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    The Other Son A Novel Hardcover Alexander Soderberg 9780307362506 $32.00 FICTION Jul 21, 2015
    The exciting follow-up to The Andalucian Friend, a breakneck thriller that follows Sophie Brinkmann as she faces the consequences of joining Hector Guzman's crime empire.     From the moment Hector Guzman entered a coma, Sophie Brinkmann has regretted joining his crime family. Hector's right hand, Aron Geisler, is doing all he can to keep the sinking ship afloat and keep Sophie in their steely grip. But when Hector's brother is murdered in Biarritz, Sophie gains the upper hand, and intends to use it.     Sophie becomes a player in a game where ... + Read More
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    The Dust That Falls from Dreams Hardcover Louis de Bernieres 9780345810397 $34.00 FICTION Aug 04, 2015
    A sweeping, immersive epic story of love and war set in England in the first half of the twentieth century.     In the brief golden years of King Edward VII's reign, Rosie McCosh and her three sisters are growing up in an idyllic, eccentric household in the countryside, with their "pals" the Pitts boys on one side of the fence and the Pendennis boys on the other. But their days of childhood innocence and adventure are destined to be followed by the apocalypse of the First World War that will overwhelm them as they come to adulthood. For Rosie, ... + Read More
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    Long Change Hardcover Don Gillmor 9780345814142 $29.95 FICTION Aug 18, 2015
    Don Gillmor's brilliant new novel, Long Change, examines the world of oil through the life and loves of one man; both stories are epic.     Fleeing his violent, Pentecostal father, as well as a crime he committed in the parking lot of the first bar he ever entered, Ritt Devlin leaves Texas at fifteen, crossing the border into Alberta. Big for his age, he soon finds work on an oil rig on the outskirts of Medicine Hat. But that's not the life he wants, and he saves up to study geology. By the time he's in his early twenties he's the head of his o... + Read More
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    The Hesitation Cut A novel Paperback Giles Blunt 9780345815972 $22.00 FICTION Aug 18, 2015
    Master crime novelist Giles Blunt is back with a standalone novel of penetrating psychological suspense. Turning the screw tighter on every page, he delivers an intricately plotted story of jealousy and obsession that rivals the best of Patricia Highsmith and Gillian Flynn.     Nothing could be more serene than the life of Brother William, a young Benedictine monk who had turned his back on the world ten years earlier to retreat to a monastery in upstate New York. But then Lauren Wolfe, a troubled young poet, comes to use the library to researc... + Read More
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    The Patient's Playbook How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love Hardcover Leslie D. Michelson 9780345814203 $32.00 MEDICAL Sep 01, 2015
    The Patient's Playbook will change the way you manage your health and your family's health, from finding the right doctor to coordinating the best medical care. An expertly informed guide to the steps that everyone should take--even before illness strikes.     The Patient's Playbook is a compelling narrative of personal stories that impart lessons and illuminate strategies for better, and even life-saving, medical decision-making. With clarity and as a call to action, Michelson presents the most effective approach to getting the best from a bro... + Read More
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    Canoe Country The Making of Canada Hardcover Roy MacGregor 9780307361417 $32.00 HISTORY Sep 08, 2015
    One of our favourite chroniclers of all things Canadian presents a rollicking, personal, photo-filled history of the relationship between a country and its canoes.     From the earliest explorers on the Columbia River in BC or the Mattawa in Ontario to a doomed expedition of voyageurs up the Nile to rescue Khartoum; from the author's family roots deep in the Algonquin wilderness to modern families who have canoed across the country (kids and dogs included): Canoe Country is Roy MacGregor's celebration of the essential and enduring love affair C... + Read More
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    The Past A novel Hardcover Tessa Hadley 9780345816115 $32.00 FICTION Sep 08, 2015
    A mesmerizing novel about family and the modern world encroaching upon the old, from one of Britain's finest contemporary novelists.     Three adult sisters and their brother meet up at their grandparents' country home for their annual family holiday--three long, hot summer weeks. The beloved but crumbling house is full of memories of their childhood--of when their mother took them to stay with her parents when she left their father--but this could be their last summer in the house, now they may have to sell it. And under the idyllic pastoral s... + Read More
