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    Legacy of Tiananmen Square First English Hardcover Michel Cormier 9780864929020 $29.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Apr 23, 2013
    With the loosening of restrictions on the Chinese economy in the 1980s and 1990s and the rise of the middle class, many observers thought that Western-style democracy would soon follow. Instead, China has adopted its own version, with a market-driven economy where actions that might call into question the decisions of the governing party are strictly forbidden. In this fascinating account, Cormier chronicles numerous failed attempts to bring democracy to China in the last century, starting with a handful of brave souls who tried to move China t... + Read More
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    Almost a Great Escape A Found Story First Paperback Tyler Trafford 9780864926869 $19.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 12, 2013
    Following his mother’s death in 2004, Tyler Trafford discovers an album of old letters and creased photographs that reveal a mother he never knew, a man he’s never heard of, and a love affair doomed by class and circumstance. The letters are from Jens Müller, a Norwegian pilot who trained in Canada during the early days of World War II, one of only three prisoners who would make it home after The Great Escape. In Almost a Great Escape, Trafford takes us on a journey of emotional discovery and dramatic disclosure as he reconstructs his mother’s ... + Read More
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    Ballad of Jacob Peck First Paperback Debra Komar 9780864929037 $19.95 TRUE CRIME Mar 26, 2013
    On a frigid February evening in 1805, Amos Babcock brutally murdered Mercy Hall. Believing that he was being instructed by God, Babcock stabbed and disembowelled his own sister, before dumping her lifeless body in a rural New Brunswick snowbank. The Ballad of Jacob Peck is the tragic and fascinating story of how isolation, duplicity, and religious mania turned impoverished, hard-working people violent, leading to a murder and an execution. Babcock was hanged for the murder of his sister, but in her meticulously researched book, Debra Komar show... + Read More
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    Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery First Hardcover Terry Graff 9780864926425 $65.00 ART Feb 19, 2013
    A major publication comprising 240 pages with 75 colour plates and 60 black-and-white photographs provides extensive documentation of the exhibition Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Along with a complete catalogue of artworks, it features an overview and history of the historic collection, along with curatorial commentary on each work of art by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s Curator and Deputy Director, and curator of the exhibition, Terry Graff. Further, it includes important essays by five internationally respected art historians,... + Read More
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    Chefs-d'oeuvre de la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook French Hardcover Terry Graff 9780864926654 $65.00 ART Feb 19, 2013
    Les collections d'œuvres d'art racontent des histoires qui reflètent les intérêts du collectionneur et de son époque. Chefs-d'œuvre de la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook relate la vie rocambolesque de sir William Maxwell (Max) Aitken, aussi connu sous le nom de lord Beaverbrook, magnat de la presse multimillionnaire, éditeur de journaux arrogant, habile politicien, maître de la propagande, auteur et grand philanthrope. En 1959, sir Max Aitken inaugure à Fredericton, au Nouveau-Brunswick, la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook pour abriter une collection exempl... + Read More
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    Douglas Notebooks A Fable First English Paperback Christine Eddie 9780864926197 $19.95 FICTION Feb 26, 2013
    Romain was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At 18, he leaves his family for a home in the forest, learning to live off the land rather than his family’s wealth. Éléna flees a house of blood and mayhem, taking refuge in a monastery and later in the rustic village of Rivière-aux-Oies. One day, while walking in the woods, Éléna hears the melody of a clarinet and comes across Romain, who calls himself Starling and whom Éléna later renames Douglas, for the strongest and most spectacular of trees. Later a child named Rose is born. Fade to black... + Read More
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    Under Budapest First Paperback Ailsa Kay 9780864926814 $19.95 FICTION Apr 09, 2013
    Ailsa Kay lays out the literary equivalent of a jigsaw puzzle in Under Budapest, bringing into stark relief the triumphs, calamities, and desperation of two North American Hungarian families and those whose lives they’ve touched. There’s Agnes and Tibor, mother and son, travelling to Hungary for reasons they keep to themselves, he to recover from a disastrous love affair, she to search for a sister gone missing during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. There’s Janos, a self-styled player and petty thug, who schemes to make it rich in post-communist... + Read More
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    house is still standing First Paperback Adrienne Barrett 9780864929044 $19.95 POETRY Apr 23, 2013
    The house is still standing is peopled with charlatans, gingerbread men, children, and savants — the thousands and the particular. Adrienne Bartlett builds this nimble first collection with a supple craft. The poems deke and swerve, from the wry to the theatrical to the intimate. Whether riffing on the secret identities of public intellectuals and pop icons or penning elegiac verse, Barrett’s voice is strong, anchored, inviting. Although she takes her readers through both "substance / and its downfall," in the end, the structure is sound, she i... + Read More
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    Escape Velocity First Paperback Carmelita McGrath 9780864929068 $19.95 POETRY Apr 23, 2013
    Carmelita McGrath’s Escape Velocity — the long awaited follow-up to her Atlantic Poetry Prize-winning collection To the New World — culls overlooked fragments from our domestic lives and ferries them on unpredictable journeys. A conversation with a telemarketer becomes a monologue on overcoming loss, stray animals provoke cautionary tales shared between generations of women, and junk mail fosters a meditation on necessity, debt, and the inevitability of one’s passing. From the elegiac, to the playful, to the meditative, McGrath effortlessly shi... + Read More
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    Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond First Paperback Michael Haynes 9780864926876 $24.95 TRAVEL May 07, 2013
    Featuring 50 hiking routes within 150 km of Montréal, this handy guide explores trails within the city and in the adjacent Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montérégie, and Cantons-de-l’Est regions. Michael Haynes hiked and mapped each of the 50 trails, and in this handy guide, he provides detailed maps, trail descriptions, and GPS coordinates, as well as information on time, length, difficulty, and facilities available on each route. To round out the experience, he also includes photographs of interesting sites, charts, hiking tips, and sidebars on his... + Read More
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    Aroostook War of 1839 First Paperback W.E. (Gary) Campbell 9780864926784 $17.95 HISTORY Mar 19, 2013
    A little-known episode in North America's history, the 1839 Aroostook War was an undeclared war with no actual fighting. It had its roots in the 1793 Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War but left the border of Maine (then part of Massachusetts) and British North America unsettled, and in the War of 1812, when parts of northern Maine were occupied by Britain. Fearing a negotiated border would negatively affect their claim for the disputed territory, Maine occupied the Aroostook River valley in early 1839, British regulars,... + Read More


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