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    Amazing Airmen Canadian Flyers in the Second World War Paperback Ian Darling 9781554884247 $24.99 HISTORY Sep 07, 2009
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    Amiens Dawn of Victory Paperback James McWilliams 9781550023428 $22.99 HISTORY Sep 01, 2001
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    An Unstoppable Force The Scottish Exodus to Canada Paperback Lucille H. Campey 9781550028119 $27.99 HISTORY May 06, 2008
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    Art and Politics The History of the National Arts Centre Hardcover Sarah Jennings 9781550028867 $50.00 HISTORY Apr 15, 2009
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    Battlefields of Canada Paperback Mary Beacock Fryer 9781550020076 $18.99 HISTORY Sep 01, 1986
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    Bomb Girls Trading Aprons for Ammo Paperback Barbara Dickson 9781459731165 $26.99 HISTORY Oct 03, 2015
    2016 Speaker's Book Award — Shortlisted 2016 Heritage Toronto Book Award — Nominated An account of the women working in high-security, dangerous conditions making bombs in Toronto during the Second World War. What was it like to work in a Canadian Second World War munitions factory? What were working conditions like? Did anyone die? Just how closely did female employees embody the image of “Rosie the Riveter” so popularly advertised to promote factory work in war propaganda posters? How closely does the recent TV show, Bomb Girls, resemble the... + Read More
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    Canada and the Liberation of the Netherlands, May 1945 Paperback Lance Goddard 9781550025477 $29.99 HISTORY May 01, 2005
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    Canada in Afghanistan The War So Far Hardcover Peter Pigott 9781550026740 $35.00 HISTORY Feb 28, 2007
    It has been said that Canada is a country with too much geography and too little history. Afghanistan has too much of both. As the war escalates in Afghanistan, more Canadians are asking what we are doing there. For a country that has specialized in peacekeeping, this war is a shock one that we have not yet comprehended. As the casualties mount, Canadians will want to know why we are there. Canada in Afghanistan introduces readers to Afghans and their culture, gives historical background from our involvement since 9/11, and covers operations c... + Read More
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    Canada's Big House The Dark History of the Kingston Penitentiary Paperback Peter H. Hennessy 9781550023305 $22.99 HISTORY Oct 01, 1999
    A report in 1833 by a committee of three respected Kingston colonials called for the construction of a limestone penitentiary on Hatter’s Bay to the west of the town. Their report contained these words of advice for its future governors: "…[shall] be a place by every means not cruel and not affecting the health of the offender, [but] shall be rendered so irksome and so terrible that during his lifetime he may dread nothing so much as a repetition of the punishment…" The obvious contradiction within this historical mandate of Canada’s Big House ... + Read More
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    Destined to Survive A Dieppe Veteran's Story Paperback Jack A. Poolton 9781550023114 $22.99 HISTORY Oct 01, 1998
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    Discover Ontario Stories of the Province's Unique People and Places Paperback Terry Boyle 9781459732209 $22.99 HISTORY Apr 23, 2016
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    Fifty Years Honouring Canadians The Order of Canada, 1967–2017 Hardcover Christopher McCreery 9781459736573 $40.00 HISTORY Jan 07, 2017
  • 13. catalogue cover
    Fire Canoe Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited 2nd edition Hardcover Ted Barris 9781459732087 $33.99 HISTORY Sep 26, 2015
  • 14. catalogue cover
    Firing Lines Three Canadian Women Write the First World War Paperback Debbie Marshall 9781459738386 $24.99 HISTORY Feb 18, 2017
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    Fortune Favours the Brave Tales of Courage and Tenacity in Canadian Military History Paperback Colonel Bernd Horn 9781550028416 $35.00 HISTORY Jan 26, 2009
  • 16. catalogue cover
    From Queenston to Kingston The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario's Shoreline Paperback Ron Brown 9781554887163 $26.99 HISTORY May 31, 2010
  • 17. catalogue cover
    Greatcoats and Glamour Boots Canadian Women at War, 1939-1945, Revised Edition 2nd edition Paperback Carolyn Gossage 9781550023688 $21.99 HISTORY Nov 01, 2001
