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    AGO Highlights from the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario Paperback Jim Shedden 9781894243742 $24.95 ART Apr 14, 2015
    AGO's collection of close to 95,000 works ranges from cutting-edge contemporary art such as Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt) by Pierre Huyghe to European masterpieces such as Peter Paul Ruben's The Massacre of the Innocents; from the vast collection by the Group of Seven to works by established and emerging Indigenous Canadian artists.Art has the ability to bridge cultures and create new ways of communicating. At its highest achievement, it gives pleasure through the act of looking and empowers us to perceive the world through a wider lens.AGO: H... + Read More
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    Annie Pootoogook Cutting Ice Hardcover Nancy Campbell 9781773100692 $45.00 ART Feb 20, 2018
    When Annie Pootoogook won the Sobey Art Award in 2006, she cracked the glass ceiling for Inuit art, securing its place in contemporary Canadian art discourse and establishing herself as an artist of international importance. Her achievement sparked critical discussion around contemporary art as well as the absence, and growing presence, of Inuit art: an important conversation that continues to this day.The life and death of Annie Pootoogook is a story of national significance. The complex narratives weaving through her short life speak to possi... + Read More
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    Anthony Caro Sculpture Laid Bare Paperback Kenneth Brummel 9781894243926 $9.95 ART Dec 10, 2016
    Sir Anthony Caro revolutionized the medium of sculpture in the 1960s when he moved away from making elaborately modelled, figurative works cast in bronze, instead creating large, abstract assemblages out of prefabricated steel and aluminum elements. Sculpture Laid Bare honours the legacy of this titan of modernist sculpture. Monumental in scale, lyrically evocative and openly constructed, Caro's sculptures foreground their brute materiality and the unvarnished signs of their manufacture. Anthony Caro: Sculpture Laid Bare showcases four of Car... + Read More
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    Anthony Flower The Life and Art of a Country Painter, 1792-1875 | La vie et l'oeuvre d'un Artiste du Terroir, 1792-1875 Paperback Laurie Glenn Norris 9780920674604 $24.95 ART Mar 19, 2006
    A romantic view of 19th-century Canada — a domestic complement to the work of Bartlett, Constable, and Kane.Anthony Flower (1792-1875) lived and worked in New Brunswick for most of his life. A farmer with a lifelong passion for art, he painted until his death at the age of eighty-three. His work opens a window on a time and place now gone. His paintings depict the life that he saw around him in rural New Brunswick and the events and scenes described in newspapers of the day.Anthony Flower’s art was among the first in New Brunswick to depict rur... + Read More
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    Anthropocene Burtynsky, Baichwal, de Pencier Hardcover Sophie Hackett 9781773100975 $35.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 09, 2018
    A controversial idea currently under vigorous and passionate international debate that would recognize the "human signature" on the planet.Anthropocene is the latest book by Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, and Nicholas de Pencier to chronicle the massive and irreversible impact of humans on the Earth — on a geological scale.In photographs that are both stunning and disconcerting, Burtynsky, Baichwal, and de Pencier document species extinction (the burning of elephant tusks to disrupt the illegal trade of ivory), technofossils (swathes of d... + Read More
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    At Home Talks with Canadian Artists about Place and Practice Paperback Lezli Rubin-Kunda 9781773100470 $29.95 ART Aug 14, 2018
    In this intimate investigation of the artistic process, Lezli Rubin-Kunda explores the nuanced path of creative work and the way artists make sense of home and place within their art practice and their lives. Rubin-Kunda is a multidisciplinary artist who examines these issues in her own work. But in this book, she expands her horizons, travelling across Canada to talk to more than fifty practicing artists, including Amalie Atkins, Aganetha Dyck, Francois Morelli, Simon Frank, and Sharon Alward, about their work, their creative process, and th... + Read More
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    Black Ice David Blackwood: Prints of Newfoundland Paperback Dr. Katharine Lochnan 9780864928542 $45.00 ART Oct 07, 2014
    David Blackwood was born in 1941 in the outport community of Wesleyville, to a family with a long seafaring history. Recognized as an artistic prodigy, he was awarded a Government of Newfoundland Centennial scholarship to study at the Ontario College of Art, in Toronto. By the age of twenty-three, one of his etchings had been purchased by the National Gallery of Canada. Blackwood has been telling stories about Newfoundland in the form of epic visual narratives for 30 years. To bring this narrative to life, the book situates Blackwood's prints i... + Read More
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    Bonsai | Penjing The Collections of the Montréal Botanical Garden Hardcover Danielle Ouellet 9782980121852 $71.95 GARDENING Sep 24, 2019
