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BookThug Fall 2017

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    My Conversations With Canadians Paperback Lee Maracle 9781771663588 $20.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE Sep 01, 2017
    On her first book tour at the age of 26, Lee Maracle was asked a question from the audience, one she couldn’t possibly answer at that moment. But she has been thinking about it ever since. As time has passed, she has been asked countless similar questions, all of them too big to answer, but not too large to contemplate. These questions, which touch upon subjects such as citizenship, segregation, labour, law, predjudice and reconcilliation (to name a few), are the heart of My Conversations with Canadians.In prose essays that are both conversatio... + Read More
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    Blood Fable Paperback Oisín Curran 9781771662949 $20.00 FICTION Oct 03, 2017
    Blood Fable--the new work of fiction from Oisín Curran--is a Jules Verne-esque fantastical tale filled with Back-to-the-Land ideology and American Zen Buddhism.In 1980, New Pond, a utopian Buddhist community on the coast of Maine is on the verge of collapse. New Pond's charismatic leader demands complete adherence to his authority, and slowly, his followers come to the realization that they've been exploited for too long. The eleven-year-old son of one of those adherents is dimly aware of the concerns of the adult world. Yet his imagination pro... + Read More
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    The Greats Paperback Sylvain Prudhomme 9781771663465 $20.00 FICTION Sep 01, 2017
    Winner of the 2015 Prix Littéraire de la Porte DoréeWinner of the 2014 Prix Georges BrassensGuinea-Bissau, 2012. Sylvain Prudhomme re-imagines the famous ’70s  music group Super Mama Djombo, as seen through the eyes of Couto, the laconic guitarist. After learning of the death of the singer, Dulce—once the love of his life—Couto wanders through the capital city, from bar to bar, friend to friend. Thirty years file past in his memories: of the woman he loved, of guerillas fighting against Portuguese colonizers, and of the golden days of a le... + Read More
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    Notes From a Feminist Killjoy Essays on Everyday Life Paperback Erin Wunker 9781771663700 $20.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 03, 2017
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    The Videofag Book Paperback William Ellis 9781771663625 $20.00 DRAMA Nov 15, 2017
    Longlisted for the 2018 Toronto Book AwardsIn October 2012, lovers William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill moved into a former barbershop in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood and turned it into an art space called Videofag. Over the next four years Videofag became a hub for counterculture in the city, playing host to a litany of performances, screenings, parties, exhibitions, and all manner of queer fuckery. But hosting a city in their house took its toll and eventually William and Jordan broke up, closing the space for good in June 2016.The... + Read More
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    The Third Person Paperback Emily Anglin 9781771663663 $20.00 FICTION Nov 17, 2017
    Two's company, three's a crowd--and sometimes it's more than that.In The Third Person, a series of uncanny and humorous short stories by Emily Anglin, what we do for a living is put under the microscope. Anglin shows us that our defined roles a far from what we've been told they are: employees dissolve from their job titles, neighbours overstep comfortable boundaries, employers seek professional deification. Anglin creates micro-worlds whose social mores are interrupted by a startling and disorienting gap between a defining word and its lived r... + Read More
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    Sports and Pastimes Paperback Jean-Philippe Baril Guï??rard 9781771663502 $20.00 FICTION Oct 24, 2017
    Inspired by Erik Satie's work of the same name, Sports and Pastimes is the latest novel by acclaimed Montreal playwright and author Jean-Philippe Baril Guï??rard.Translated by Aimee Wall (whose translation of Vickie Gendreau's Testament for BookThug in 2016 drew critical reviews), this fast-paced story follows the daily life, at once empty and overloaded, of a group of friends who spend all their energy trying to distract themselves with huge hits of endorphins, art and various substances, navigating pleasure and boredom, the extraordinary and ... + Read More
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    Precious Energy Paperback Shannon Bramer 9781771663304 $18.00 POETRY Sep 07, 2017
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    The Truth Is Told Better This Way Paperback Liz Worth 9781771663427 $18.00 POETRY Oct 16, 2017
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    If Pressed Paperback Andrew McEwan 9781771663267 $18.00 POETRY Oct 12, 2017
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    Irresponsible Mediums The Chess Games of Marcel Duchamp Paperback Aaron Tucker 9781771663342 $18.00 POETRY Oct 05, 2017
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    Better Nature Paperback Fenn Stewart 9781771663380 $18.00 POETRY Sep 18, 2017

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