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    The Hidden Life of Trees What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from A Secret World Hardcover Peter Wohlleben 9781771642484 $29.95 NATURE Sep 13, 2016
    “[Peter] Wohlleben has delighted readers and talk-show audiences alike with the news—long known to biologists—that trees in the forest are social beings.”—The New York Times Are trees social beings? In this international bestseller, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, forester Peter Wohlleben reveals the social network of the forest. The Hidden Life of Trees draws on ground-breaking scientific discoveries to describe how trees are like human families: tree parents live together with their children, they communicate with them, suppor... + Read More
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    The Killer Whale Who Changed the World Hardcover Mark Leiren-Young 9781771641937 $19.95 NATURE Sep 20, 2016
    The fascinating and heartbreaking account of the first publicly exhibited captive killer whale ? a story that forever changed the way we see orcas and sparked the movement to save themKiller whales had always been seen as bloodthirsty sea monsters. That all changed when a young killer whale was captured off the west coast of North America and displayed to the public in 1964. Moby Doll ? as the whale became known ? was an instant celebrity, drawing 20,000 visitors on the one and only day he was exhibited. He died within a few months, but his fam... + Read More
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    Let Them Eat Dirt Saving Our Children from an Oversanitized World Paperback B. Brett Finlay 9781771642545 $19.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Aug 26, 2016
    “A must-read for parents, teachers and any healthcare provider for children, Let Them Eat Dirt takes you inside the inside tract of a child’s gut, and shows you how to give kids the best immune start early in life.”—William Sears, M.D, co-author, The Baby Book Our over-sanitized world threatens children’s health, but parents can change their environment into one where they’ll thrive. Babies and young kids are being raised in surroundings that are increasingly cleaner, more hyper hygienic, and more disinfected than ever before. As a result, th... + Read More
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    Reinventing Prosperity Managing Economic Growth to Reduce Unemployment, Inequality and Climate Change Hardcover Graeme Maxton 9781771642514 $32.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Oct 08, 2016
    A persuasive economic argument that proves we can all live better lives in this finite world.The biggest challenges facing human wellbeing today are widening income inequality, continuing global poverty, and environmental degradation. All these problems are simple to solve ? in theory. In practice, however, they are much more complex to solve, because most of the commonly proposed "solutions" are simply not acceptable to people and governments who are focused on the short term.In Reinventing Prosperity, Graeme Maxton and Jorgen Randers offer a ... + Read More
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    An Intimate Wilderness Arctic Voices in a Land of Vast Horizons Hardcover Norman Hallendy 9781771642309 $39.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Oct 11, 2016
    Arctic researcher, author, and photographer Norman Hallendy’s journey to the far north began in 1958, when many Inuit, who traditionally lived on the land, were moving to permanent settlements created by the Canadian government. In this unique memoir, Hallendy writes of his adventures, experiences with strange Arctic phenomena, encounters with wildlife, and deep friendships with Inuit elders. Very few have worked so closely with the Inuit to document their traditions, and, in this book, Hallendy preserves their voices and paints an incomparable... + Read More
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    Cowboys of the Americas Hardcover Luis Fabini 9781771641166 $50.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 15, 2016
    For more than a decade, photographer Luis Fabini immersed himself in cowboy culture as he traveled through North and South America. This stunning collection of photographs from those travels reveals the cowboy who lives in silence and solitude, the interconnectedness of the men with the land, and a traditional way of life that exists on the outskirts of society but also vividly in our imagination.An eloquent text by anthropologist and author Wade Davis reflects on the long relationship between horses and humans, describes the significance of Fa... + Read More
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    No News Is Bad News Canada's Media Collapse - and What Comes Next Paperback Ian Gill 9781771642682 $18.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Sep 13, 2016
    Canada’s media companies are melting faster than the polar ice caps, and in No News Is Bad News, Ian Gill chronicles their decline in a biting, in-depth analysis. He travels to an international journalism festival in Italy, visits the Guardian in London, and speaks to editors, reporters, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profit leaders, and news consumers from around the world to find out what’s gone wrong. Along the way he discovers that corporate concentration and clumsy adaptations to the digital age have left Canadians with a gaping hole in our... + Read More
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    Vancouver in the Seventies Photos from a Decade that Changed the City Hardcover Kate Bird 9781771642408 $29.95 PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 11, 2016
