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    Walmart Diary of an Associate Paperback Hugo Meunier 9781773631325 $22.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE Mar 01, 2019
    In 2012, journalist Hugo Meunier went undercover as a Walmart employee for three months in St. Leonard, Quebec, just north of Montreal. In great detail, Meunier charts the daily life of an impoverished Walmart worker, referring to his shifts at the box store giant as “somewhere between the army and Walt Disney.” Each shift began with a daily chant before bowing to customer demands and the constant pressure to sell. Meanwhile Meunier and his fellow workers could not afford to shop anywhere else but Walmart, further indenturing them to the... + Read More
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    Civilization Critical Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future Paperback Darrin Qualman 9781773630861 $25.00 SCIENCE Apr 01, 2019
    The modern world is wondrous. Its factories produce ten thousand cars every hour and ten trillion transistors every second. We carry supercomputers in our pockets, and nearly a million people are in the air at any time. In Civilization Critical, Darrin Qualman takes readers on a tour of the wonders of the 21st century. But the great strength of our modern word is also its great weakness. Our immense powers to turn resources and nature into products and waste imperil our future. And plans to double and redouble the size of the global ec... + Read More
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    Magnificent Fight The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Paperback Dennis Lewycky 9781773630977 $22.00 HISTORY Apr 15, 2019
    In May 1919, 30,000 Winnipeg workers walked away from their jobs, shutting down large factories, forcing businesses to close and bringing major industries to a halt. Mounted police and hired security, at the behest of the ruling class, violently ended the protest after six weeks. Two men were killed. What started as trade union revolt, the Winnipeg General Strike became a mass protest and was branded as a revolution. In Magnificent Fight, Dennis Lewycky lays out the history of this iconic event, which remains the biggest and longest st... + Read More
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    Papergirl Paperback Melinda McCracken 9781773631295 $13.00 JUVENILE FICTION Apr 15, 2019
    Ten-year-old Cassie lives with her working-class family in 1919 Winnipeg. The Great War and Spanish Influenza have taken their toll, and workers in the city are frustrated with low wages and long hours. When they orchestrate a general strike, Cassie — bright, determined and very bored at school — desperately wants to help. She begins volunteering for the strike committee as a papergirl, distributing the strike bulletin at Portage and Main, and from her corner, she sees the strike take shape. Threatened and taunted by upper-class kids, ... + Read More
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    Under the Bridge Paperback Anne Bishop 9781773630434 $21.00 FICTION Apr 01, 2019
    “There are people who break open and make a new, bigger, self. But some of us are … brittle.” When stress causes an old trauma to surface, Lucy, a longtime community organizer, teacher and anti-poverty activist, loses control of her life. On probation and living on the streets of Halifax’s North End, all she has left is friends. Faithful friends like Judith, her lawyer, who is helping her take back her life. Lucy begins to regularly sneak into Judith’s basement to take refuge from the cold, but Lucy’s presence in the house betrays the... + Read More
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    R Is for Reparations Paperback Global Afrikan Congress – Nova Scotia Chapter 9781773632124 $13.00 JUVENILE NONFICTION Feb 01, 2019
    Coming out of the innovative Book-in-a-Day event facilitated by the Global Afrikan Congress – Nova Scotia Chapter, R Is for Reparations invites readers to listen to the voices of young activists as they share their hopes and dreams about the global demand for redress, compensation and restitution for the horrors of the Atlantic Slave Trade. This book is drawn from the voices of the children who participated in the Book-in-a-Day event and rode on an imaginary Underground Railroad Freedom ride, equipped with Elders who served as “conductor... + Read More
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    Ghosts Within Journeying Through PTSD Paperback Garry Leech 9781773632063 $25.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 01, 2019
    What are the long-term psychological costs of violence and war? Journalist Garry Leech draws from his experiences as a war correspondent, his ongoing personal struggle with PTSD and the latest research on this mental illness to provide a powerful and vivid answer to this question. For thirteen years, Leech worked in Colombia’s rural conflict zones where he experienced combat, witnessed massacre sites and was held captive by armed groups. This raw account of his journey from war on the battlefield to an internal, psychological war at home il... + Read More
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    Dis/Consent Perspectives on Sexual Consent and Sexual Violence Paperback KelleyAnne Malinen 9781773630892 $24.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE May 01, 2019
