Goose Lane Editions Fall 2013

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    Savage Love First Hardcover Douglas Glover 9780864929013 $29.95 FICTION Sep 17, 2013
    Savage Love marks the long-awaited literary return of one of Canada’s most lauded and stylistically brilliant authors. Slyly holding forth with subversive wit, Glover skewers every conventional notion we’ve ever held about that cultural and emotional institution of love we are instructed to hold dear. Peopled with forensic archaeologists, members of ancient tribes, horoscope writers, dental hygienists, butchers — Glover’s stories are of our time yet timeless; spectacular fables that stand in any era, any civilization. Whether we be sexually amb... + Read More
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    Accusation First Hardcover Catherine Bush 9780864929006 $32.95 FICTION Sep 17, 2013
    While in Copenhagen, Sara Wheeler, a Toronto journalist, happens upon Cirkus Mirak, a touring Ethiopian children’s circus. She later meets and is convinced to drive the circus founder, Raymond Renaud, through the night from Toronto to Montreal. Such chance beginnings lead to later fateful encounters, as renowned novelist Catherine Bush artfully confronts the destructive power of allegations. With Accusation, Bush again proves herself one of Canada’s finest authors as she examines the impossibility inherent in attempting to uncover "the truth." ... + Read More
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    Running the Whale's Back Stories of Faith and Doubt from Atlantic Canada First Paperback Andrew Atkinson 9780864929136 $19.95 FICTION Oct 22, 2013
    In a collection as fine in scope as it is intimate in detail, Running the Whale’s Back presents a host of Eastern Canada’s brightest literary talents, all putting pens to paper to explore the multiple facets of what we call "faith" through a unique Atlantic vantage point. In a satisfying mixture of styles and themes, the full breadth of Atlantic Canadian spirituality is revealed. These are pieces that poke and prod, ruminate and circulate with themes of religion and cultures of spirituality. Mysticism meets piety, holiness argues with practical... + Read More
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    how the gods pour tea First Paperback Lynn Davies 9780864924230 $19.95 POETRY Sep 24, 2013
    This new collection by Lynn Davies, her first in eight years, abounds in departures: words and communities die, trout-lilies and passengers vanish, even the King and Queen of Fairies disappear. In poem after poem, Davies's powerful imagination blends observation and fancy, passion and playfulness, producing strikingly fresh metaphors. Squirrels paddle away on twig-rafts; giant horses take to the sky. Some poems give simple weight to the details of everyday life; others evoke an imaginative world inhabited by giant beavers, elf-thugs, and the gr... + Read More
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    Bit Parts for Fools First Paperback Peter Richardson 9780864924902 $19.95 POETRY Oct 01, 2013
    In this lush collection of linguistic concatenations, Peter Richardson lines up the quotidian and the metaphysical, the personal and the fictional, and assigns equal standing to their rich complications. Whether his cast members take the ironic stance of an apostate jazz pianist or the hardball approach of a recovering stand-up comic, they invite us on an exuberant exploration of self that rewards multiple readings. Ranging from a literate vernacular to high diction, the language of Bit Parts for Fools hints at a new hunger driving the poet’s q... + Read More
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    Driven How the Bathurst Tragedy Ignited a Crusade for Change First Paperback Richard Foot 9780864929167 $19.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 22, 2013
    It was over in seconds. In the early hours of January 12, 2008, seven members of a high school basketball team and their coach’s wife died instantly when their school van collided with a tractor trailer. Travelling in dirty weather, minutes from their Bathurst, New Brunswick, homes, the impact forever shattered the lives of eight families and their community. In the weeks that followed the horrific crash, two women who lost their sons in the accident forged a bond. Ana Acevedo and Isabelle Hains were transformed by their unimaginable grief into... + Read More
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    Walls Travels Along the Barricades Paperback Paperback Marcello Di Cintio 9780864929174 $19.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Sep 17, 2013