    Fresh out of the freewheeling sixties, the seventies was a decade of immense change for Vancouver?a time of protest, political upheaval, economic boom, and cultural evolution. Through it all, the Vancouver Sun's award-winning photographers chronicled the city’s metamorphosis. Shooting more than 4,500 photo assignments each year, they covered news, politics, business and industry, sports, entertainment, food, and fashion, without missing a beat. These images capture pivotal moments in this dynamic city’s history, including the Gastown Riot, the ... + Read More
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    Hockey Confidence Train Your Brain to Win in Hockey and in Life Paperback Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc. 9781771642019 $19.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Sep 20, 2016
    "This book is a powerful tool for developing your self-belief and confidence. It will help many NHL hockey players be better teammates and better players."?Mark Recchi, five-time Stanley Cup champion & Hockey Hall of Fame InducteeA game-changing guide to help hockey players of all ages gain the confidence they need to excel at the sport.Confidence affects how we deal with stress and how we fulfill our potential to achieve the results we desire. In sports and in life, confidence is the underlying factor determining mental and physical performanc... + Read More
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    The Hockey Song Hardcover Stompin' Tom Connors 9781771641890 $21.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 7 Nov 15, 2016
    As Stompin’ Tom Connors sings, ?It’s the good old hockey game, the best game you can name.” And in this charmingly illustrated book for all ages, the classic song played at hockey games around the world is imagined as a shinny game on an outdoor rink in the middle of the city that starts with two players and soon grows to include the whole community. ?The puck is in! The hometown wins! The good ol’ hockey game.”
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    Elliott's Guide to Dinosaurs Hardcover Elliott Seah 9781771642378 $19.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 7 - 10 Nov 15, 2016
    Have you ever wondered what the world looked like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Eight-year-old author Elliott Seah did, and took it upon himself to find out more. In his first book, he takes readers on a fact-filled exploration of these amazing creatures from our planet’s distant past. With lively illustrations, Elliott provides fascinating answers to important questions about the dinosaurs’ origins, what they ate, how they lived, and how a mass extinction brought their time on Earth to an end. Helpful extras include resources for further re... + Read More
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    Letters to My Grandchildren Wisdom and Inspiration from One of the Most Important Thinkers on the Planet Paperback David Suzuki 9781771642347 $18.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 13, 2016
    In these inspiring letters to his grandchildren, David Suzuki speaks eloquently about their future and challenges them to be agents of change and to do everything with commitment and passion. He also explains why sports, fishing, feminism, and failure are important; why it is dangerous to deny our biological nature; and why First Nations must lead a revolution. Drawing on his own experiences and the wisdom he has gained over his long life, he decries the lack of elders and grandparents in the lives of many people, especially immigrants, and cha... + Read More
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    That Lonely Section of Hell The Botched Investigation of a Serial Killer Who Almost Got Away Paperback Lorimer Shenher 9781771642576 $19.95 TRUE CRIME Oct 11, 2016
    One of the Globe and Mail 100 Best Books for 2015 Finalist for the 2016 BC Book Awards’ Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize “The most important book of the year.” — Stacey May Fowles, the Globe and Mail An ex-police detective’s searing personal account of sexism, racism, and mishandling in the investigation of missing and murdered women. In That Lonely Section of Hell, police detective Lori Shenher describes her role in Vancouver’s infamous Missing and Murdered Women Investigation and her years-long struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as ... + Read More
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    The Riverton Rifle My Story: Straight Shooting on Hockey and on Life Paperback Reggie Leach 9781771642583 $22.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Dec 13, 2016
    ?It all comes down to making the right life choices,” says the NHL’s legendary Reggie Leach, and this intimate biography lays bare the decisions that led him to become one of the best snipers in hockey history. Nicknamed the Riverton Rifle for his thrilling speed and deadly shooting skills, Leach overcame a childhood marked by poverty and racism to rise through the NHL, playing for the Stanley Cup-winning 1975 Philadelphia Flyers. Through Leach’s own recollections, The Riverton Rifle traces his trajectory from humble beginnings to NHL stardom. ... + Read More
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    One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism Paperback John Porter 9781771601665 $25.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 11, 2016
    A revelatory and poignant memoir showing mountaineering at its extraordinary best and tragic worst as it draws an unforgettable picture of a dazzling, argumentative and exuberant climbing legend. In the autumn of 1982, a single stone fell from high on the south face of Annapurna and struck Alex MacIntyre on the head, killing him instantly and robbing the climbing world of one of its greatest talents. Although only 28 years old, Alex was already one of the leading figures of British mountaineering’s most successful era. His ascents included hard... + Read More
