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    Apron Strings Navigating Food and Family in France, Italy, and China Paperback Jan Wong 9780864929617 $24.95 COOKING Sep 12, 2017
    Shortlisted, 2018 Taste Canada AwardsShortlisted, 2018 Writers' Federation of New Brunswick Book Award for Non-FictionLonglisted, 2018 RBC Taylor PrizeJan Wong knows food is better when shared, so when she set out to write a book about home cooking in France, Italy, and China, she asked her 22-year-old son, Sam, to join her. While he wasn't keen on spending excessive time with his mom, he dreamed of becoming a chef. Ultimately, it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.On their journey, Jan and Sam live and cook with locals, seeing first-hand h... + Read More
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    F-Bomb Dispatches from the War on Feminism Paperback Lauren McKeon 9780864929945 $22.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Sep 19, 2017
    Shortlisted, 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer PrizeNamed a 2017 Book of the Year by Pickle Me ThisFrom pop icons to working mothers, women are abandoning feminism in unprecedented numbers. Even scarier, they are also leading the charge to send it to its grave. Across North America, women head anti-feminist PR campaigns; they support anti-feminist politicians; they're behind lawsuits to silence the victims of campus rape; they participated in Gamergate, the violent, vitriolic anti-women-in-technology movement; and they're on the frontlines of the fight... + Read More
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    Powered by Love A Grandmothers' Movement to End AIDS in Africa Paperback Joanna Henry 9781773100210 $35.00 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Oct 10, 2017
    Winner, 2018 Best Atlantic Published Book AwardA National BestsellerBy the time the AIDS pandemic in Africa had reached its height in the early 2000s, millions of children had been orphaned. In the face of overwhelming loss, the grandmothers of Africa stepped in to hold families and communities together. Author Joanna Henry and photographer Alexis MacDonald visited eight African countries, interviewing and photographing hundreds of grandmothers (including Sarah Obama, Barack Obama's grandmother) who are reclaiming hope and resurrecting lives. T... + Read More
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    Marlene Creates Places, Paths, and Pauses Hardcover Susan Gibson Garvey 9780864929976 $50.00 ART Sep 05, 2017
    "... I was able to make a simple gesture which left no permanent mark on the land."In 1979 Marlene Creates signaled her intent. In contrast to the monumental earthworks of that time, she revealed that her interest in the intersection of art and the natural world was with the ephemeral, the small scale, and the non-monumental, and with place, "not as a geographical location," she writes, "but as a process that involves memory, multiple narratives, ecology, language, and both scientific and vernacular knowledge." Supplementing the impermanence of... + Read More
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    Marlene Creates Lieux, sentiers et pauses Hardcover Susan Gibson Garvey 9780864929983 $50.00 ART Sep 05, 2017
    « ... j’ai pu intervenir simplement, sans laisser de traces durables sur le terrain. »Jeune encore, l’artiste Marlene Creates signalait déjà en 1979 son intention de se démarquer des installations de terrassement monumentales de l’époque pour s’intéresser, au confluent de l’art et du monde naturel, à l’éphémère, à la petite échelle, au non monumental et au lieu, « pas tant comme endroit géographique, » écrit-elle, « que comme processus qui inclut la mémoire, une multiplicité de récits, l’écologie, le langage et le savoir, tant vernaculaire que ... + Read More
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    This Side of Sad Paperback Karen Smythe 9780864929853 $22.95 FICTION Sep 05, 2017
    Part mystery, part elegy, This Side of Sad begins with an ending: the violent enigma of a man's death. Was it an accident, or did James commit suicide? In the shattering aftermath, his widow, Maslen, questions her own capacity for love and undertakes a painful self-inquiry, examining the history of her heart and tracing the fault lines of her own fragile identity. What emerges is a mesmerizing tour of a woman's complex past, rendered in the associative logic of memory and desire.A gifted storyteller reminiscent of Alice Munro or Joan Didion, Ka... + Read More
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    Uncertain Weights and Measures Paperback Jocelyn Parr 9780864929822 $22.95 FICTION Sep 19, 2017
    Winner, 2017 Quebec Writers’ Federation Concordia University First Book PrizeShortlisted, 2017 Governor General's Award for FictionShortlisted, 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer PrizeNamed a Favourite Book of 2017 by The National PostMoscow, 1921. Tatiana and Sasha meet in a bookstore the night it is bombed. In the aftermath of the explosion, Sasha grabs Tatiana's hand and together they run to safety. They fall in love.A promising young scientist, Tatiana follows her mentor, Dr. Bekhterev, to the Institut Mozga, established to study the source of geniu... + Read More
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    Smaller Hours Paperback Kevin Shaw 9780864929990 $19.95 POETRY Sep 26, 2017
    Stately and majestic, yet scuffed with wear and disillusion, the poems of Smaller Hours mount the sky like columns and fora of some archaic ruin. Through these ancient halls, Kevin Shaw tracks Eros, clearing away the rubble and polishing the marble, along the way exploring queer ways of keeping time. Music and movies, clocks and inventors populate these poems. History casts a shadow over all.Kevin Shaw's debut collection is a tour de force of control and grace; musical lines anchored by powerful rhythms dance into the reader's ear. The speakers... + Read More
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    Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan Hardcover Alden Nowlan 9780864929600 $55.00 POETRY Sep 26, 2017