    Winner, Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction, and City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book PrizeShortlisted, Dolman Travel Book AwardLonglisted, Alberta Readers' Choice Award, BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, and Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-FictionIn this ambitious blend of travel and reportage, Marcello Di Cintio travels to the world's most disputed edges to meet the people who live alongside the razor wire and answer the question: What does it mean to live against the walls? Di C... + Read More
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    Mary Pratt First Hardcover Mireille Eagan 9780864929112 $55.00 ART May 14, 2013
    Regarded as one of Canada's finest still life realist artists, Mary Pratt's luminescent paintings form the visual focus of Goose Lane Edition's Mary Pratt, a career retrospective that examines every aspect of this unique artist's creative journey. Featuring seventy-four full colour reproductions of Pratt's most renowned works and a complete chronology of her career, including an selected list of her solo and group exhibitions, the book is augmented with a series of essays by five acclaimed art critics, curators and essayists. In "Look, Here", M... + Read More
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    Mary Pratt First Paperback Ray Cronin 9780864929129 $55.00 ART Jun 25, 2013
    Des tableaux luminescents forment le focus visuel de Mary Pratt, une rétrospective de sa carrière qui examine chaque aspect du parcours créatif de Pratt. Les peintures de Mary Pratt — y compris Œufs dans un casier, Saumon sur Saran, Poulets éviscérés, Filets de morue sur papier d'aluminium, Je vous présente Donna — ont atteint un statut d'icône. Capturant ce qu'elle décrit comme les choses de la vie, l' œuvre de Mary Pratt élève le mondain au monumental, créant des moments silencieux qui sont infusés de signification. Ce volume majeur, le premi... + Read More
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    Freeman Patterson Embracing Creation First Hardcover Freeman Patterson 9780864929051 $55.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 24, 2013
    Throughout photographer Freeman Patterson’s remarkable decades-long career, his ambition has been to expose the spiritual, religious, and even mystical dimensions that lie beyond the literalness of the image itself. Patterson has continually strived to have viewers appreciate the compositional grammar and unique syntax of this visual art, pushing to transcend the picturesque qualities of the image and expand the viewing moment to a longer and more profound level of experience. For Patterson, life, the mind, and nature are fully a part of each o... + Read More
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    In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven First Hardcover Jim Waddington 9780864929082 $55.00 ART Oct 08, 2013
    In July of 1977, Jim and Sue Waddington began a thirty-six year journey of discovery that has culminated in this remarkable achievement, In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven. Determined to locate, document, and photograph the actual landscapes that inspired and influenced the brushes of A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, A.J. Casson, J.E.H. MacDonald, Tom Thomson, and Frederick Varley, the Waddingtons embarked on an artistic expedition that carried them across Canada from sea to sea to sea. Their search for the s... + Read More
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    Patricias A Century of Service First Hardcover David J. Bercuson 9780864926753 $35.00 HISTORY Oct 02, 2013
    Formed in peacetime, forged in wartime, and formidable at all times, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2014. In The Patricias: A Century of Service, the Regiment’s remarkable record of being "first in the field" of every war that Canada has fought in from the First World War to Afghanistan is gloriously documented in absorbing detail. Featuring engaging text that graphically describes the history of the Regiment from its founding in the summer of 1914 through to the spring of 2014 and a... + Read More
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    Greater Moncton Then & Now / Le Grand Moncton Hier et Aujourd/hui First Hardcover H. Reuben Cohen 9780864929075 $35.00 TRAVEL Nov 19, 2013
    From a rambling Victorian town to a diverse cosmopolitan city that mixes art and commerce with an Acadian flair, Moncton has rebranded its image as an industrial, hub city into a thriving eclectic locale. Greater Moncton Then and Now/Le Grand Moncton hier et aujourd'hui takes readers on a captivating pictorial journey through that transformation, drawing on images from the past and present of Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe. Over 200 photographs are included, sourced from private collections, the archives of the Moncton Museum, the collection of... + Read More


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