares, and mystery layered upon mystery. Sign me up for the next book!”—J. A. White, author of Nightbooks

“’Wrong’ in the right kind of way.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Eerie, atmospheric…will keep readers up at night.”—Publishers Weekly

Marshall stokes the eerie vibes of her fantasy-imbued mystery right off the bat.”—Booklist

“An enthralling mystery.”—School Library Journal

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