    Sexual violence is prevalent in our society. We know this directly because of the courage survivors have shown in facing their perpetrators in courts, online and in the public eye. But society is hesitant, incapable or unwilling to hold offenders to account: they keep their jobs — or get promoted to powerful positions — and survivors frequently end up being on trial themselves. Furthermore, mainstream discourse and thinking about sexual violence and consent are limited to problematic op-eds, oversimplified viral videos or tweets. These will... + Read More
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    Keywords The New Language of Capitalism Paperback John Patrick Leary 9781773631943 $20.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE Dec 03, 2018
    In Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism, John Patrick Leary chronicles the rise of a new vocabulary in the twenty-first century. From Silicon Valley to the White House, from primary school to higher education, and from the factory floor to the church pulpit, we are all called to be innovators and entrepreneurs, to be curators of an ever-expanding roster of competencies. In a series of short essays on terms like “entrepreneur,” “sustainability,” “artisanal” and “synergy,” Keywords uses the vocabulary of neoliberalism to discover the... + Read More
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    Mindfulness and Its Discontents Education, Self, and Social Transformation Paperback David Forbes 9781773631165 $25.00 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Apr 29, 2019
    Mindfulness, a way to alleviate suffering by realizing the impermanence of the self and our interdependence with others, has been severed from its Buddhist roots. In the late-stage-capitalist, neoliberal, solipsistic West, it becomes McMindfulness, a practice that instead shores up the privatized self, and is corporatized and repackaged as a strategy to cope with our stressful society through an emphasis on self-responsibility and self-promotion. Rather than a way to promote human development and social justice, McMindfulness covertly reinf... + Read More
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    Politics Rules Power, Globalization and Development Paperback Adam Sneyd 9781773630922 $20.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE May 01, 2019
    Politics rules. Whether we like it or not, we are subject to politics wherever we go and whatever we are doing. Development is always and everywhere political, and frequently occurs with the interests of the powerful at the forefront. Can we hope to better understand the politics that shapes and controls our lives and dominates the lives of others across the globe? In this concise volume, Adam Sneyd argues that it is imperative to understand the sub-field of development politics. He shows how the hard skill of careful political analysi... + Read More
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    Rethinking Who We Are Critical Reflections on Human Diversity in Canada Paperback Jessica Pulis 9781773631356 $50.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE Jun 03, 2019
    Rethinking Who We Are takes a non-conventional approach to understanding human difference in Canada. Contributors to this volume critically re-examine Canadian identity by rethinking who we are and what we are becoming by scrutinizing the “totality” of difference. Included are analyses on the macro differences among Canadians, such as the disparities produced from unequal treatment under Canadian law, human rights legislation and health care. Contributors also explore the diversities that are often treated in a non-traditional manner ... + Read More
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    The Class Politics of Law Essays Inspired by Harry Glasbeek Paperback Judy Fudge 9781773631004 $28.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE Mar 08, 2019
    For nearly fifty years, Professor Harry Glasbeek has been at the forefront of legal scholars and public intellectuals challenging assumptions and understandings about the injustices embedded in the economic, social, political and legal orders of Western capitalist democracies. His writings and teachings have influenced generations of law students, academics and activists. The Class Politics of Law brings together eleven incisive contributions from pre-eminent scholars across several disciplines activated by the same desire for democ... + Read More
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    Cracking Labour’s Glass Ceiling Transforming Lives through Women’s Union Education Paperback Cindy Hanson 9781773632094 $30.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE May 01, 2019
    Although the health of the trade union movement may rest on its ability to include women in membership and leadership, little attention has been paid to women-only labour education. This original collection contains vibrant example of labour education events and the women involved who develop, implement, research, evaluate and facilitate at them. All the contributors speak from first-hand experience with women-only programs in unions across Canada, the United States and the world. They identify the methods used in pursuit of learner empo... + Read More


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