Goose Lane Editions Fall 2019 Catalogue

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    Mongolian Chronicles A Story of Eagles, Demons, and Empires Hardcover Allen Smutylo 9781773101330 $35.00 TRAVEL Oct 15, 2019
    The Mongolia you never knew existed.Mongolia beyond Genghis Khan.In the shadows of the Altai Mountains live the Kazakh nomads of western Mongolia. These hard-living nomads survive on windswept steppes, grazing their herds and keeping an ancient practice alive: hunting not with traps or guns, but on horseback with golden eagles.The Mongolian Chronicles recounts a story of this untamed world, seen through the eyes of artist, writer, and traveller Allen Smutylo. Smutylo lived with seven eagle hunters and their families for several weeks over two y... + Read More
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    Cures for Hunger Paperback Deni Béchard 9781773101453 $22.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 10, 2019
    Almost unbelievable. You'll swear it's fiction.True crime all in the family."You haven't read a story like this one, even if your father was the kind of magnificent scoundrel you only find in Russian novels. Béchard is the rare writer who knows the secret to telling the true story." — Marlon James, author of A Brief History of Seven KillingsGrowing up in rural British Columbia, Deni Béchard worships his father, believing that he can do no wrong. Although his charismatic father is prone to racing trains and brawling, Deni has no idea how unusual... + Read More
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    I Am Herod Paperback Richard Kelly Kemick 9781773101422 $22.95 HUMOR Oct 08, 2019
    Losing religion one false beard at a time.Life of Brian meets the millennials.Reporting from Inside the Fraying Hem of Christ HimselfOn a whim, armchair-atheist Richard Kelly Kemick joins the 100-plus cast of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, North America's largest production of its kind and one of the main tourist attractions in Alberta. By the time closing night is over, Kemick has a story to tell. From the controversial choice of casting to the bizarre life in rehearsal, this glorious behind-the-scenes look at one of Canada's strangest th... + Read More
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    Out of the Blue A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness Paperback Jan Wong 9780987868503 $21.99 USD BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY May 05, 2012
    Out of the Blue is the surreal, wrenching, sometimes hilarious, and ultimately triumphant story of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with depression. At the height of her career in journalism, Jan Wong’s world came crashing down. A story she wrote on a school shooting sparked a violent backlash, including death threats. Her newspaper failed to stand by her, and for the first time in her life she spiraled into clinical depression. She found herself unable to write, but the paper’s management thought she was feigning illness, and fired her. H... + Read More
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    Shut Away When Down Syndrome Was a Life Sentence Paperback Catherine McKercher 9781773100982 $22.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 03, 2019
    An explosive book that exposes the abuses of institutionalization."How many brothers and sisters do you have?" It was one of the first questions kids asked each other when Catherine McKercher was a child. She never knew how to answer it.Three of the McKercher children lived at home. The fourth, her youngest brother, Bill, did not. Bill was born with Down syndrome. When he was two and a half, his parents took him to the Ontario Hospital School in Smiths Falls and left him there. Like thousands of other families, they exiled a child with disabili... + Read More
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    Itee Pootoogook Hymns to the Silence Hardcover Nancy Campbell 9781773101392 $45.00 ART Jul 09, 2019
    Itee Pootoogook belonged to a new generation of Inuit artists who are transforming and reshaping the creative traditions that were successfully pioneered by their parents and grandparents in the second half of the 20th century.Itee Pootoogook (1951-2014) was part of a generation, including most famously his cousin Annie Pootoogook, that transformed the creative traditions of Inuit art.A meticulous draughtsman who worked with graphite and coloured pencil, Itee depicted buildings in Kinngait that incorporated a perspectival view, a relatively rec... + Read More
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    Maud Lewis Paintings for Sale Hardcover Sarah Milroy 9781773101460 $35.00 ART Jul 23, 2019
    From black cats to iconic snowscapes, Maud Lewis paints our waking dreams.One of Canada's most beloved folk artists, Maud Lewis was famous in her lifetime for her brightly coloured and endearing paintings of rural Nova Scotia. Working from her tiny, road-side house in Marshalltown, she produced hundreds of small works that captured aspects of rapidly changing country life. Until now, the story of her difficult life has dominated the discussion of her art: her triumph over her physical disabilities and poverty, the harsh treatment she received a... + Read More
