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ECW Press Spring 2015 Trade

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    Born to Walk The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act Hardcover Dan Rubinstein 9781770411890 $27.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Apr 01, 2015
    The case for getting back on our feet The humble act of putting one foot in front of the other transcends age, geography, culture, and class, and is one of the most economical and environmentally responsible modes of transit. Yet with our modern fixation on speed, this healthy pedestrian activity has been largely left behind. At a personal and professional crossroads, writer, editor, and obsessive walker Dan Rubinstein travelled throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada to walk with people who saw the act not only as a form of transpo... + Read More
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    Love in the Elephant Tent How Running Away with the Circus Brought Me Home Hardcover Kathleen Cremonesi 9781770412521 $25.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY May 01, 2015
    If you live life without a net, what happens when you fall? Kathleen Cremonesi knew early on she wanted to be different. Determined to avoid following in her mother’s footsteps to an ill-fated marriage, Kathleen left Oregon in her early 20s to travel across Europe. On a whim, this former administrative assistant with wanderlust took a job as a dancer in an Italian circus and, working her way up, became an ostrich-riding, shark-taming showgirl. Kathleen bonds with the exotic animals that could strike and kill at any moment, but instead bring h... + Read More
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    What Was I Thinking? The Autobiography of an Idea and Other Essays Paperback Rick Salutin 9781770412606 $22.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY May 01, 2015
    A lifetime of engagement with religion, philosophy, and activism in a series of fascinating reflections. Brilliant, fractious, mordantly funny, playwright/novelist/essayist Rick Salutin has been Canadian journalism’s agent provocateur for over three decades. Whether needling governments and politicians, holding public policy to account, or decrying the shortfalls of activist thought and action, he has been one of the most outspoken commentators of his generation. In What Was I Thinking?, Salutin reveals his curiosity about both the world of t... + Read More
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    Sing a Worried Song An Arthur Beauchamp Novel Hardcover William Deverell 9781770412453 $24.95 FICTION Apr 01, 2015
    The sixth novel in the acclaimed Arthur Beauchamp series Everything is going well for Arthur Beauchamp in his early middle age. Life is so good for the top-notch defence lawyer that, in a moment of career restlessness, he decides to switch sides, just the once, and prosecute a young man charged with murdering a clown. Beauchamp is confident he can prove Randolph Skyler is guilty. Confident, but still worried and surprisingly blind to how precarious the evidence is — and, worse, to the fissures opening in his personal life. It’s a case Beaucha... + Read More
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    Series: A Collins-Burke Mystery Ruined Abbey A Collins-Burke Mystery Hardcover Anne Emery 9781770411678 $24.95 FICTION May 01, 2015
    From Arthur Ellis Award–winning author Anne Emery comes a “winning mystery [that stands] on its own.” — Booklist It’s 1989. The Troubles are raging in Ireland, bombs exploding in England. In this prequel to the Collins-Burke series, Father Brennan Burke is home in New York when news of his sister’s arrest in London sends him flying across the ocean. The family troubles deepen when Brennan’s cousin Conn is charged with the murder of a Special Branch detective and suspected in a terrorist plot against Westminster Abbey. The Burkes come unde... + Read More
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    The Drop Zone A T.J. Peterson Mystery Paperback Bob Kroll 9781770412446 $14.95 FICTION May 01, 2015
    A dark and suspenseful debut Detective T.J. Peterson has a problem, and it’s not just how much he’s drinking or the daily, silent, tormenting video calls from his estranged daughter. A Catholic priest has been bludgeoned to death in church, apparently by a symbol of his faith, and an unidentified woman’s body had been found. He’s barely holding it together. When a deranged teenager, a possible witness, crosses his path, he is propelled into a sleazy, violent world of underage prostitution, sexual abuse, and human trafficking as he pursues a me... + Read More
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    Cauchemar Paperback Alexandra Grigorescu 9781770412347 $18.95 FICTION Mar 01, 2015
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    Boring Girls A Novel Paperback Sara Taylor 9781770410169 $18.95 FICTION Apr 01, 2015
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    A Free Man Paperback Michel Basilières 9781770412330 $18.95 FICTION May 01, 2015
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    Cut-up Apologetic Paperback Jamie Sharpe 9781770412309 $18.95 POETRY Apr 01, 2015
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    The Pemmican Eaters Paperback Marilyn Dumont 9781770412415 $18.95 POETRY Apr 01, 2015
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    Capitol Revolution The Rise of the McMahon Wrestling Empire Paperback Tim Hornbaker 9781770411241 $19.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Mar 01, 2015
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    The Urban Cycling Survival Guide Need-to-Know Skills and Strategies for Biking in the City Paperback Yvonne Bambrick 9781770412187 $16.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Mar 01, 2015
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    Quiver Trees, Phantom Orchids and Rock Splitters The Remarkable Survival Strategies of Plants Paperback Jesse Vernon Trail 9781770412088 $24.95 NATURE Jun 01, 2015
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    Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules Separating Fact from Fiction, and the Science of Everyday Life Paperback Dr. Joe Schwarcz 9781770411913 $17.95 SCIENCE May 01, 2015
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    The Science of TV’s the Big Bang Theory Explanations Even Penny Would Understand Paperback Dave Zobel 9781770412170 $17.95 PERFORMING ARTS Jun 01, 2015
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    Series: Pop Classics Elvis Is King Costello's My Aim Is True Paperback Richard Crouse 9781770411883 $12.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Apr 01, 2015
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    Series: A Collins-Burke Mystery Blood on a Saint A Mystery Paperback Anne Emery 9781770412699 $14.95 FICTION May 01, 2015

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