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Book*hug Press Spring/Summer 2022 Catalogue

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    A Convergence of Solitudes Paperback Anita Anand 9781771667449 $23.00 FICTION May 17, 2022
    A story of identity, connection and forgiveness, A Convergence of Solitudes shares the lives of two families across Partition of India, Operation Babylift in Vietnam, and two referendums in Quebec.Sunil and Hima, teenage lovers, bravely defy taboos in pre-Partition India to come together as their country divides in two. They move across the world to Montreal and raise a family, but Sunil shows symptoms of schizophrenia, shattering their newfound peace. As a teenager, their daughter Rani becomes obsessed with Quebecois supergroup Sensibilité—and... + Read More
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    Bystander Paperback Mike Steeves 9781771667104 $23.00 FICTION Apr 19, 2022
    "I have never been faced with a moral crisis, let alone a matter of life or death." Peter Simons doesn’t spend much time at home in his apartment. Thanks to his job at a multinational company, he is often flying around the world, enjoying a life of luxurious solitude in five-star hotels. So when he returns after being away for nine months and notices a strange smell coming from his neighbour’s apartment, he initially tries not to get involved, but when a body is discovered, Peter’s carefully cultivated detachment begins to crumble. And when new... + Read More
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    Remnants Paperback Céline Huyghebaert 9781771667500 $23.00 FICTION Jun 07, 2022
    Finalist for the 2022 Governor General's Literary Award for Translation Winner of the 2022 VMI Betsy Warland Between Genres Award Remnants is an exploration of our relationships with family and perception, told through a profound investigation of a father's life and sudden death. Employing various voices and hybrid forms—including dialogues, questionnaires, photographs, and dream documentation—Huyghebaert builds a fragmented picture of a father-daughter relationship that has been shaped by silences and missed opportunities.The reader attempts t... + Read More
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    The Employees a workplace novel of the twenty-second century Paperback Olga Ravn 9781771667609 $20.00 FICTION Mar 08, 2022
    Shortlisted for the International Booker Prize and the Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction, The Employees reshuffles a sci-fi voyage into a riotously original existential nightmare. Funny and doom-drenched, The Employees chronicles the fate of the Six-Thousand Ship. The human and humanoid crew members alike complain about their daily tasks in a series of staff reports and memos. When the ship takes on a number of strange objects from the planet New Discovery, the crew become strangely and deeply attached to them, and start aching for the same t... + Read More
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    Good Mom on Paper Writers on Creativity and Motherhood Paperback Stacey May Fowles 9781771667470 $25.00 LITERARY COLLECTIONS May 03, 2022
    The experience of motherhood is monumental, yet rarely discussed in connection with literary or creative life. How do we navigate the twin devotions of love and art? How does motherhood disrupt the creative process? How does it enhance it? Good Mom on Paper is a collection of twenty essays that goes beyond the clichés to explore the fraught, beautiful, and complicated relationship between motherhood and creativity. These texts disclose the often-invisible challenges of a literary life with little ones: the manuscript written with a baby sleepin... + Read More
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    Cane Fire Paperback Shani Mootoo 9781771667418 $20.00 POETRY Mar 15, 2022
    From internationally celebrated writer and visual artist Shani Mootoo comes Cane | Fire, an immersive and vivid collection that marks a long-awaited return to poetry. Throughout this evocative, sensual collection, akin to a poetic memoir, past and present are in conversation with each other as the narrator moves from Ireland to San Fernando, and finally to Canada. The reinterpretations and translation of this journey and its associated family history give meaning to the present. Through these deeply personal poems, and Mootoo's own artwork, we ... + Read More
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    Lunar Tides Paperback Shannon Webb-Campbell 9781771667388 $20.00 POETRY Apr 05, 2022
    Expansive and enveloping, Webb-Campbell's collection asks, "Who am I in relation to the moon?" These poems explore the primordial connections between love, grief, and water, structured within the lunar calendar. The poetics follow rhythms of the body, the tides, the moon, and long, deep familial relationships that are both personal and ancestral. Originating from Webb-Campbell's deep grief of losing her mother, Lunar Tides charts the arc to finding her again in the waves. Written from a mixed Mi'kmaq/settler perspective, this work also explores... + Read More
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    Plenitude Paperback Daniel Sarah Karasik 9781771667357 $20.00 POETRY Apr 07, 2022
    A non-binary faun wishes their body had a variety of sex organs, interchangeable daily. A prison abolitionist scrutinizes Rothko paintings on the carceral state's boardroom walls. The insurrectionary tactics of mass social movements spread, like a secret handshake, from Chile to Hong Kong to Toronto. Shaped by Daniel Sarah Karasik's experience of grassroots social and political advocacy, these poems are an offering to those engaged in struggles for a better world—and an acknowledgement of the sometimes contradictory meanings of those struggles.... + Read More

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