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Heritage Group Distribution Spring 2012

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    Lost Nuke The Last Flight of Bomber 075 Paperback Dirk Septer 9781926936864 $19.95 HISTORY Apr 10, 2012
    Just before midnight on February 13, 1950, three engines of a US Air Force B-36 intercontinental bomber caught fire over Canada's northwest coast. The crew jumped, and the plane ditched somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The fact that the huge aircraft had been carrying a Mark IV nuclear bomb was kept carefully hidden. Three years later, the wreck of the bomber was found by accident in a remote location in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, three hours' flying time in the opposite direction of where it was supposed to have crashed. How did... + Read More
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    Backspin 120 Years of Golf in British Columbia Paperback Arv Olson 9781927051412 $14.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Aug 15, 2012
    Backspin is a comprehensive overview of everything golf-related in BC. Veteran sportswriter Arv Olson's work on the trailblazers and the growth of the game and the province's golf courses was "the preeminent resource" on golf history when he self-published Backspin in 1992. This first Heritage House edition has been completely updated and revamped to mark 2012's 120th anniversary of golf in BC. Since its start in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and Stanley Park in Vancouver, golf has been backed by an assortment of colourful characters who have e... + Read More
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    Kilts on the Coast The Scots Who Built BC Paperback Jan Peterson 9781927051276 $22.95 HISTORY Feb 15, 2012
    When the Hudson's Bay Company decided to establish its new Pacific coast headquarters at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island in 1843, the Island was a pristine paradise—or an isolated wilderness, depending on one's point of view—that had sustained its First Nations inhabitants for millennia. It was one of the last places to be discovered and settled by Europeans in North America. It was Scots who came to the Island to manage the Company's business in Fort Victoria, engaging in the fur trade and establishing coal-mining ventures around what is no... + Read More
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    Government Street Victoria’s Heritage Mile Paperback Danda Humphreys 9781927051382 $19.95 HISTORY May 19, 2012
    Nothing says "Victoria" like Government Street, the road that runs through the city's historic downtown core. At one end of the street is the earliest Chinatown in Canada, at the other, a view across the strait to the United States. Since the mid-1800s, Government Street has held the key to Victoria's past and in her lively new book Danda Humphreys takes you on a guided tour of this "heritage mile." The history of Victoria may be short—the city marks its 150th anniversary in 2012—but it hasn't been dull. Characters, events, politics, and even ... + Read More
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    Gold Panner's Manual Paperback Garnet Basque 9781927051375 $14.95 NATURE May 31, 2012
    With gold forecast to reach $2,000 an ounce by the end of 2012, and the economy as uncertain as ever, goldpanning is making a comeback. Why not pick up a piece or two of surprisingly simple equipment and check that stream by your campsite? The techniques, the pans, the pickaxes and the educated guessing required to pan gold haven't changed much since the Klondike Gold Rush. Garnet Basque's Gold Panner's Manual explains every aspect of goldpanning and prospecting. As you'll likely be competing with other prospectors, knowledge will give you the ... + Read More
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    Chilcotin Yarns Paperback Bruce Watt 9781927051436 $17.95 HISTORY Mar 15, 2012
    Getting three trucks and two horses stuck in the mud on "a good road" into BC's wild, remote interior was just the start of Bruce Watt's Chilcotin adventures—and it was his honeymoon, too. The wildlife, landscape and quirky, down-to-earth people captivated Bruce, and despite the hard work and challenging conditions, the Watts put down roots, raising a family, alongside herds of cattle and horses. A consummate storyteller, Bruce tells it like it was—and perhaps still is for many people calling this place home. These yarns capture the adventure ... + Read More
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    Secret Beaches of the Salish Sea The Southern Gulf Islands Paperback Theo Dombrowski 9781927051306 $26.95 TRAVEL Jun 26, 2012
    The fourth volume in the Secret Beaches series, one of two on the Salish Sea, covers 93 beaches in the southern Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring, Galiano, Saturna, Mayne, Thetis and Pender. At some locations, the selling point is a view of sandstone eroded into astounding curves and honeycombed lattices. At others, it's the chance of seeing the resident orcas of J1, K1 and L1 pods, whose summer home is the Gulf Islands. Theo's hand-drawn maps are indispensable, as each island marks its public beach access points differently, if they mark th... + Read More
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    Secret Beaches of the Salish Sea The Northern Gulf Islands Paperback Theo Dombrowski 9781927051337 $26.95 TRAVEL Jun 26, 2012
