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    Too Dumb for Democracy? Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones Paperback David Moscrop 9781773100418 $22.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Mar 05, 2019
    Brexit. Trump. Ford Nation. In this timely book, David Moscrop asks why we make irrational political decisions and whether our stone-age brains can process democracy in the information age.In an era overshadowed by income inequality, environmental catastrophes, terrorism at home and abroad, and the decline of democracy, Moscrop argues that the political decision-making process has never been more important. In fact, our survival may depend on it.Drawing on both political science and psychology, Moscrop examines how our brains, our environment, ... + Read More
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    Science of Shakespeare A New Look at the Playwright's Universe paperback Paperback Dan Falk 9781773101293 $22.95 SCIENCE Jun 04, 2019
    William Shakespeare lived at a remarkable time. New ideas were transforming European thought as the medieval gave way to the modern. Astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo, philosophers like Montaigne, and even playwrights such as Shakespeare, who observed human nature just as intently as the astronomers who studied the night sky, were hinting at the brave new world to come.A synthesis of science, history, and literature, The Science of Shakespeare introduces readers to a colourful cast of Renaissance scientists and thinkers, exploring how tog... + Read More
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    "Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers" Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945 Paperback Andrew Theobald 9781773101248 $18.95 HISTORY May 07, 2019
    What happened in Canadian Internment Camp B?From 1940 to 1945, Internment Camp B at Ripples, some 35 kilometres east of Fredericton, played a considerable role in the Second World War. Chosen for its remote rural New Brunswick location, Camp B interned hundreds who were deemed by the Canadian government to be enemy sympathizers.In the first year of its operation, the camp incarcerated German and Austrian Jewish refugees dispatched from Britain. In May 1940, fearful that the refugees were agents of the Nazis they'd fled, the British government s... + Read More
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    Airborne Finding Foxtrot Alpha Mike Paperback Jonathan Rotondo 9781773100630 $22.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 19, 2019
    A magical, airborne story of father and son.Jonathan Rotondo was 28 when his father, Antonio, died. Numb with grief, Rotondo decided to track down the object that had once given his father so much joy: a tiny single-seat biplane called Charlie Foxtrot Foxtrot Alpha Mike.Thus began Rotondo’s journey to retrace his father’s life from Italy to Canada via the plains of East Africa. In his search for Foxtrot Alpha Mike, Rotondo meets a host of colourful characters: an Australian expat living in Kenya who inspired Antonio’s love of flight; a soft-spo... + Read More
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    Käthe Kollwitz According to the Truth Hardcover Brenda Rix 9781773101224 $40.00 ART Jan 08, 2019
    Käthe Kollwitz is revered in her home country, Germany, and around the world for her drawings, prints, and sculptures. Over the course of a five decade career, which included two world wars, Kollwitz's subject matter focused on the lives and hardships of marginalized women. Given the turmoil and suffering of women and children around the world today, her powerful images resonate with an uncanny timeliness.Käthe Kollwitz (1867–1945) was a leading 20th century German artist known for her drawings, prints (woodcuts, etchings, and lithographs), and... + Read More
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    Mickalene Thomas Femmes Noires Hardcover Andrea Andersson 9781773101231 $40.00 ART Jan 29, 2019
    Mickalene Thomas's vivid paintings, collages, and photographs explode off the wall. Their larger-than-life women stare back and down at the viewer, confronting them head on. Over the course of her prolific career, Thomas has created a body of work that expands notions of beauty, gender, sexuality, and race, offering a complex vision of what it means to be a Black woman.In Femmes Noires, Thomas moves breezily between pop culture and the long history of Western and African art, inserting images of Black women into iconic paintings. At times she p... + Read More
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    Forbidden Purple City Paperback Philip Huynh 9781773100784 $22.95 FICTION Mar 12, 2019
    Finalist, City of Vancouver Book Award 2019A man returns to Hoi An in his retirement to compose a poem honouring his parents. Two teenagers, ostracized in a private school, forge an unlikely bond. A son discovers the truth about his father's business ventures and his dreams of success. A young bride, isolated on a remote island with her new husband, finds community in a group of abalone divers.Taking the title for his debut collection of short fiction from the walled palace of Vietnam's Nguyen dynasty, Philip Huynh dives headfirst into the Vie... + Read More