    Alden Nowlan (1933-1983) once wrote of a desire to leave behind "one poem, one story / that will tell what it was like / to be alive." In an abundance of memorable poems, he fulfilled this desire with candour and subtlety, emotion, and humour, sympathy and truth-telling. For many years, Nowlan has been one of Canada's most-read and -beloved poets, but only now is the true range of his poetic achievement finally available between two covers, with the publication of Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan.Nowlan takes us from nightmarish precincts of fea... + Read More
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    Endless Battle The Fall of Hong Kong and Canadian POWs in Imperial Japan Paperback Andy Flanagan 9781773100050 $18.95 HISTORY Sep 12, 2017
    Shortlisted, 2018 Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical WritingSuggested Reading by the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative AssociationNear the end of October 1941, a few hundred soldiers from New Brunswick were among the 1,975 Canadian troops who set sail from Vancouver to reinforce the British Colony of Hong Kong. Within two short months, after a hard-fought but disastrous battle against the Imperial Japanese Army, the island fell to the invaders on Christmas Day, and its defenders were ordered to surrender by the governor of Hong Kon... + Read More
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    Boy's Life of Napoleon Paperback Alden Nowlan 9780864928573 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    Alden Nowlan's "A Boy's Life of Napoleon" is a brilliant piece of short fiction adapted from Nowlan's first novel, The Wanton Troopers, written in 1960 but published posthumously in 1988. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also available as part of the six@sixty collection.
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    Knife Party Paperback Mark Jarman 9780864928566 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    The extraordinary "Knife Party" is from a new collection of stories by Mark Anthony Jarman titled Knife Party at the Hotel Europa, published in the spring of 2015. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six@sixty collection.
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    Simran Paperback Shauna Baldwin 9780864928597 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    Commonwealth Prize winner Shauna Singh Baldwin's glittering story "Simran" is from her 1996 debut collection, English Lessons and Other Stories. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six@sixty collection.
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    Three Marys Paperback Lynn Coady 9780864928580 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    Giller Prize-winner Lynn Coady's unforgettable Christmas story "The Three Marys," is adapted from her award-winning debut novel, Strange Heaven, published in 1993. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also a part of the six@sixty collection.
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    What Had Become of Us Paperback Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer 9780864928603 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's haunting "What Had Become of Us," is from her 2003 debut book of short fiction, Way Up. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six@sixty collection.
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    Woman Gored by Bison Lives Paperback Douglas Glover 9780864928559 $2.99 FICTION Oct 07, 2014
    The beguiling "Woman Gored by Bison Lives" is from Douglas Glover's 1991 Governor General Award-nominated story collection, A Guide to Animal Behaviour. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six@sixty collection.
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    Painted House of Maud Lewis Conserving a Folk Art Treasure Paperback Laurie Hamilton 9780864923349 $19.95 ART Oct 15, 2001
    For many years, Maud Lewis was one of Nova Scotia's best-loved folk painters. In the 1990s she was embraced by the rest of the country when the landmark exhibition of her work The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis travelled across Canada. By the time the tour was over, half a million people had become acquainted with her delightful work. Between 1938, when she married Everett Lewis, until her death in 1970, Maud Lewis lived in a tiny one-room house near Digby, Nova Scotia. Over the years, she painted the doors inside and out, the windowpanes, the ... + Read More
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    Maison peinte de Maud Lewis Conservation d'un trésor folklorique Paperback Laurie Hamilton 9780864923356 $22.95 ART Oct 15, 2001
    Maud Lewis a peint l’intérieur de sa minuscule maison d’une seule pièce — : pas seulement les murs, mais aussi l’intérieure et l’extérieure des portes, les cadres de fenêtres, les boîtes à pain, le petit escalier menant au grenier, le poêle à bois, bref tout ce qu’elle avait sous la main. Sa demeure était un plaisir à regarder.Quatorze ans après sa mort, l’Art Gallery of Nova Scotia a fait l’acquisition de la maison peinte de Maud Lewis, alors bien connue main en très mauvais état. La stabilisation et la restauration de ce précieux artefa... + Read More
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    Christmas with Maud Lewis Hardcover Lance Woolaver 9781773100609 $24.95 ART Nov 14, 2017
    Maud Lewis has become one of Canada’s favourite folk artists, and her buoyant winter pictures of nature, pets, farm animals, and people at work and play are among her most charming. Her hands were twisted with arthritis, but Maud earned her living by painting Christmas cards and pictures and selling them from her tiny, gaily painted one-room house beside the highway near Digby, Nova Scotia.Originally issued in 1997 and now available in this updated edition, Christmas with Maud Lewis paints a portrait of how this spirited woman celebrated the se... + Read More


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