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Virtual Gift Show Spring 2023 - Gift

Cute Animal Affirmations
Positive vibes from the animal kingdom
By (author): Smith Street Books
Smith Street Books


Smith Street Gift



Product Form:

Novelty book
Novelty book


General / adult
Jan 31, 2023
$26.95 CAD


5.61in x 4.18 x 1.16 in | 0.71 lb

Page Count:

50 pages


Smith Street Gift
HUMOR / Topic / Animals
When you’re feeling down, these animals will lift you up with their beautiful words (and fluffy faces).

You know you got this. But sometimes it’s helpful to hear it from someone else—and who better to hear it from than a cute animal?

Animal Affirmations contains fifty cards featuring words of inspiration that these animals would have uttered if they could talk. Probably.

You know you can overcome this week, but why not let this cute greyhound confirm it? You’re already good enough, but this fluffy kitten will reassure you that you have everything you need to succeed. You are right where you’re meant to be, and this bunny rabbit agrees. When the going gets ruff, just turn to these sage animals for empowering words and affirming gazes.

    PERFECT FOR: Animal lovers, gifting, and anyone who loves self-help that’s not too serious.

    CUTE AND FUNNY CONCEPT: as our sales of This Book is Literally Just Pictures of Cute Animals demonstrate, there’s a huge market for fluffy pals.

    ADORABLE PHOTOS: Every card has an adorable photograph of an animal.

    FUN AND INSPIRATIONAL: Tongue-in-cheek, but still inspirational.

    HELPFUL HAND FOR CHALLENGING TIMES: After the last couple of years, we could all use a guiding hand and help keeping ourselves grounded.

    SELF-CARE DEMAND: Appeals to the strong appetite for self-care in the gift trade, with decks becoming increasingly popular.

    PUBLICITY POTENTIAL: Great publicity potential for viral campaigns, and social media traction.


The team at Smith Street Books often looks to their animal friends when they have life questions.

Author Residence: Melbourne, Australia

Author Hometown: Melbourne, Australia


    Pop Culture Print Media: Parade, Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, Variety

    Online Media: Mental Floss, Boing Boing, Vulture, Daily Beast, Huff Post, Gawker, BuzzFeed, NPR / Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast and Monkey See blog, Sweet on Snapchat

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