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    Higher States Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries Hardcover Roald Nasgaard 9780864929655 $50.00 ART Feb 07, 2017
    Lawren S. Harris is best known for his iconic landscape paintings that declare a sense of cool Canadian resilience. Yet, in the 1920s, an audacious and more colourful interior world began to emerge in his work, and by 1934, the patriotic landscape painter had taken a seemingly unexpected turn toward a transnational career in abstract painting. The social, intellectual, and aesthetic milieu of American transcendentalism shaped a movement of abstract art across North America, seen in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Katherine D... + Read More
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    Vers de nouveaux sommets Lawren Harris et ses contemporains américains Hardcover Roald Nasgaard 9780864929778 $50.00 ART Feb 07, 2017
    Lawren S. Harris doit sa renommée à ses paysages emblématiques pénétrés d'un force tranquille résolument canadienne. Dans les années 1920, un monde intérieur audacieux et coloré commence à se manifester dans son œuvre, et en 1934, contre toute attente, il entreprend une carrière de peintre abstrait outre-frontière.Le milieu social, intellectuel et esthétique du transcendantalisme américain sert de modèle à un mouvement d'art abstrait en Amérique du Nord. Inspirés par les idées de Kandinsky et les écrits d'Emerson et Whitman, Harris et ses conte... + Read More
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    SakKijâjuk Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut Hardcover Heather Igloliorte 9780864929747 $45.00 ART Feb 21, 2017
    Winner, Canadian Museums Association Award of Outstanding Achievement in EducationShortlisted, Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association Best Atlantic Published Book AwardNunatsiavut, the Inuit region of Canada that achieved self-government in 2005, produces art that is distinct within the world of Canadian and circumpolar Inuit art. The world's most southerly population of Inuit, the coastal people of Nunatsiavut have always lived both above and below the tree line, and Inuit artists and craftspeople from Nunatsiavut have had access to a d... + Read More
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    SakKijâjuk Art et artisanat du Nunatsiavut Hardcover Heather Igloliorte 9780864929754 $45.00 ART Jul 25, 2017
    Le Nunatsiavut, région inuite du Canada qui possède une administration autonome depuis 2005, a une production artistique à part dans le monde de l’art canadien et de l’art inuit circumpolaire. Population inuite la plus méridionale au monde, le peuple côtier du Nunatsiavut a toujours vécu à cheval sur la limite forestière, et les artistes et artisans inuits du Nunatsiavut ont eu accès à une flore et une faune arctique et subarctique très diversifiées, à partir desquelles ils ont créé des œuvres d’une surprenante variété.Les artistes du territoir... + Read More
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    SakKijâjuk Allanguattausimajuk ammalu Sananguatausimajuk pisimajut Nunatsiavum Hardcover Heather Igloliorte 9780864929761 $45.00 ART Apr 24, 2018
    This description is for the Inuktitut edition.Nunatsiavut, tânna Inuit nunakKatigengituk Canada-mit pitâlauttut namminik kavamamik 2005-imi, sanaKattajut sananguatausimajunik adjiKangitunik nunatsualimâmit Canadamiungutlutik ammalu ukkiuttatop KikKanganettuk Inuit sananguataumajut. Silatsualimâmi siKinganeluattuk inigijautluni Inutuinnanut, tamakkua satjugiamit inuit Nunatsiavummi iniKainnatut napattop killingani, ammalu Inuit allanguattingit ammalu sananguatingit Nunatsiavummit pitâsongunginnatut adjigengitunik ukiuttattumi ammalu ukiuttattoKa... + Read More
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    Atlantic Salmon Flies | Mouches pour le saumon atlantique Paperback Jacques Héroux 9780864929730 $24.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Feb 21, 2017
    The Atlantic salmon, the king of the rivers, is the ultimate prize for the angler. This beautifully illustrated volume brings together exquisite examples of nearly 300 salmon flies, tied by some of the best fly tiers and fishers in North America. Patterns tied by the author, Jacques Héroux, accompany those by renowned tiers Allen Kay, Marc LeBlanc, Marc A. LeBlanc, Paul LeBlanc, Bob MacDonald, Steve Silverio, and Frank Walsh.Conveniently organized into four sections — bombers and dry flies, bugs, streamers, and wet flies — this rich... + Read More
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    Down Inside Thirty Years in Canada's Prison Service First Paperback Robert Clark 9780864929693 $22.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY May 16, 2017
    A compelling personal memoir and a scathing indictment of bureaucratic indifference and agenda-driven government policies.In his thirty years in the Canadian prison system, Robert Clark rose from student volunteer to deputy warden. He worked with some of Canada's most dangerous and notorious prisoners, including Paul Bernardo and Tyrone Conn. He dealt with escapes, lockdowns, prisoner murders, prisoner suicides, and a riot. But he also arranged ice-hockey games in a maximum-security institution, sat in a darkened gym watching movies with three ... + Read More