    The beauty and evolution of an intriguing art form.The Montréal Botanical Garden’s collections of bonsai and penjing are among the best in North America, including more than 350 trees, some dating from the 17th century. For the first time, these stylized horticultural creations have been brought together in a single volume, illuminating the evolution of the aesthetic tradition of this Asian art form.Featuring beautifully rendered photographs of many of the miniature trees in the collection, Bonsai | Penjing: The Collections of the Montréal Bota... + Read More
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    Chefs-d'oeuvre de la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook Hardcover Terry Graff 9780864926654 $65.00 ART Feb 19, 2013
    Les collections d'œuvres d'art racontent des histoires qui reflètent les intérêts du collectionneur et de son époque. Chefs-d'œuvre de la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook relate la vie rocambolesque de sir William Maxwell (Max) Aitken, aussi connu sous le nom de lord Beaverbrook, magnat de la presse multimillionnaire, éditeur de journaux arrogant, habile politicien, maître de la propagande, auteur et grand philanthrope. En 1959, sir Max Aitken inaugure à Fredericton, au Nouveau-Brunswick, la Galerie d'art Beaverbrook pour abriter une collection exempl... + Read More
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    Christmas with Maud Lewis Hardcover Lance Woolaver 9781773100609 $24.95 ART Nov 14, 2017
    Maud Lewis has become one of Canada’s favourite folk artists, and her buoyant winter pictures of nature, pets, farm animals, and people at work and play are among her most charming. Her hands were twisted with arthritis, but Maud earned her living by painting Christmas cards and pictures and selling them from her tiny, gaily painted one-room house beside the highway near Digby, Nova Scotia.Originally issued in 1997 and now available in this updated edition, Christmas with Maud Lewis paints a portrait of how this spirited woman celebrated the se... + Read More
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    Christopher Pratt The Places I Go Hardcover Mireille Eagan 9780864928849 $40.00 ART Jun 02, 2015
    "When you revisit a place that matters to you for the first time in a long time it is a rich, spiritual experience, but if you then revisit such a place too frequently it loses some of its power. The power lies in the absences." — Christopher Pratt Widely considered to be one of Canada's most prominent and celebrated painters, Christopher Pratt stands with other great artists — Alex Colville, Lawren P. Harris, Jean Paul Lemieux, and Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald — who influenced him and the way he represents the land. But Pratt's greatest infl... + Read More
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    Colville Paperback Paperback Andrew Hunter 9780864928962 $39.95 ART Jun 27, 2017
    "Andrew Hunter has looked with fresh eyes at [Colville's] paintings and made a coherent argument that Colville deserves to be understood far beyond the normal borders of the art world." — Robert Fulford, The National Post This magnificent, best-selling volume is now available in a deluxe paper-bound edition. The original hardcover edition sold more than 15,000 copies. Colville both honours the legacy of an iconic Canadian artist and explores the contemporary reverberations of his work. Colville was known for being his own man. His paintings dep... + Read More
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    Dalhousie University A 200th Anniversary Portrait Hardcover Mona Holmund 9781773100340 $35.00 HISTORY Jun 26, 2018
    The ultimate book for Dalhousie's 200th year.From humble beginnings in 1818 as “the little college by the sea,” Dalhousie University has grown to be an influential Canadian thought leader, global educator, research powerhouse, and economic driver. Today, Dal has more than 18,000 students across 12 faculties, over 2,500 staff, and more than 130,000 alumni spread across the country and around the globe.Dalhousie University: A 200th Anniversary Portrait explores the story of this historic university. Opening with an epic poem by celebrated poet an... + Read More
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    David Askevold Il était une fois dans l'est Hardcover David Diviney 9780864926661 $50.00 ART Jan 13, 2012
    L'artiste néo-écossais David Askevold (1940-2008) est reconnu pour sa contribution de premier plan au développement et à l'enseignement de l'art conceptuel. Certaines de ses ?uvres ont figuré dans l'exposition phare Information présentée au Museum of Modern Art à New York en 1970 qui a conféré au conceptualisme le statut de mouvement. Askevold est rapidement devenu l'un des conceptualistes les plus influents au Canada et ses ?uvres ont figuré dans nombre des expositions et des textes fondateurs de ce genre. Tout au long de ses quarante années d... + Read More
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    David Askevold Once Upon a Time in the East Hardcover David Diviney 9780864926593 $50.00 ART Sep 30, 2011
    David Askevold broke into the art scene when his work was included in the seminal exhibition Information at New York's MOMA 1970, which cemented Conceptualism as a genre. He later became recognized as one of the most important contributors to the development and pedagogy of conceptual art; his work has been included in many of the genre's formative texts and exhibitions. This illustrated volume takes readers on an eclectic journey through the various strains of Askevold's pioneering practice — sculpture/installation, film and video, photography... + Read More