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    Surviving Logan Hardcover Erik Bjarnason 9781771601924 $28.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Sep 19, 2016
    One mountaineer’s harrowing story of survival and recovery after being trapped on the second-highest peak in North America, Mount Logan in the Yukon Territory, during an extratropical cyclone. In May of 2005, North Shore Rescue put together a 40th Anniversary Expedition to Mount Logan. The team was made up of seven men and one woman – all experienced mountaineers and search & rescue personnel. The trip up the mountain was relatively standard, marked by good weather. But on May 25, 2005, their good fortune took a tragic turn. Three members of th... + Read More
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    Running to the Edge Paperback Martin Parnell 9781771601726 $25.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Nov 22, 2016
    An inspiring memoir that details one man’s determination to help disadvantaged children through the power of sport while dealing with the dramatic realities of his body’s own physical limitations. In 2010, at age 55, Martin Parnell began tackling a series of extreme sporting challenges which became known as “Quests for Kids,” designed to help improve the lives of 20,000 children through sport and play programs. Martin set himself the goal of completing ten “Quests” in five years, which included “Marathon Quest 250” (250 marathons in one year); ... + Read More
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    Spirit Builders Charles Catto, Frontiers Foundation and the Struggle to End Indigenous Poverty Paperback James Bacque 9781771601368 $25.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE Jan 31, 2017
    The inspiring true story of how one organization has tried to alleviate the struggles faced by indigenous peoples in Canada by building houses and developing livable communities for those in desperate need. The people who were living here on Turtle Island (North America) before us have been pushed aside from their own land for decades. Mining companies, lumber companies, railways, governments and fisheries have all taken away First People’s land and resources while dishonouring the treaties that were supposed to protect them. Spirit Builders is... + Read More
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    Bad Medicine - Revised & Updated A Judge’s Struggle for Justice in a First Nations Community – Revised & Updated 2nd edition Paperback John Reilly 9781771601948 $25.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE Aug 13, 2019
    This revised and updated edition details the latest legal developments surrounding tribal leadership and the state of governance on Canadian reserves.When Bad Medicine first appeared in 2010 it was an immediate sensation, a Canadian bestseller that sparked controversy and elicited praise nationwide for its unflinchingly honest portrayal of tribal corruption in a First Nation in Alberta.Now, in a new, revised and updated edition, retired Alberta jurist John Reilly sketches the latest legal developments surrounding tribal leadership at Morley and... + Read More
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    Bad Judgment – Revised & Updated The Myths of First Nations Equality and Judicial Independence in Canada 2nd edition Paperback John Reilly 9781771601962 $25.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE Aug 13, 2019
    This revised and updated edition looks at the future of the Canadian legal and political systems as they relate to this country’s indigenous communities.During John Reilly’s more than 30-year career with the Provincial Court of Alberta he became interested in how the Canadian judicial system dealt with Indigenous societies. He saw the failure of the “white” legal system to do justice for First Nation peoples, the harm caused to them by Canadian colonialism, and the failure of all levels of government, including tribal leadership, to alleviate t... + Read More
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    Earth and Sky Photographs and Stories from Montana and Alberta Hardcover Stephen Legault 9781771601597 $40.00 TRAVEL Sep 20, 2016
    With a vivid narrative and stunning photography, this beautifully produced coffee-table book showcases the natural beauty of North America’s Rocky Mountain Front and the human stories that are intimately connected to its profound, and ever-changing, sense of place. People in Alberta, Montana and around the world travel through the foothills to reach more iconic destinations such as Banff, Kananaskis, Waterton and Glacier national parks. The foothills, however, are a unique destination on their own and have helped define both Alberta and Montana... + Read More
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    Imagine This Valley Essays and Stories Celebrating the Bow Valley Paperback Stephen Legault 9781771601764 $20.00 TRAVEL Oct 11, 2016
    Featuring essays from some of the area’s most beloved personalities, this exceptional literary anthology celebrates the landscape, culture, community and natural history of Alberta’s Bow Valley. Canmore and Banff are collectively renowned for their mountain culture, diverse wildlife and scenes of breathtaking natural splendour. These vibrant mountain communities are also home to exceptional adventurers, artists, thinkers and writers. For the first time, some of the area’s best-known personalities have contributed essays to a collection of work ... + Read More
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    Casting Back Sixty Years of Fishing and Writing Paperback Peter McMullan 9781771601740 $25.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 11, 2016