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    Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights A novel Hardcover Salman Rushdie 9780345810229 $34.00 FICTION Sep 08, 2015
    From one of the greatest writers of our time: the most spellbinding, entertaining, wildly imaginative novel of his great career, which blends history and myth with tremendous philosophical depth. A masterful, mesmerizing modern tale about worlds dangerously colliding, the monsters that are unleashed when reason recedes, and a beautiful testament to the power of love and humanity in chaotic times.     Inspired by 2,000 years of storytelling yet rooted in the concerns of our present moment, this is a spectacular achievement--enchanting, both very... + Read More
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    Reckless My Life as a Pretender Hardcover Chrissie Hynde 9780345816245 $34.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 08, 2015
    From Chrissie Hynde, one of rock's most iconic, alluring, kick-ass, and (let's face it) sexy women, a brilliant, no-holds barred memoir of a rock life lived to the hilt.     Chrissie Hynde, the songwriter and frontwoman of The Pretenders in its various incarnations, has for 35 years been one of the most admired and adored and imitated figures in rock. This long-awaited memoir tells her life story in full and utterly fascinating detail, from her fifties childhood in Akron, Ohio, to her classic baby boomer seduction by the rock of the sixties to ... + Read More
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    The White Road Journey into an Obsession Hardcover Edmund de Waal 9780307362100 $34.00 HISTORY Sep 29, 2015
    Extraordinary new non-fiction, a gripping blend of history and memoir, by the author of the award-winning and bestselling international sensation, The Hare with Amber Eyes.     In The White Road, bestselling author and artist Edmund de Waal gives us an intimate narrative history of his lifelong obsession with porcelain, or "white gold." A potter who has been working with porcelain for more than forty years, de Waal describes how he set out on five journeys to places where porcelain was dreamed about, refined, collected and coveted--and that wou... + Read More
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    Series: Hogarth Shakespeare The Gap of Time The Winter's Tale Retold (Hogarth Shakespeare) Hardcover Jeanette Winterson 9780345809179 $29.95 FICTION Oct 06, 2015
    The Winter's Tale is one of Shakespeare's “late plays”. It tells the story of Leontes, King of Sicily, whose insane jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter, Perdita, from the kingdom and then the death of his beautiful wife, Hermione. Perdita is brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series of miraculous events, father and daughter, and eventually mother too, are reunited. In Jeanette Winterson's retelling we move from London, a city reeling after the 2008 financial crash, to a storm-ravaged city in the US... + Read More
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    M Train Hardcover Patti Smith 9780345815453 $32.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 06, 2015
    From the National Book Award-winning author of Just Kids: an unforgettable odyssey into the mind of this legendary artist, told through the prism of cafés and haunts she has visited and worked in around the world.     M Train is a journey through seventeen "stations." It begins in the tiny Greenwich Village café where Smith goes every morning for black coffee, ruminates on the world as it is and the world as it was, and writes in her notebook. We then travel, through prose that shifts fluidly between dreams and reality, past and present, across... + Read More
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    Keeping an Eye Open Essays on Art Hardcover Julian Barnes 9780345815170 $34.95 ART Oct 06, 2015
    An extraordinary collection--hawk-eyed and understanding--from the Booker Prize-winning, bestselling author of The Sense of an Ending and Levels of Life.     As Julian Barnes explains: "Flaubert believed that...great paintings required no words of explanation. Braque thought the ideal state would be reached when we said nothing at all in front of a painting... But it is a rare picture which stuns, or argues, us into silence. And if one does, it is only a short time before we want to explain and understand the very silence into which we have bee... + Read More
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    Series: The Women of the Otherworld Series Otherworld Secrets More Thrilling Otherworld Tales Hardcover Kelley Armstrong 9780307360465 $29.95 FICTION Oct 06, 2015
    For fans of Kelley Armstrong's beloved, bestselling series, an exciting collection of novellas and stories, both original and chosen by the author, featuring her Otherworld characters in heart-stopping, pulse-racing action.     Globe and Mail and New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong captivated readers with her thirteen-novel Women of the Otherworld series of supernatural thrillers. Though the series is over, her characters live on, not only for her fans but for Kelley herself. In this new collection of deeply enjoyable, compulsive... + Read More
