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Bookthug Spring 2016

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    Rich and Poor Paperback Jacob Wren 9781771662383 $20.00 FICTION Apr 13, 2016
    Who hasn't, at one time or another, considered killing a billionaire?Following on the critical success of his novel Polyamorous Love Song (BookThug, 2014; finalist for the Fence Modern Prize in Prose and one of The Globe and Mail's 100 best books of 2014), Canadian writer and performer Jacob Wren picks up the mantle of the politically and economically disenfranchised in Rich and Poor--the story of a middle-class, immigrant pianist who has fallen on hard times, and now finds himself washing dishes to make ends meet.Wren capably balances personal... + Read More
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    Job Shadowing Paperback Malcolm Sutton 9781771662024 $20.00 FICTION May 03, 2016
    BookThug is excited to publish Job Shadowing, the first full-length fiction work by Malcolm Sutton, the widely published interdisciplinary artist and writer (and BookThug's own Fiction Editor). As well as being thematically driven by the increasingly precarious employment situation of the present and the inescapable legacies of the Baby Boom generation, Job Shadowing interrogates ways in which two people can exist together in tight proximity: as a woman married to a man; as an ambitious employee joined to a problematic shadow; as an idealistic ... + Read More
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    Double Teenage Paperback Joni Murphy 9781771662109 $20.00 FICTION Mar 24, 2016
    What are the rules for how to react to acts of war and violence depicted in the media-things that seem so big and distant from our day-to-day lives? Is there anything stable that we can believe in as real or true? These are just two of more than a handful of conundrums that guide the story in Double Teenage, the debut novel from writer and artist Joni Murphy. Double Teenage tells the story of two young teenagers who are coming of age in the 1990s in a little desert town along the US–Mexico border. Through their love of theatre, they find th... + Read More
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    The Jokes Paperback Stephen Thomas 9781771662062 $18.00 FICTION Mar 15, 2016
    We sit, hunched over the words that appear on our smartphone screens, altogether unaware of the story of our lives that is going on around us, even as we focus on the minutiae of our social media "friends'" daily activities. These are the stories that draw our undivided attention, and these are the types of deftly observed, wholly engrossing narratives that make up Stephen Thomas's debut flash-fiction collection, The Jokes.Presented in the form of a most common present-tense--as a series of moments in a social-media-like 'feed'--this collection... + Read More
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    Her Paraphernalia On Motherlines, Sex/Blood/Loss & Selfies Paperback Margaret Christakos 9781771662345 $20.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY May 03, 2016
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    Conjugation Paperback Phil Hall 9781771662185 $20.00 POETRY Mar 02, 2016
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    Buoyancy Control Paperback Adrienne Gruber 9781771662222 $18.00 POETRY Apr 05, 2016
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    Waiting Room Paperback Jennifer Zilm 9781771662147 $18.00 POETRY Apr 05, 2016
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    My Dinosaur Paperback Turcot François 9781771662307 $18.00 POETRY Mar 02, 2016
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    Poems by Gerard Legro Paperback Alessandro Porco 9781771662000 $22.00 POETRY Mar 01, 2016

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