    In the fifth volume in the Secret Beaches series, one of two on the Salish Sea, you'll discover noteworthy beaches in the northern Gulf Islands, including Denman, Quadra, Gabriola, Hornby and Texada. As in his previous volumes, Theo gives full descriptions of each beach so that you'll be able to find the right location for your activity, from group picnics to romantic cuddles, leisurely strolls to wild woodsy walks, family explorations to soul-searching solitary afternoons watching the clouds race across an island-dotted horizon. Discover where... + Read More
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    Portrait of the Pacific Rim Paperback Ole Hoyer 9781927051320 $16.95 TRAVEL May 15, 2012
    Portrait of the Pacific Rim is a photographic tour of the awe-inspiring sights and activities on the far edge of Canada. The wild, raw beauty of the Pacific Rim is captured in dozens of colour photographs, as accomplished photographers Ole Hoyer and Wendy Snowdon share some of the gorgeous sights the west coast offers. Pacific Rim National Park reserve, comprised of Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands and the West Coast Trail, is an unparalleled gem. Scraped out of the western edge of Vancouver Island, the landscape ranges from primordial rai... + Read More
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    Portrait of Vancouver Paperback Constance Brissenden 9781927051351 $16.95 TRAVEL May 01, 2012
    With its spectacular setting between sea, mountains and sky, Vancouver is one of the world's most beautiful and liveable cities. Portrait of Vancouver is a rich depiction of everything BC's sparkling glass and grass metropolis has to offer. Towering skyscrapers, mountaintop views and a walk through the top sights of Stanley Park are captured in stunning photographs. This showy keepsake book collects images of Vancouver's highlights, celebrating Nitobe Gardens, UBC, the downtown area, and beaches, parks and markets all along the city's encircli... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Code Name Habbakuk A Secret Ship Made of Ice Paperback L.D. Cross 9781927051474 $9.95 HISTORY Apr 15, 2012
    In late 1942, Britain was desperate to win the ongoing Battle of the Atlantic. German U-boats had sunk hundreds of Allied ships containing millions of tons of cargo that was needed to continue the war effort. Prime Minister Churchill had to find a solution to the carnage or the Nazis would be victorious. With the support of Churchill and Lord Louis Mountbatten, eccentric inventor and amateur spy Geoffrey Pyke proposed a dramatic project to build invincible ships of ice—massive, unsinkable aircraft carriers that would roam the mid-Atlantic servi... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Fire Canoes Steamboats on Great Canadian Rivers Paperback Anthony Dalton 9781927051450 $9.95 HISTORY Apr 15, 2012
    Anson Northup, the first steamboat on the Canadian prairies, arrived in Fort Garry in 1859. Belching hot sparks and growling in fury, it was called "fire canoe" by the local Cree. The first steam-powered passenger vessel in Canada had begun service on the St. Lawrence River in 1809, and for the next 150 years, steamboats carried passengers and freight on great Canadian rivers, among them the treacherous Stikine and Fraser in British Columbia; the Saskatchewan and Red Rivers on the prairies; and the mighty St. Lawrence and Saguenay in Ontario a... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Horses, Hounds and Other Critters Humorous Tales of Rural Life Paperback Gayle Bunney 9781927051498 $9.95 PERFORMING ARTS Apr 23, 2012
    What do you do when there are goldfish in the horse's water tank, a baby magpie in the bedroom, a cow in the kitchen and a half-dozen small dogs rolling in the dirt to get rid of the smell of skunk? It's all in a day's work on Gayle Bunney's farm near Bonnyville, Alberta. Bunney's hilarious and heartwarming stories are filled with down-to-earth observations on country life and the animals she loves. There's Old Pete, the cow that uses the kitchen sink as a water trough; Tramp, the fearless little dog who takes on coyotes and muskrats and climbs... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Whisky Wars of the Canadian West Fifty Years of Battles Against the Bottle Paperback Rich Mole 9781926613932 $9.95 HISTORY Apr 23, 2012
    In 1874, the newly formed North West Mounted Police marched west to shut down unscrupulous liquor traders who had devastated the lives of many First Nations people. The Mounties' famous trek heralded over 50 years of "whisky wars" in the Canadian West. Author Rich Mole traces the turbulent history of alcohol, temperance movements and prohibition between 1870 and the 1920s through the stories of those who suffered and profited from the West's insatiable thirst for liquor. Before prohibition, young James Gray was one of many Winnipeg children who... + Read More
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    Series: A Cole Blackwater Mystery The Vanishing Track Paperback Stephen Legault 9781927129036 $9.95 FICTION Mar 06, 2012
    While trying to help those evicted from the Lucky Strike, a low-rent hotel in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Cole Blackwater and his best friend Denman Scott discover that homeless people in the area are disappearing without a trace. Working with news reporter Nancy Webber and street nurse Juliet Rose to solve the missing persons case, Cole and Denman venture into the dark corners of the city's underworld. Soon they find themselves in the midst of a dangerous cabal of city officials, high-ranking cops, condo developers, and crime bosses. Tackl... + Read More
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    Series: A Cait Morgan Mystery The Corpse with the Silver Tongue Paperback Cathy Ace 9781927129098 $14.95 FICTION Mar 06, 2012