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    Guidebook to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812 2nd Edition, Revised and Updated 2nd edition Paperback Gilbert Collins 9781550026269 $24.99 HISTORY May 01, 2006
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    Hell and High Water Paperback Lance Goddard 9781550027280 $29.99 HISTORY Oct 22, 2007
    Although it has been overshadowed by other events of the Second World War, Canada’s role in the Italian Campaign, from 1943 to 1945, was significant. Canadian forces played a major role in this campaign, whose goal was to open a second front in order to ease the pressure on Russian forces in the east. Canada fought under British command alongside British and American units, but our soldiers saw some of the fiercest fighting and achieved glory many times, including at the Battle of Ortona, one of Canada’s greatest military accomplishments. The p... + Read More
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    Highway of Heroes True Patriot Love Paperback Pete Fisher 9781554889716 $24.99 HISTORY Sep 08, 2011
  • 21. catalogue cover
    Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst Everyday Life in Upper Canada, 1812–1814 Paperback Dorothy Duncan 9781459705920 $21.99 HISTORY May 26, 2012
  • 22. catalogue cover
    How Different It Was Canadians at the Time of Confederation Paperback Michael J. Goodspeed 9781459736948 $24.99 HISTORY May 27, 2017
  • 23. catalogue cover
    I Remember Sunnyside Paperback Mike Filey 9781550022742 $18.99 HISTORY Oct 01, 1996
  • 24. catalogue cover
    Is Canada Even Real? How a Nation Built on Hobos, Beavers, Weirdos, and Hip Hop Convinced the World to Beliebe Paperback J.C. Villamere 9781459738836 $15.99 HUMOR May 06, 2017
    This quirky ode to a quirky land is a humorous nostalgia trip and a fun Canadian history lesson couched in a hipster quiz book. If you’ve ever wondered Why is the inuksuk more revered than Wheelchair Jimmy? Does the iconic beaver really represent us better than The Littlest Hobo? Is everyone going canoeing without me or is canoeing way less of a thing than it’s made out to be? then this book is for you. Is Canada even real? It’s a question that’s being asked more and more, thanks to our waterproof, see-through, supposedly maple-scented curre... + Read More
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    Lake Erie Stories Struggle and Survival on a Freshwater Ocean Paperback Chad Fraser 9781550027822 $24.99 HISTORY May 05, 2008
  • 26. catalogue cover
    Lifting the Silence A World War II RCAF Bomber Pilot Reunites with his Past Paperback David Scott Smith 9781554887743 $27.99 HISTORY Nov 01, 2010
  • 27. catalogue cover
    Living Up to a Legend My Adventures with Billy Bishop's Ghost Paperback Diana Bishop 9781459737709 $24.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 25, 2017
    Diana Bishop recounts growing up in the shadow of her famous grandfather, Canadian First World War flying ace Billy Bishop. As a child, Diana Bishop showed up one day at school with a brown paper bag. Inside was a large breastplate of some of the most precious war medals on the planet, including the Victoria Cross. They belonged to Canada’s most celebrated First World War pilot, Billy Bishop, and until her family donated them to the Canadian War Museum, they had been kept in her father’s underwear drawer. That day at school was the first time ... + Read More
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    Lost Beneath the Ice The Story of HMS Investigator Hardcover Andrew Cohen 9781459719491 $29.99 HISTORY Nov 16, 2013
    The story of the bold voyage of HMS Investigator and the modern-day discovery of its wreck by Parks Canada’s underwater archaeologists. When Sir John Franklin disappeared in the Arctic in the 1840s, the British Admiralty launched the largest rescue mission in its history. Among the search vessels was HMS Investigator, which left England in 1850 under the command of Captain Robert McClure. While the ambitious McClure never found Franklin, he and his crew did discover the fabled Northwest Passage. Like Franklin’s ships, though, Investigator disap... + Read More
  • 29. catalogue cover
    Miss Confederation The Diary of Mercy Anne Coles Paperback Anne McDonald 9781459739673 $22.99 HISTORY Jun 24, 2017
    History without the stiffness and polish time creates. Canada’s journey to Confederation kicked off with a bang — or rather, a circus, a civil war (the American one), a small fortune’s worth of champagne, and a lot of making love — in the old-fashioned sense. Miss Confederation offers a rare look back, through a woman’s eyes, at the men and events at the centre of this pivotal time in Canada’s history. Mercy Anne Coles, the daughter of PEI delegate George Coles, kept a diary of the social happenings and political manoeuvrings as they affecte... + Read More