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    Drawing Conclusions The Political Art of Michael de Adder Paperback Virgil Hammock 9780981328034 $14.95 HUMOR Jun 01, 2016
    McKenna to Harper, Chrétien to Bush, with a dash of Trudeau and Mulroney.Michael de Adder is one of Canada's foremost cartoonists, part of a long history of political cartooning that began in ancient Egypt and Rome. The invention of the printing press and the wide distribution of newspapers gave life to the political or editorial cartoonist.Controversy goes hand-in-hand with being an editorial cartoonist and de Adder has had his share of stirring up the pot. His 2007 cartoon of Jerry Falwell arriving in Hell with the devil exclaiming "Surprise!... + Read More
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    Ekpahak Where the Tide Ends | Où la Marée Aboutit Paperback Terry Graff 9780920674611 $24.95 ART Jun 21, 2011
    Photography, sculpture, woven work, folk art, painting, found art, and more.When Terry Graff and Alan Syliboy decided to investigate contemporary First Nations art in New Brunswick, they set out on a road trip. They visited the Mi’kmaq Nation communities and Wolastoqey Nation communities. The result was an exhibition and a book, a journal that captured the essence of the road trip through Graff’s words and Syliboy’s magnificent photographs.The book captures their high-octane meeting with heavy metal musician Eric Miller; Robert Pictou’s model ... + Read More
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    Every. Now. Then. Reframing Nationhood Paperback Andrew Hunter 9781894243957 $24.95 ART Jun 29, 2017
    Every. Now. Then: Rethinking Nationhood embraces the fundamental belief that Canada is a dynamic work-in-progress that has, is, and will continue to be defined by movements and migrations across shifting terrain and within a variable, often unstable, environment. As cultural space, political state, ecosystem, and geography, the space of Canada (even over its short history) has been a place of shifting borders and boundaries; a place constantly being reimagined and redefined. Every. Now. Then. starts from the position that the land known as Cana... + Read More
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    Everything Remains Raw Photographing Toronto's Hip Hop Culture from Analogue to Digital Hardcover Mark V. Campbell 9781773100821 $35.00 PHOTOGRAPHY May 22, 2018
    Before there was Drake, there was The 6. The genesis and rise of Toronto's Hip Hop culture.Amongst the algorithmic pulsations that remap informational networks at the whim of any giant tech company, hip hop culture produces ways of knowing (and being in) the world that continually disrupt the status quo.Guided by a sense of rawness — an unsanitized speaking of truth to power — hip hop culture thrives outside of the formal and institutional settings which are often used to confer importance. Hip hop has no use for such pedestals. Its inherent an... + Read More
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    For Better or For Worse The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston Paperback Lynn Johnston 9780864928641 $24.95 HUMOR Jul 14, 2015
    For thirty years, cartoonist Lynn Johnston made daily additions to what would become a monumental body of work: her newspaper comic strip, For Better or For Worse. Chronicling the daily lives of the middle-class suburbanite Patterson family — Elly and John and their children, Michael, Elizabeth, and April — Johnston's strip was ground-breaking in its adherence to narrative and emotional realism, and its refusal to engage in melodrama, superpowers, or anthropomorphic animals. As the syndicated strips appeared in daily newspapers throughout the 1... + Read More
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    Fragile and Fanciful The Story of Nova Scotia Glass Paperback Deborah Trask 9780864926555 $22.95 ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES May 27, 2011
    In the last two decades of the 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th century, glass manufacturing was a unique enterprise in Canada. Beginning with the founding of the Nova Scotia Glass Company in 1881, the glass factories of Nova Scotia made clear tableware at a time when it was not made anywhere else in Canada. By the 1800s, people had been making glass for more than 4,000 years. Before that, however, the mass production of glass was not technically possible. Pressing machines to produce glass shapes were invented in the 1830s in... + Read More
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    Freeman Patterson Embracing Creation First Hardcover Freeman Patterson 9780864929051 $55.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 24, 2013
    Throughout photographer Freeman Patterson’s remarkable decades-long career, his ambition has been to expose the spiritual, religious, and even mystical dimensions that lie beyond the literalness of the image itself. Patterson has continually strived to have viewers appreciate the compositional grammar and unique syntax of this visual art, pushing to transcend the picturesque qualities of the image and expand the viewing moment to a longer and more profound level of experience. For Patterson, life, the mind, and nature are fully a part of each o... + Read More
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    From the Forest to the Sea Emily Carr in British Columbia Hardcover Sarah Milroy 9780864928696 $50.00 ART Apr 21, 2015