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    New Brunswick Rangers in the Second World War Paperback Matt Douglass 9781773100081 $18.95 HISTORY Mar 31, 2020
    In 1943, the New Brunswick Rangers were sent to Britain, converted into a heavy weapons support unit, and shipped off to Normandy.Originating as a 19th century militia, the New Brunswick Rangers were placed on active service for the first time during the Second World War, serving first in the Maritimes and Newfoundland. In 1943, the Rangers were sent to Britain, where they were converted to a heavy weapons support unit, armed with machine guns and mortars in preparation for the invasion of Normandy.In this illuminating account, Matthew Douglass... + Read More
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    Different Beasts Paperback J.R. McConvey 9781773101262 $19.95 FICTION Sep 17, 2019
    Canada's answer to Chuck Palahniuk.A bear runs amok in a luxury hotel. A daily swim at the local pool becomes a question of life or death. The champion of a border wall faces an unexpected adversary.The twelve stories in Different Beasts ask what it means to be both human and monster. Shape-shifting waifs, haunted stuffies, scavenging drones, insectoid demon-gods, and mutant angels all come to life in this wildly imagined debut. As do broken soldiers, disgraced politicians, tired parents, ogres and children, opportunists, and desperate surviv... + Read More
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    Daughters of Silence Paperback Rebecca Fisseha 9781773101026 $22.95 FICTION Sep 10, 2019
    Strong female voice, a clear-eyed narrator examining self and family.Ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano fills the skies. Flights are grounded throughout Europe. Dessie, a cosmopolitan flight attendant from Canada, finds herself stranded in Addis Ababa — her birth place.Grieving her mother's recent death, Dessie heads to see her grandfather, the Shaleqa — compelled as much by duty as her own will. But Dessie's conflicted past stands in her way. Just as the volcano's eruption disordered Dessie's work life, so too does her mother's death cause ... + Read More
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    Soft Power Paperback Stewart Cole 9781773101088 $19.95 POETRY Sep 24, 2019
    Watch out for those who have, seek, and hold onto power.So drinkAs the fanged stoat from the rabbit's napeAs though from a flagon of river waterShaken with ancestral ashAs if it isn't knowledge you seekBut some osmotic soul-foodTo be filled up with blursThat might later resolve themselvesInto memoriesTo return to where you really liveWith changes in your bloodLyrical yet shot through with experimental and political veins, the poems in Soft Power are engaged with both the here-and-now of a world on the brink and the hope of something better, a p... + Read More
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    Crow Gulch Paperback Douglas Walbourne-Gough 9781773101019 $19.95 POETRY Sep 17, 2019
    From the author: I cannot let the story of Crow Gulch — the story of my family and, subsequently, my own story — go untold. This book is my attempt to resurrect dialogue and story, to honour who and where I come from, to remind Corner Brook of the glaring omission in its social history."These deeply engaging poems — courageous, shrewdly observed, disillusioned — give sharp, prsonal expression to the harsh-beautiful landscape of western Newfoundland, and the human community precariously, stubbornly rooted there." — John StefflerIn his debut poet... + Read More
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    Slow Seconds The Photography of George Thomas Taylor Hardcover Ronald Rees 9781773101361 $35.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 24, 2019
    George Taylor's vivid New Brunswick of yesteryear comes to life.The photographs of George Taylor (1838-1913) offer viewers a fascinating glimpse into nineteenth-century New Brunswick. Taylor's career coincided with a period when photographers began to provide Canadians with images of the "wilderness." Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of Indigenous guides, Taylor travelled not only through settled parts of New Brunswick, but also into the wilderness of the north, providing views of hitherto unfamiliar and unknown terrain and helping to p... + Read More
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    Sorel Etrog Five Decades Hardcover Ihor Holubizky 9781894243735 $35.00 ART Aug 09, 2013
    Etrog's work dots the urban landscape in Toronto and many other urban centres in Canada and shows an overriding concern for the human body's transformation in an increasingly mechanized world.Sorel Etrog (1933-2015) is a renowned Canadian sculptor and painter. He left his native Romania for Israel in 1950, where he studied at the Tel Aviv Art Institute. From Tel Aviv, he moved to New York and in 1963 to Toronto.Etrog represented Canada at the Venice Biennale in 1966. He created major public commissions for Expo 67, the Sun Life Centre, the Los ... + Read More
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    Wangechi Mutu This You Call Civilization? Hardcover David Moos 9781894243643 $35.00 ART May 31, 2010