    In the south of France where hatred simmers in the heat, a man seemingly admired, and certainly feared, drops dead at a dinner party. All of the guests fall under suspicion, including Welsh-Canadian professor Cait Morgan. A criminologist who specializes in profiling victims, Cait sets out to solve the murder—and clear her name. Add to this the disappearance of an ancient Celtic gold collar said to be cursed and there you have the ingredients for a Nicoise salad of death, secrets, and lies. Will Cait find the killer before she too falls victim t... + Read More
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    Series: A Casey Holland Mystery Deadly Accusations Paperback Debra Purdy Kong 9781927129067 $9.95 FICTION Mar 06, 2012
    Transit cop Casey Holland is back investigating crime on Mainland Public Transit buses. Someone is smashing the windows of moving buses on the M6 line, while racial hatred between preteens on the M10 threatens to erupt into all-out war. The murder of Casey's co-worker Jasmine Birch escalates the hostilities, and the staff begins to suspect one another. The situation grows even more serious when gunshots threaten children's lives. And Casey soon discovers there was more to Jasmine's life than anyone previously knew. Did Jasmine know her killer, ... + Read More
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    All the Dirt Reflections on Organic Farming Paperback Rachel Fisher 9781927129128 $29.95 GARDENING Feb 01, 2012
    Finalist for the 2012 City of Victoria Butler Book Prize New farmers, experienced growers, budding environmentalists, and fans of natural, organic produce alike are sure to love All the Dirt. Filled with beautiful photographs and covering a wide variety of topics, from agrofuels and food sovereignty to practical tips about specific tools, All the Dirt is the must-read how-to book about small-scale organic farming. But beyond the practical applications, it is also the inspiring story of three friends who followed their dreams and became successf... + Read More
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    Foodshed An Edible Alberta Alphabet Paperback dee Hobsbawn-Smith 9781927129159 $19.95 TRAVEL Apr 03, 2012
    Winner of Best Food Literature (Canada) at the 2012 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards In this intimate guide to Alberta's sustainable food scene, writer, poet, professional chef, and food advocate Dee Hobsbawn-Smith profiles more than seventy-five of the province's growers and producers. Learn the A to Z's of each producer, from Asparagus growers to Zizania cultivators, and enjoy the twenty-six original recipes, one for each type of produce.The book also examines the ground that farmers stand on: government involvement, sustainability and the envi... + Read More
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    Series: A Wild Jack Strong Story The Horseman's Last Call Paperback Bill Gallaher 9781927129005 $9.95 FICTION Apr 03, 2012
    The Horseman’s Last Call presents the closing chapters in the life of Wild Jack Strong. The story opens with Jack content on the ranch he had always dreamed of, with a loving wife and an adopted son. His good friend Jim Spencer and Jim’s family live just down the road, so life couldn’t be better.However, things take an unwanted turn when war breaks out in Europe and Jack once more feels the need to heed his country’s call. But the war changes his life in unexpected ways as he discovers that not only does loyalty sometimes go unrewarded, it can ... + Read More
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    The Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas In Search of Franklin and His Companions Paperback Sir Francis Leopold McClintock 9781927129197 $19.95 HISTORY Apr 03, 2012
    In 1845, Sir John Franklin set off from England to locate and chart the elusive Northwest Passage. He and his crew of one hundred and twenty-eight men never returned.Over the following decade, forty expeditions were launched in an effort to establish the fate of the missing men. But it wasn't until 1854 that traces of their demise were discovered along the western shore of King William Island.However, without further proof, Franklin's wife, Lady Jane, refused to believe that her husband was dead. And so, in 1857, she sponsored a final expeditio... + Read More
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    Cowboy Wild Hardcover David Campion 9781926855981 $39.95 PHOTOGRAPHY May 15, 2012
    Love it or hate it, the Calgary Stampede is a place where myth, history and spectacle collide. 100 years after an American vaudeville cowboy first dreamed it up, the Stampede remains an unrivalled homage to the West. Cowboy Wild was more than a decade in the making. Photographer David Campion roamed the world’s biggest Wild West show and brought back a collection of images that speak to our fascination with the cowboy. With wry humour, these photographs pull back the curtain and probe the contradictions that lie at the heart of a myth that tran... + Read More
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    The Calgary Stampede A Collection of Vintage Postcards Hardcover Ken Tingley 9781927330005 $24.95 PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 01, 2012
    By 1912 the large-scale cowboy ranches of the Old West had been disappearing for years and the Calgary Stampede — along with other exhibitions, like Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show — was set-up to commemorate a fading way of life for younger generations and for those who still remembered the mythic era. The Canadian Northwest shared in that grand tradition, and the time was right for a great Canadian cowboy showcase. After a century of international acclaim, the western dream continues and to commemorate the early days of the great Calgary Stamp... + Read More