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    Life on Mars First Paperback Lori McNulty 9780864928887 $19.95 FICTION Mar 07, 2017
    Shortlisted, 2017 Danuta Gleed Literary AwardA 49th Shelf Top Fiction Book of 2017A middle-aged sportswriter gets a new lease on life with a heart transplant and develops an intimate relationship with his donated heart. Two brothers find in their rotting family tree the tangled roots of a dark childhood memory. A young woman travels to Thailand to reconnect body and soul and returns home, physically transformed, to face the wrath of her estranged mother. A divorced man struggling to rediscover his place in the world hits the road from Californi... + Read More
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    Otolith First Paperback Emily Nilsen 9780864929624 $19.95 POETRY Mar 28, 2017
    Winner, 2018 League of Canadian Poets Gerald Lampert Memorial AwardLonglisted, 2018 League of Canadian Poets Pat Lowther Memorial AwardOtolith — the ear stone — is a series of bones that help us to orient ourselves in space. In Otolith, Emily Nilsen attempts a similar feat in poetry: to turn the reader's attention to their relationship to the world, revealing an intertidal state between the rootedness of place and the uncertainty and tenuousness of human connection. Born in the fecundity of British Columbia's coastal rainforest, these poems are... + Read More
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    Stray First Paperback Allison LaSorda 9780864929785 $19.95 POETRY Apr 04, 2017
    Allison LaSorda's Stray shows the formation of a considerable poetic talent. These poems are sun-bleached, at once gritty, raw, and playful. LaSorda can conjure childhood memories of beaches and ice cream, ponder the elemental force of the ocean, and plumb the depth of loss in a coal mine disaster. Bringing to mind the poetry of Robert Hass and Louise Glück, LaSorda presents the messiness of daily life with emotional honesty and humour. Stray examines intimacy, memory, and decay, often betraying existential bewilderment. Deft word play and musi... + Read More
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    Water Beetles First Paperback Michael Kaan 9780864929662 $22.95 FICTION Apr 11, 2017
    Winner, 2018 Amazon Canada First Novel Award, 2018 McNally Robinson Book of the Year, and 2018 Margaret Laurence Award for FictionShortlisted, 2017 Governor General's Award for Fiction and 2018 Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First BookA National Post Best Book of 2017A Walter Scott Prize Academy Recommended Historical Novel of 2017On CBC Books' list of writers to watch in 2018The Leung family leads a life of secluded luxury in Hong Kong. But in December 1941, the Empire of Japan invades the colony. The family is quickly dragged into a spi... + Read More
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    Colville Paperback Paperback Andrew Hunter 9780864928962 $39.95 ART Jun 27, 2017
    "Andrew Hunter has looked with fresh eyes at [Colville's] paintings and made a coherent argument that Colville deserves to be understood far beyond the normal borders of the art world." — Robert Fulford, The National Post This magnificent, best-selling volume is now available in a deluxe paper-bound edition. The original hardcover edition sold more than 15,000 copies. Colville both honours the legacy of an iconic Canadian artist and explores the contemporary reverberations of his work. Colville was known for being his own man. His paintings dep... + Read More
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    Knife Party at the Hotel Europa Paperback Paperback Mark Jarman 9780864929150 $19.95 FICTION Apr 25, 2017
    Shortlisted, Alistair MacLeod Award for Short Fiction, New Brunswick Book Award for Fiction, and Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction AwardOne of Canada's literary treasures, Mark Anthony Jarman returns with a book of moving and often funny tales of a man's quest for himself. A.S. Byatt says that his writing is "extraordinary, his stories gripping," and in this gorgeous new collection, Jarman delivers something new once again. In Knife Party at the Hotel Europa, Jarman writes about losing and finding love, marriage and melancholy, the dislocation an... + Read More
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    Will Starling Paperback Paperback Ian Weir 9780864928801 $22.95 FICTION Apr 25, 2017
    From the acclaimed author of Daniel O'Thunder comes a rollicking, bawdy, and haunting novel about love and redemption, death and resurrection. The great metropolis of London swaggers with Regency abandon as nineteen-year-old Will Starling returns from the Napoleonic Wars having spent five years assisting a military surgeon. Charming, brash, and damaged, Will is helping his mentor build a medical practice — and a life — in the rough Cripplegate area. To do so requires an alliance with the Doomsday Men: body snatchers that supply surgeons and ana... + Read More


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