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The Entrepreneurial Edge 1
Everyday Entrepreneur
Making it Happen
By (author): Fred Dawkins
9781459719095 Paperback, Trade English General Trade BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship North America Nov 29, 2013
$19.99 CAD
Active 5.5 x 8.5 x 1 in | 260 gr 184 pages Dundurn

Not a "Dummies" guide on the practical steps of starting a business, Everyday Entrepreneur focuses on the real problems, decisions, and personal qualities of budding entrepreneurs, in the form of an easy-to-read and interesting story.

"The most important skill in the 21st century will be the ability to create your own job."

In Everyday Entrepreneur, you will meet three individuals who all have entrepreneurial aspirations. The first is Tim, whose career is stagnating, despite having a good job. Tim has developed some software that could form the basis of his own business, but he can’t make the decision whether or not to set up on his own. Terry, a childhood friend, steers Tim into a class on entrepreneurship conducted by a mysterious person named Sam. The class includes two others: Grace, in her mid-thirties, and Mike, who is twenty-something. Sam invites his three students to learn to become entrepreneurs over a period of twelve days. By focusing on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and by relying on a wide range of anecdotes, he cleverly leads all three to make important decisions about their future.

Fred Dawkins’s practical insights and advice can help you identify your own strengths and empower you to take the leap to an entrepreneur – and make your dream a reality.

Fred Dawkins is a successful entrepreneur with experience in manufacturing, retail, land development, and import/export. Co-founder of the Olde Hide House, a leather goods store, Dawkins holds a Bachelor's degree in commerce and finance, a Master's degree in economics, and the W.E. Rundle gold medal. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.

Fred Dawkins has written a wonderful book about entrepreneurship unlike any other on the market. He brilliantly uses his storytelling skills to illuminate his subject in a way that makes the book a joy to read. You’re so wrapped up in the story that you may not realize how much you’re learning until you’ve turned that last page.
- Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans and Up and Down

Technology entrepreneurs all too often focus their conversations with mentors on different ways of acquiring customers, equity value, and Venture Capital investment. What is ignored is all the human issues a founder will face as they build their business. Fred Dawkins offers a perspective that I think is missing in the current discussion around entrepreneurship; why it is important to the economy and what it really takes to build a successful business in any industry.

- Jesse Rodgers - Director of Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto, builder of VeloCity at the University of Waterloo, and co-founder of

- Jesse Rodgers, Director, Creative Destruction Lab, University of Toronto

Everyday Entrepreneur offers a simple but effective road map anyone can use to take the fear out of following your entrepreneurial dreams. - Monica Mehta, author of The Entrepreneurial Instinct and INC Magazine columnist

Fred Dawkins employs a likeable cast of characters and the simple setting of Canadian cottage country in July to convey a complex set of ideas ranging from the nature-versus-nurture debate (are entrepreneurs born or made?) to a variety of essential how-to entrepreneurship skills to specialty topics such as gender, leadership, negotiation, and team formation, as well as the important role of entrepreneurship in the global economy. His casual, easy-to-read writing style belies the critical importance of his subject matter. Not just potential entrepreneurs but also governments, big companies, and business schools in the West must adapt to the new reality of an increasingly educated and ambitious middle class in so-called developing countries and take immediate steps to reinvigorate our large population of underutilized problem-solvers in order to remain competitive and continue to enjoy increasing prosperity. As Sam would say: It is not a question of if, but rather how. - Ajay Agrawal, Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, Founder of the Creative Destruction Lab for entrepreneurs, Co-Founder of The Next 36 entrepreneurship program - Ajay Agrawal, University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management

The analyses of factors dominating business and society are insightful and demonstrative. Fred Dawkins has a wonderful capacity to put things in perspective, a writing style that is captivating and his command of the English language speaks for itself. I believe this will make a great college text book since it would inspire great discussions –arguments ? I’d love to be teaching from it. Also, a great question and answer book for would-be entrepreneurs. - Dr. Freeman McEwen Retired Dean, University of Guelph

Wonderfully scribed. Congrats in spades! You story is easy to read, compelling and worthy of a broad spectrum of society. As I got deeper into it, despite the undocumented postulates of Sam's Theory's, the story continuously got more intense while spinning of increasingly important concepts required of any entrepreneurial undertaking. Sam's ideas ring with the sounds of truth, wisdom and familiar experiences. I loved it.:) - Marvin Barnett, President, Finer Space Corporation, Serial Entrepreneur

I worked with Fred during the negotiations of a first collective agreement for his business which was growing rapidly. His understanding of the issues and his coolness in what many would describe as high pressure moments contributed to his ultimate success and control of the situation. Before you quit your job to set up your own business or hire an accountant or do your due diligence you should read this book - Steven F. Wilson, Partner Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP

Fellow Entrepreneurs listen up! I read almost a book a day and rarely do I fall this deeply in love with the entire book. A delightful exception to that rule has been Everyday Entrepreneur. Fred Dawkins has a simplicity that is accessible by entrepreneurs at every level, including those who are paving new ways within organizations, not just those of us out in the business wilderness. If you want a fast read that you'll be able to convert into massive action that will undoubtedly improve the way you do business then drop everything and read this book. - Sherri J Griffin, 20 Year Training & Development Professional

The book contains lots of good advice based on Dawkins’ 40 years in manufacturing, retail and real estate. - Financial Post

An entertaining, even heartwarming, book of thoughtful observations and dos and don'ts for starting a business, framed by a storyline with twists and turns one might find in a novel. - Guelph Mercury

"Fred Dawkins’ Everyday Entrepreneur: Making it Happen provides a strong gateway into thinking about entrepreneurship." -

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