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    All Out A Father and Son Confront the Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men Hardcover Kevin Newman 9780345813879 $29.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 06, 2015
    Can a man with a demanding job really be a good father? All Out is a bracingly honest answer from Emmy and Gemini Award-winning anchorman Kevin Newman and his grown son, Alex. Confessional and provocative, their memoir is also a touching meditation on ambition, absence and family that will resonate with every parent and child who've ever struggled to connect and understand each other.       Kevin Newman wanted to be a family man in an era when fathers are expected to be more engaged than ever before; he also wanted to reach the top of a profess... + Read More
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    The Tsar of Love and Techno Stories Paperback Anthony Marra 9780307362650 $24.95 FICTION Oct 06, 2015
    From the author of National Book Award longlist selection and New York Times bestseller A Constellation of Vital Phenomena come these dazzling, poignant and lyrical interwoven stories about family, sacrifice, the legacy of war and the redemptive power of art.     This stunning, exquisitely written collection introduces a cast of remarkable characters whose lives intersect in ways both life-affirming and heartbreaking. A 1930s Soviet censor painstakingly corrects offending photographs, deep underneath Leningrad, bewitched by the image of a disgr... + Read More
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    Mass Disruption Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a Media Revolution Hardcover John Stackhouse 9780345815835 $32.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 27, 2015
    Drawing on his thirty years in newspapers, the former editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail examines the crisis of serious journalism in the digital era, and searches for ways the invaluable tradition can thrive in a radically changed future.     John Stackhouse entered the newspaper business in a golden age: 1980s circulations were huge and wealthy companies lined up for the privilege of advertising in every city's best-read pages. Television and radio could never rival newspapers for hard news, analysis and opinion, and the papers' brand of s... + Read More
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    A Strangeness in My Mind A novel Hardcover Orhan Pamuk 9780307361264 $34.95 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    From one of our greatest, a panoramic new novel, his first since Museum of Innocence, bringing us into Istanbul's underground through the eyes of a struggling street vendor.     Mevlut, an Istanbul street vendor, has spent his whole life selling a local alcoholic drink. It is the 1990s, and although there were once thousands of boza vendors walking the frozen streets of the city, Mevlut now cuts a lonely figure on snowy winter nights. Falling deeply into debt, and desperate to marry off his incompetent son and satisfy his mistress, Mevlut turns... + Read More
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    Our Turn Hardcover Kirstine Stewart 9780345814630 $29.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Oct 20, 2015
    What comes after you "lean in?" In Our Turn, Kirstine Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer of Diply GoViral--and recently named to Canadian Business's Power 50 of 2016 list because she "helps women discover their leadership potential"--draws on her own extensive experience to answer that question in smart and practical ways.Canada's own Kirstine Stewart has joined the ranks of other stand-out new technology leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer, but she has come to that position by a very different route. She got her first job when she a... + Read More
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    Ghostly A Collection of Ghost Stories Hardcover Audrey Niffenegger 9780345810311 $32.95 FICTION Sep 29, 2015
    Collected and introduced by the bestselling author of The Time Traveler's Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry--including Audrey Niffenegger's own fabulous new illustrations for each piece, and a new story by her--this is a unique and haunting anthology of some of the best ghost stories of all time.     From Edgar Allan Poe to Kelly Link, M.R. James to Neil Gaiman, H.H. Munro to Audrey Niffenegger herself, Ghostly reveals the evolution of the ghost story genre with tales going back to the eighteenth century and into the modern era, ranging across styl... + Read More
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    Series: No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (16) Hardcover Alexander McCall Smith 9780345808646 $29.95 FICTION Oct 27, 2015