    "Wangechi Mutu: This You Call Civilization? is part of the AGO’s commitment to presenting contemporary art on the leading edge" says Matthew Teitelbaum, the AGO’s director and CEO. "We are proud to be the first major museum in North America to feature this intriguing and dynamic artist."Mutu’s large-scale collages combine magazine cuttings, ink, glitter, paint and found objects to create distorted and fantastical representations of the female figure. In her video work, Mutu herself is both cinemat... + Read More
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    AGO Highlights from the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario Paperback Jim Shedden 9781894243742 $24.95 ART Apr 14, 2015
    AGO's collection of close to 95,000 works ranges from cutting-edge contemporary art such as Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt) by Pierre Huyghe to European masterpieces such as Peter Paul Ruben's The Massacre of the Innocents; from the vast collection by the Group of Seven to works by established and emerging Indigenous Canadian artists; with a photography collection that tracks the impact of the medium with deep holdings of works by artists such as Gary Winogrand and Diane Arbus; and with focused collections in Gothic boxwood miniatures and Wester... + Read More
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    Drawing Conclusions The Political Art of Michael de Adder Paperback Virgil Hammock 9780981328034 $14.95 HUMOR Jun 01, 2016
    McKenna to Harper, Chrétien to Bush, with a dash of Trudeau and Mulroney.Michael de Adder is one of Canada's foremost cartoonists, part of a long history of political cartooning that began in ancient Egypt and Rome. The invention of the printing press and the wide distribution of newspapers gave life to the political or editorial cartoonist.Controversy goes hand-in-hand with being an editorial cartoonist and de Adder has had his share of stirring up the pot. His 2007 cartoon of Jerry Falwell arriving in Hell with the devil exclaiming "Surprise!... + Read More
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    Ekpahak Where the Tide Ends/Où la Marée Aboutit Paperback Terry Graff 9780920674611 $24.95 ART Jun 21, 2011
    Photography, sculpture, woven work, folk art, painting, found art, and more.When Terry Graff and Alan Syliboy decided to investigate contemporary First Nations art in New Brunswick, they set out on a road trip. They visited the Mi'kmaq Nation communities at Ugpi'ganjig (Eel River Bar), Elsipogtog (Big Cove), and Metepenagiag (Red Bank) and Wolastoqey Nation communities at Negootkook (Tobique) and St. Mary's. The result was an exhibition and a book, a journal that captured the essence of the road trip through Graff's words and Syliboy's magnif... + Read More
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    Nekt wikuhpon ehpit Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear/Il était une fois une femme : la peinture, la poésie et la politique de Shirley Bear Paperback Terry Graff 9780920674789 $14.95 ART Jun 21, 2009
    No present without the past.No equality without feminism.Shirley Bear has depicted everything from feminist to rights issues, from appeals to the UN to Oka.Nekt wikuhpon ehpit: Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear chronicles the sources, inspiration, and personal circumstances that have shaped Shirley Bear's visual art, poetry, and political activism and presents the integral relationship amongst these important activities in her life.Countering the invisible silent status ascribed to Indigenous women by p... + Read More
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    Glitter and Gloom/Éclat et obscurité The Sketchbooks of Herzl Kashetsky/Les cahiers de croquis de Herzl Kasetsky Hardcover Terry Graff 9780920674826 $35.00 ART Jun 11, 2011
    Kashetsky documents domestic life, street life, urban landscapes, nature, and the stories of Holocaust survivors in his affecting, meditative work.Herzl Kashetsky's rich, multi-layered works are deep explorations of the human condition. His meticulously rendered portraits, still lifes, and landscapes are intense explorations of identity and place.This profusely illustrated book features more than 150 drawings selected from Kashetsky's 119 sketchbooks, ranging from portraits to landscapes, from streetscapes to interiors, from circles to lines to... + Read More
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    Anthony Flower The Life and Art of a Country Painter, 1792-1875/La vie et l'oeuvre d'un Artiste du Terroir, 1792-1875 Paperback Laurie Glenn Norris 9780920674604 $24.95 ART Mar 19, 2006
    A romantic view of 19th-century Canada — a domestic complement to the work of Bartlett, Constable, and Kane.Anthony Flower (1792-1875) lived and worked in New Brunswick for most of his life. A farmer with a lifelong passion for art, he painted until his death at the age of eighty-three. His work opens a window on a time and place now gone. His paintings depict the life that he saw around him in rural New Brunswick and the events and scenes described in newspapers of the day.For most people in early nineteenth-century North America, reading, wri... + Read More


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