  • 30. catalogue cover
    Nation Builders Barnardo Children in Canada Paperback Gail H. Corbett 9781550023947 $19.99 HISTORY Sep 01, 2002
  • 31. catalogue cover
    No Lack of Courage Operation Medusa, Afghanistan Paperback Colonel Bernd Horn 9781554887668 $30.00 HISTORY Oct 04, 2010
  • 32. catalogue cover
    Series: Now You Know Now You Know Canada 150 Years of Fascinating Facts Paperback Doug Lennox 9781459739420 $16.99 REFERENCE Jun 03, 2017
    A National Bestseller! A new collection of the best Canadian trivia in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday comes this collection of the best in Canadian questions and answers, covering history, famous Canadians, sports, word origins, geography, and everything in between. In these pages, you’ll learn the answers to questions like: Where did the word Canuck come from? How did an aristocratic French girl become a Canadian Robinson Crusoe? What famous explorer played hockey in the Arctic? Who was the first... + Read More
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    Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley The St. Leger Expedition of 1777 Paperback Gavin K. Watt 9781550023763 $32.99 HISTORY May 01, 2002
  • 34. catalogue cover
    Red Coats & Grey Jackets The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814 Paperback Donald E. Graves 9781550022100 $26.99 HISTORY Jul 25, 1996
  • 35. catalogue cover
    Scotland Farewell The People of the Hector Revised Edition; 5th Printing Paperback Donald MacKay 9781896219127 $19.99 HISTORY Aug 30, 2006
  • 36. catalogue cover
    Second to None The Fighting 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Paperback Kevin R. Shackleton 9781550024050 $28.99 HISTORY Aug 26, 2002
    One of only fifty infantry battalions to see action with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I, the 58th nevertheless had no official history. Second to None tells the story of this important, yet forgotten, battalion. The soldiers who formed the 58th exemplified the ideal citizen soldiers and later evolved into the tough, battle-savvy veterans who destroyed the cream of the German Imperial Army and won battle honours. The author uses the men’s letters and diaries and family oral histories to amplify the terse account of the 58th’... + Read More
  • 37. catalogue cover
    Stories of Newmarket An Old Ontario Town Paperback Robert Terence Carter 9781554888801 $28.99 HISTORY Apr 15, 2011
  • 38. catalogue cover
    Strangers at Our Gates Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy, 1540–2015 4th edition Paperback Valerie Knowles 9781459732858 $26.99 HISTORY Mar 05, 2016
    In this new and revised edition, Knowles explores new materials relating to multiculturalism and immigration. Immigrants and immigration have always been central to Canadians’ perception of themselves as a country and a society. In this crisply written history, Valerie Knowles describes the different kinds of immigrants who have settled in Canada, and the immigration policies that have helped define the character of Canadian immigrants over the centuries. Key policymakers and shapers of public opinion figure prominently in this colourful story... + Read More
  • 39. catalogue cover
    The Beaver Hall Group and Its Legacy Hardcover Evelyn Walters 9781459737761 $60.00 ART Feb 11, 2017
  • 40. catalogue cover
    The Franklin Conspiracy An Astonishing Solution to the Lost Arctic Expedition Paperback Jeffrey Blair Latta 9780888822345 $22.99 HISTORY Jun 01, 2001
  • 41. catalogue cover
    Series: The Great Canadian Bucket List The Great Canadian Bucket List One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences 2nd edition Paperback Robin Esrock 9781459739383 $24.99 TRAVEL Jun 17, 2017
  • 42. catalogue cover
    The Great Escape A Canadian Story Hardcover Ted Barris 9781771022729 $33.99 HISTORY Oct 05, 2013
    A unique retelling of WWII’s most dramatic escape, told through first-hand recollections of the soldiers who experienced it. On the night of March 24, 1944, 80 Commonwealth airmen crawled through a 336-foot-long tunnel and slipped into the forest beyond the wire of Stalag Luft III, a German POW compound near Sagan, Poland. The event became known as &8220;The Great Escape,&8220; an intricate breakout more than a year in the making, involving as many as 2,000 POWs working with extraordinary coordination, intelligence, and daring. Yet within a ... + Read More
  • 43. catalogue cover
    The History of Fort St. Joseph Paperback Graeme Mount 9781550023374 $14.99 HISTORY Jan 05, 2000
  • 44. catalogue cover
    The Lake Erie Shore Ontario's Forgotten South Coast Paperback Ron Brown 9781554883882 $24.99 HISTORY Apr 20, 2009


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