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    Crow Paperback Amy Spurway 9781773100234 $22.95 FICTION Apr 02, 2019
    Winner, IPPY Award for Best First Book - FictionShortlisted, Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award, Leacock Award for Humour, Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Literary FictionThis Crow will ruffle a few feathers.When Stacey Fortune is diagnosed with three highly unpredictable — and inoperable — brain tumours, she abandons the crumbling glamour of her life in Toronto for her mother Effie's scruffy trailer in rural Cape Breton. Back home, she's known as Crow, and everybody suspects that her family is cursed.Wit... + Read More
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    Rest is Silence Paperback Paperback Scott Fotheringham 9781773101217 $22.95 FICTION Feb 26, 2019
    Winner, H.R. (Bill) Percy Novel PrizeFinalist, First Novel AwardFinalist, Jim Connors Dartmouth Book AwardFinalist, Ottawa Book AwardIn the backwoods of Nova Scotia, a man has decided to withdraw from the world and live off the land. Meanwhile, news reports begin to trickle in of a global environmental catastrophe. Someone has released a genetically modified strain of bacteria that devours plastic. The world will never again be the same.In this masterfully atmospheric novel, both apocalyptic in scope and intimate in setting, Scott Fot... + Read More
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    These are not the potatoes of my youth Paperback Matthew Walsh 9781773100739 $19.95 POETRY Mar 12, 2019
    Shortlisted, Trillium Book Award for Poetry and Gerald Lampert Memorial AwardIn this confessional debut collection, Matthew Walsh meanders through their childhood in rural Nova Scotia, later roaming across the prairies and through the railway cafés of Alberta to the love letters and graffiti of Vancouver. In this nomadic journey, Walsh explores queer identity set against an ever-changing landscape of what we want, and who we are, were, and came to be.Walsh is a storyteller in verse, his poems laced with catholic "sensibilities" and punctuated w... + Read More
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    Hymnswitch Paperback Ali Blythe 9781773100708 $19.95 POETRY Mar 19, 2019
    Shortlisted, Dorothy Livesay Poetry PrizeStanding in the granite of his own voice.Remembering your gathering body.Hello, My Forever Ago, don't worry,you won't be reading this much longer.You will have already returnedin a snowcloud, which is suggestively,fashionably, only ever one second old.Yes, Darling, it's me, it saysas proof that in spacethough there are many silences,fleeting isn't the oppositeof infinite, but its perfect match.Four years ago, Ali Blythe arrived with Twoism, a remarkable debut collection, every line shimmering with life a... + Read More
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    Best of The Great Trail, Volume 2 British Columbia to Northern Ontario on the Trans Canada Trail Paperback Michael Haynes 9781773100326 $29.95 TRAVEL Jun 11, 2019
    What is the longest, most exciting hiking and cycling trail in the world? It can only be The Great Trail. Spanning the entirety of Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans, this improbable route covers 24,000 kilometres.The Best of The Great Trail is the essential companion to this national trail. In volume 2, Michael Haynes completes his two-book set on The Great Trail, leading hikers and cyclists through thirty "must-see" trails of Western Canada in five provinces.Beginning in downtown Victoria, Haynes sets off for the fo... + Read More
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    Great Trees of New Brunswick, 2nd Edition 2nd edition Paperback David Palmer 9781773100951 $27.95 NATURE May 28, 2019
    The essential reference to the trees of the Acadian forest — at home, at the cottage, and on the river.New Brunswick is home to more than five billion trees, many native to the Acadian forest and some exotics introduced by settlers. For this new edition of The Great Trees of New Brunswick (the first edition was published in 1987), forester David Palmer and conservationist Tracy Glynn have prepared a book that doubles as an informative guide to the province's native and introduced species and a compendium of "champion" trees, drawn from nominati... + Read More
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    Ten Years Aimia | AGO Photography Prize, 2008-2017 Paperback Sophie Hackett 9781988788005 $19.95 PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 12, 2017
    The field of photography has been described as one that exacerbates antagonisms, "a permanent hotbed of contradictions." This is also an apt description for the work of the artists who have participated in the Aimia | AGO Photography Prize in its first decade.From the beginning, the Prize advocated a broad idea of photography, as broad as the range of possibilities that contemporary artists continue to see for the medium. The images have run the spectrum, with some directly observed, others highly staged, and yet others culled from the family ... + Read More
