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Suggestions for Two Otters

Dive In!
Exploring Our Connection with the Ocean
By (author): Ann Eriksson
Ann Eriksson


Orca Book Publishers - Victoria



Product Form:


Form detail:

Sewn, Paper over boards, Printed dust jacket
Hardcover , Sewn, Paper over boards, Printed dust jacket


Juvenile: Age (years) 9 - 12, Grade (CAN) 4 - 7, Grade (US) 4 - 7, Reading age 9 - 12
Oct 09, 2018
$19.95 CAD


9.5in x 8 x 0.44 in | 460 gr

Page Count:

48 pages


full color images
FSC certified – mixed sources C016245
Orca Book Publishers
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection
Children’s / Teenage social topics: Environment, sustainability and green issues|Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife and habitats: Oceans and seas|Interest age: from c 9 years
j551.46 23
Green Earth Book Award 2019, Short-listed CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens, starred selection 2019, Commended
  • Short Description
Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle readers, with color photographs throughout. Find out why the ocean matters, why it is an amazing place and what you can do to keep it that way.
Be kind to the ocean; it connects us all.

We're all connected to the ocean, and the ocean to us.

The ocean provides half the oxygen we breathe; it feeds us, creates our weather and provides us with water. But we haven't been as kind to the ocean in return. The problems are many: pollution, overfishing, rising seas and acid waters. What can be done? Don't despair; take action. Dive In! explores our intimate connection with the ocean and provides every reader with an achievable set of actions that can help improve ocean health for our sake and the sake of the millions of marine plants and animals that share the planet with us. Filled with colorful photos and positive stories, Dive In! is as informative as it is inspirational.

Ann Eriksson lives on Thetis Island, British Columbia, with her husband in a waterfront house surrounded by ocean and trees and a lot of amazing and beautiful wildlife. When she's not writing, working in biology or helping protect the environment, she's out exploring the ocean and beaches by foot, kayak and sailboat.

"A lively, up-to-date and thought-provoking book that should readily engage young readers and encourage them to consider their role in ocean preservation, for its health and their own. A timely read for anyone! Highly Recommended. " - CM Magazine

"Concise and still thorough, this is a solid addition to a wide-ranging and ecologically conscious series. " - Kirkus Reviews

"An empowering philosophy is found in Dive In!…Clearly written chapters explain why we should not take oceans for granted, and lots of relatable and memorable examples are provided…For global citizens in training, Eriksson's mantra—'Everything is connected to everything else'—is a significant and heartening concept to ponder." - Quill & Quire

"A passionate plea for young readers to start enjoying, protecting, and preserving our oceans…The brief chapters are divided into manageable subsections, and full-color photos and sidebars appear on every page. References are provided for student researchers, and there's sufficient visual appeal to entice browsers. International in scope, this is a hopeful and appealing call to action." - Booklist

"This book is relevant to all…has all the prerequisites of a good information book: well researched, well organized, timely, and appropriate for intended audience. The text is engaging, the layout appealing supplemented with relevant photographs and side bars…highly recommended for both school and public libraries." - Resource Links

“More timely than ever, this book creates awareness and gives kids tools to examine our relationship with oceans. Budding divers and marine scientists will love this practical guide!” - The International Educator

“The accessible text is well illustrated with captioned color photographs.” - The Horn Book Online

“It is a fine example of excellence in the field of informative text for young people...Kids can do much to help. Ms. Eriksson shows them how in an impassioned and very personal way through her own lifelong love of the water and her many efforts to discover its bounty.” - Sal's Fiction Addiction

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