    Covering a span of more than 60 years, these classic fishing essays are brought together for the first time, celebrating the thoughts, pleasures and adventures of a devoted angler and renowned storyteller as he fishes some of the timeless streams of Ireland, New Zealand and British Columbia. Through the pages of Casting Back Peter McMullan takes the reader from his youthful Irish beginnings in the 1940s to his time as a young journalist in Northern Ireland during the mid-1950s, through the 1960s and into today’s western Canada and a totally dif... + Read More
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    A River Captured The Columbia River Treaty and Catastrophic Change Paperback Eileen Delehanty Pearkes 9781771601788 $20.00 NATURE Sep 19, 2016
    A River Captured explores the controversial history of the Columbia River Treaty and its impact on the ecosystems, indigenous peoples, contemporary culture, provincial politics and recent history of southeastern British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. Long lauded as a model of international cooperation, the Columbia River Treaty governs the storage and management of the waters of the upper Columbia River basin, a region rich in water resources, with a natural geography well suited to hydroelectric megaprojects. The Treaty also caused the di... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Live Close to Home Hardcover Peter Denton 9781771601825 $16.00 NATURE Sep 13, 2016
    In his third thought-provoking RMB manifesto Peter Denton explains how we can change course toward a sustainable future in immediate and practical ways – and why it could make all the difference for ourselves and for future generations. As individuals and as a culture and society, we have increasingly emphasized the global village over the village in which we actually live. Our preference for the faraway is at the heart of the environmental and social catastrophes that today seem utterly unavoidable. If things are going to change, there are fou... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto North America in the Anthropocene Hardcover Robert William Sandford 9781771601801 $16.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE Sep 12, 2016
    Finalist, 2016 Lane Anderson Award for Best Canadian Science Writing Robert William Sandford’s latest RMB manifesto invites the reader to separate the hype from the hope with respect to the outcomes of the 2015 Paris climate conference and in relation to humanity’s dangerous new era — the Anthropocene. In responding to the urgency – and the opportunity – of getting sustainable development right, the United Nations engaged in numerous program announcements and international conversations during the final months of 2015. Most notable were the Cli... + Read More
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    The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies – 2nd Edition 2nd edition Paperback Bill Corbett 9781771601320 $35.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Sep 01, 2016
    An award winner at the Banff Mountain Book Festival, this comprehensive, full-colour climber’s guide and history celebrates in words and images these breathtaking summits and the lively, often forgotten accounts of the pioneering climbers and their original routes. This new edition of The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies thoroughly updates route and access information, particularly taking into account the warming trends and glacier retreat that are significantly reshaping the landscape through which mountaineers travel. For those seeking fresh... + Read More
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    A Beginner's Guide to Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies – 2nd Edition Second Edition Paperback Andrew Nugara 9781771601849 $35.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Mar 09, 2017
    Whether you are looking for an easy introductory day on flat terrain amid beautiful surroundings or getting to the summit of one of the Rockies innumerable stunning mountains, you will find it in this bestselling guidebook. This second edition of A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies has almost doubled in content and now describes over 75 great treks for new or beginner snowshoers. In addition to the very easy routes tailored for those who find themselves on snowshoes for the first time, this edition features a number of new... + Read More
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    Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies – 2nd Edition Second Edition Paperback Andrew Nugara 9781771601863 $35.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 17, 2017
    The Canadian Rockies in winter are still nothing short of spectacular, and snowshoes provide an easy, fun and exciting way to see some of the best winter scenery Canada has to offer. Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies – 2nd Edition describes 100+ great routes for snowshoers of all levels – from beginners who have never snowshoed, to experienced backcountry travellers who are looking for new challenges. The 61 routes described in the first edition have been augmented with 45 new routes, including trips in the Crowsnest Pass and new treks at La... + Read More
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    Snowshoe Trails in Southwestern British Columbia Paperback Aileen Stalker 9781771601887 $30.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Jan 24, 2017
    Snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter sport in North America. With this new guidebook, outdoor enthusiasts interested in stepping out of their skis and into a pair of snowshoes will be able to find some of British Columbia’s most enjoyable trails. Snowshoe Trails in Southwestern British Columbia offers readers information on over 35 routes. Ranging from short strolls to day-long treks, the trails have trouble-free access and the authors use winter landmarks, estimated times and general distances to help users find their way. Information ab... + Read More


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