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    Rita Letendre Fire & Light Paperback Wanda Nanibush 9781894243971 $19.95 ART Jun 29, 2017
    Critically acclaimed Rita Letendre is one of the most eminent living abstract artists. Her painting career began in Montreal in the 1950s, when she associated with Quebec's Automatistes and Plasticiens. Often the sole female artist in their group shows, she broke away from their approach to painting. Seeking to express the full energy of life and harness in her powerful gestures an intense spiritual force, Letendre worked with oils, pastels, and acrylics, using her hands, palette knife, brushes and uniquely the airbrush.Born of Abenaki and Queb... + Read More
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    Every. Now. Then. Reframing Nationhood Paperback Andrew Hunter 9781894243957 $24.95 ART Jun 29, 2017
    Every. Now. Then: Rethinking Nationhood embraces the fundamental belief that Canada is a dynamic work-in-progress that has, is, and will continue to be defined by movements and migrations across shifting terrain and within a variable, often unstable, environment. As cultural space, political state, ecosystem, and geography, the space of Canada (even over its short history) has been a place of shifting borders and boundaries; a place constantly being reimagined and redefined. Every. Now. Then. starts from the position that the land known as Cana... + Read More
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    Anthony Caro Sculpture Laid Bare Paperback Kenneth Brummel 9781894243926 $9.95 ART Dec 10, 2016
    Sir Anthony Caro revolutionized the medium of sculpture in the 1960s when he moved away from making elaborately modelled, figurative works cast in bronze, instead creating large, abstract assemblages out of prefabricated steel and aluminum elements. Sculpture Laid Bare honours the legacy of this titan of modernist sculpture. Monumental in scale, lyrically evocative and openly constructed, Caro's sculptures foreground their brute materiality and the unvarnished signs of their manufacture. Anthony Caro: Sculpture Laid Bare showcases four of Car... + Read More
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    Small Wonders Gothic Boxwood Miniatures Paperback Lisa Ellis 9781894243902 $19.95 ART Nov 05, 2016
    Boxwood prayer beads, rosaries, and miniature altarpieces made in Northern Europe during the early 1500s demonstrate the limitless potential of human artistic practice. These tiny masterpieces, small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, depict complex scenes with elegance and precision. Without fail, they inspire viewers to ask how a person could have possibly made them. For this publication, the Art Gallery of Ontario joined forces with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to bring together more than 60... + Read More
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    In the Ward Lawren Harris, Toronto, and the Idea of North Paperback Andrew Hunter 9781894243896 $9.95 ART Jul 01, 2016
    "Like all but very few Canadians, I've had no real experience of the North — I've remained, of necessity, an outsider. And the North has remained for me a convenient place to dream about, spin tall tales about and, in the end, avoid." — Andrew HunterOutsiders, dreamers, tall tales. Lawren Harris's visionary North, his idea of North, was shaped in Toronto. In this fascinating little book, Andrew Hunter explores the historic Toronto of Lawren Harris: a city of great diversity and dense urban growth. Harris often painted in the Ward (St. John's Wa... + Read More
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    Toronto Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989 Paperback Wanda Nanibush 9781894243889 $24.95 ART Apr 01, 2018
    Exploring the experimental energy of an era, Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989 brings together more than 100 works by 65 artists and collectives to highlight an innovative period in Toronto art history. Amidst the social and political upheavals of their time, the artists that emerged in Toronto during the 1970s and 1980s pushed the boundaries of conventional painting, sculpture, and photography, exploring new ways of art making.Organized thematically and punctuated by references to Toronto and its cityscape, this unique publication hig... + Read More
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    Theaster Gates How to Build a House Museum Paperback Kitty Scott 9781894243933 $39.95 ART Apr 01, 2018
    Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates, whose projects range from small-scale sculptures to ambitious urban interventions, investigates the transformative powers of art in this provocative book. As the force behind the much-acclaimed Stony Island Arts Bank, Gates responds creatively to the challenges of space, whether working in museums or in communities. In this instance, he explores notions of blackness, freedom, and the history of house music. Featuring works by the artist himself as well as objects drawn from the Exhibit of American Negro... + Read More


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