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    A Delicate Art Artists, Wildflowers and Native Plants of the West Hardcover Mary-Beth Laviolette 9781927330050 $24.95 ART Mar 29, 2012
    A Delicate Art highlights the paintings and photography of six artists in Alberta who with passion and long moments of observation have made an inspired contribution to wildflower art. Covering a period of one hundred years to the present, the story behind these creators Mary Schäffer Warren, Mary Vaux Walcott, William Copeland McCalla, Annora Brown, Robert Sinclair and Carole Harmon is also told. A blend of biography, botanical and regional art history and commentary by the artists themselves about their treasured subject, A Delicate Art is i... + Read More
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    The Glittering Mountains of Canada A Record of Exploration and Pioneer Ascents in the Canadian Rockies, 1914-1924 Paperback J. Monroe Thorington 9781927330067 $29.95 HISTORY Jun 15, 2012
    "This then is a book of mountaineering, not presenting the Canadian Rockies in their entirety — no single volume will ever do that — but including many of the finest things. It is also a book of mountain travel, under conditions such as perhaps the European traveller experienced in the Alps during the Eighteenth Century. Finally, it is a book of mountain history; for here is Geography in the making, and with a tradition behind it — a story that has never been properly gathered together, and whose details, in part at least, are gone forever." —... + Read More
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    The Glittering Mountains of Canada A Record of Exploration and Pioneer Ascents in the Canadian Rockies, 1914-1924 Hardcover J. Monroe Thorington 9781927330074 $99.95 HISTORY Jun 15, 2012
    "This then is a book of mountaineering, not presenting the Canadian Rockies in their entirety — no single volume will ever do that — but including many of the finest things. It is also a book of mountain travel, under conditions such as perhaps the European traveller experienced in the Alps during the Eighteenth Century. Finally, it is a book of mountain history; for here is Geography in the making, and with a tradition behind it — a story that has never been properly gathered together, and whose details, in part at least, are gone forever." —... + Read More
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    Outdoor Safety & Survival Paperback Mike Nash 9781927330012 $29.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Apr 10, 2012
    Prince George-based outdoors expert, Mike Nash, shares what he has learned about outdoor safety and survival during more than thirty years of year-round treks into the rugged backcountry of western Canada. This dynamic and up-to-date handbook discusses ways to prepare for and deal with any number of critical situations that may arise in remote and mountainous terrain and is packed with information on: general safety principles what to take with you finding your way coping with year-round weather conditions unexpected overnight trips wildlife e... + Read More
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    Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide - 4th Edition Volume 4: Sheep—Gorge Creek—North Fork Paperback Gillean Daffern 9781927330098 $26.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Jun 15, 2012
    With over 100,000 copies of the previous editions sold, Gillean Daffern’s bestselling hiking guides to Kananaskis Country have been completely reformatted, revised and updated. As the pre-eminent expert on the area, the author continues to offer something for every level of foot-traveller, be they novice or experienced hikers, scramblers or backpackers. Gillean’s clear and detailed text, enhanced with colour photos and maps, enables everyone to navigate safely through this complex and beautiful area. NEW! The original two volumes have been ext... + Read More
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    The Tinsmith Paperback Tim Bowling 9781926972435 $21.95 FICTION Mar 06, 2012
    During the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, Anson Baird, a surgeon for the Union Army, is on the front line tending to the wounded. As the number of casualties rises, a mysterious soldier named John comes to Anson's aid. Deeply affected by the man's selfless actions, Anson soon realizes that John is no ordinary soldier, and that he harbors a dangerous secret. In the bizarre aftermath of the Battle of Antietam, this secret forges an intense bond between the two men. Twenty years later on the other side of the continent, Anson dis... + Read More
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    In the Flesh Twenty Writers Explore the Body Paperback Lynne Van Luven 9781926972374 $24.95 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Apr 03, 2012
    Living is a process of continuous transformation: we have been embryos, children, adolescents, thin, fat, sick, better again. And as humans, we are always at odds with at least one part of our bodies. Have we inherited the family nose? Is there nothing to be done for our finicky stomach or our limp hair? In the Flesh is an intelligent, witty, and provocative look at how we think about—and live within—our bodies. The editors and writers in this collection describe what human bodies feel now. Each author's candid essay focuses on one part of the ... + Read More

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