    Winner, Canadian Museum Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research -- ArtEmily Carr captures the natural and cultural landscapes of British Columbia like no other artist before or after her. This major volume, designed to accompany an exhibition organized by the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, gathers work from all phases of this extraordinary artist's career — from her delicate early watercolours of the 1890s to her expressive hybrids of the 1930s and 1940s, which carry European and N... + Read More
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    Glitter and Gloom | Éclat et obscurité The Sketchbooks of Herzl Kashetsky | Les cahiers de croquis de Herzl Kasetsky Hardcover Terry Graff 9780920674826 $35.00 ART Jun 11, 2011
    Kashetsky documents domestic life, street life, urban landscapes, nature, and the stories of Holocaust survivors in his affecting, meditative work.Herzl Kashetsky’s rich, multi-layered works are deep explorations of the human condition. His meticulously rendered portraits, still lifes, and landscapes are intense explorations of identity and place. This profusely illustrated book features more than 150 drawings selected from Kashetsky’s 119 sketchbooks, ranging from portraits to landscapes, from streetscapes to interiors, from circles to lines t... + Read More
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    Halifax Harbour 1918 | Le port d'Halifax 1918 Harold Gillman and Arthur Lismer Paperback Anabelle Kienle Ponka 9781773100876 $35.00 ART Oct 09, 2018
    Two wartime artists, one bustling harbour, and a city ravaged by the Halifax Explosion. Two perspectives on Halifax one year after the Explosion.A year after the city was devastated by the Halifax Explosion Harold Gilman (British, 1876–1919) and Arthur Lismer (Canadian, 1885–1969) were working in Halifax as war artists. Both commissioned by the Canadian War Memorials Fund to record the war activity on the home front, the two men struck up a friendship. Gilman seemed to wipe clean the desolation of the Explosion, ignoring the site of a human-mad... + Read More
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    Higher States Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries Hardcover Roald Nasgaard 9780864929655 $50.00 ART Feb 07, 2017
    Lawren S. Harris is best known for his iconic landscape paintings that declare a sense of cool Canadian resilience. Yet, in the 1920s, an audacious and more colourful interior world began to emerge in his work, and by 1934, the patriotic landscape painter had taken a seemingly unexpected turn toward a transnational career in abstract painting. The social, intellectual, and aesthetic milieu of American transcendentalism shaped a movement of abstract art across North America, seen in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Katherine D... + Read More
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    IAIN BAXTER& Works 1958-2011 Paperback David Moos 9780864926463 $45.00 ART Feb 04, 2012
    Winner, Canadian Museums Association Outstanding Achievement in Publication and Melva J. Dwyer AwardIain Baxter legally changed his name to IAIN BAXTER& in 2005. He appended an ampersand to his name to underscore that art is about connectivity — about contingency and collaboration with a viewer. He also effected the name change to perpetuate a strategy of self re-definition that is central to his creative project. BAXTER& began making art in the late-1950s under his birth name but quickly realized that the name itself was creative material, to ... + Read More
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    In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven Paperback Paperback Jim Waddington 9780864928917 $45.00 ART Jun 21, 2016
    A century ago, a group of artists travelled into northern Ontario and farther afield to capture the raw, terrible beauty that lay just beyond the outskirts of Canada's cities and towns. Armed with sketchbooks, brushes, and paint boxes, they set off into the heart of the wilderness with the singular purpose of interpreting the landscape in a modern mode of artistic expression.In July 1977, Jim and Sue Waddington set off on their own expedition to discover the places that inspired these artists. Determined to locate, document, and photograph the ... + Read More
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    In the Ward Lawren Harris, Toronto, and the Idea of North Paperback Andrew Hunter 9781894243896 $9.95 ART Jul 01, 2016
    "Like all but very few Canadians, I've had no real experience of the North — I've remained, of necessity, an outsider. And the North has remained for me a convenient place to dream about, spin tall tales about and, in the end, avoid." — Andrew HunterOutsiders, dreamers, tall tales. Lawren Harris's visionary North, his idea of North, was shaped in Toronto. In this fascinating little book, Andrew Hunter explores the historic Toronto of Lawren Harris: a city of great diversity and dense urban growth. Harris often painted in the Ward (St. John's Wa... + Read More
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    Itee Pootoogook Hymns to the Silence Hardcover Nancy Campbell 9781773101392 $45.00 ART Jul 09, 2019
    Itee Pootoogook belonged to a new generation of Inuit artists who are transforming and reshaping the creative traditions that were successfully pioneered by their parents and grandparents in the second half of the 20th century.A meticulous draughtsman who worked with graphite and coloured pencil, Itee depicted buildings in Kinngait that incorporated a perspectival view, a relatively recent practice influenced by his training as a carpenter and his interest in photography. His portraits of acquaintances and family members similarly bear witness ... + Read More


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