    This latest installment of Alexander McCall Smith's bestselling No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency endearing and delectable as ever!     Precious Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are both back in harness at the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, but for once business is a bit slow. At Mma Makutsi's suggestion, Mma Ramotswe allows herself to be persuaded to take a holiday--her first ever!--even if she finds it a bit odd that Mma Makusti should be so adamant about it. But just as Mma Ramotswe is ready to depart, a new client arrives, a young woman w... + Read More
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    In Flanders Fields: 100 Years Writing on War, Loss and Remembrance Hardcover Amanda Betts 9780345810250 $35.00 HISTORY Sep 28, 2015
    A beautifully designed collection of essays on war, loss and remembrance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the writing of Canada's most famous poem.     In early 1915, the death of a young friend on the battlefields of Ypres inspired Canadian soldier, field surgeon and poet John McCrae to write "In Flanders Fields." Within months of the poem's December 1915 publication in the British magazine Punch it became part of the collective consciousness in North America and Europe, and its extraordinary power has endured over the decades and acros... + Read More
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    Slade House Hardcover David Mitchell 9780345810199 $29.95 FICTION Oct 27, 2015
    A headlong adrenaline-rush of a new novel from one of our most beloved and original writers: Slade House, which has its origins in Mitchell's famously Twitter-released short story last year, is his most entertaining and accessible novel yet. A cycle of linked ghost stories perfect for any dark and stormy night.     An ordinary road in a town like yours: bus routes and red-brick houses. A dank narrow alley, easy to miss, even when you're looking for it. A small black metal door set into the wall: no handle, no keyhole, but at your touch it opens... + Read More
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    Don't Panic ISIS, Terror and Today's Middle East Paperback Gwynne Dyer 9780345815866 $22.00 HISTORY Oct 13, 2015
    It took a quarter-century of bad strategy, including more than a dozen years of Western air attacks and invasions in the Middle East, to bring the so-called "Islamic State" into existence. Can we somehow manage to avoid the well-trodden path of overreacting to the provocations of Islamist extremists?      With the rise of ISIS, a new style of terrorism that publicly gloats over acts of extreme cruelty has reawakened the fears of the global audience. But in Don't Panic, Gwynne Dyer argues that the advent of "Islamic State" and its clones does no... + Read More
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    John le Carré: The Biography Hardcover Adam Sisman 9780307361509 $36.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 03, 2015
    John le Carré is still at the top more than half a century after The Spy Who Came in from the Cold became a worldwide bestseller. Written with exclusive access to le Carré, his personal archives, and many of the people closest to him, Adam Sisman's definitive biography is a highly readable, fascinating portrait of the life, times and espionage career that inspired a literary master.     Always secretive about his background and Secret Service career (blocking one biography from publication in the 1990s, then choosing a biographer who abandoned ... + Read More
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    Avenue of Mysteries Hardcover John Irving 9780307361813 $35.00 FICTION Nov 03, 2015
    John Irving returns to the themes that established him as one of North America's most admired and beloved storytellers in this absorbing novel of fate and memory.     As we grow older--most of all, in what we remember and what we dream--we live in the past. Sometimes, we live more vividly in the past than in the present.     As an older man, Juan Diego will take a trip to the Philippines, but what travels with him are his dreams and memories; he is most alive in his childhood and early adolescence in Mexico. "An aura of fate had marked him," Jo... + Read More
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    Mountain City Girls The McGarrigle Family Album Hardcover Anna McGarrigle 9780345814029 $34.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 10, 2015
    The first book and definitive family memoir from Anna and Jane McGarrigle, sisters to Kate McGarrigle and aunts of Rufus and Martha Wainwright. This book is truly a classic in the making.     The McGarrigles are known around the world for their touching, insightful songs about love, loss and family. But where and how does a family so rich in musical luminaries take root? In Mountain City Girls, Anna and Jane recount their childhood in Montreal and the Laurentian Mountains, and go further back to their ancestors' early days in Canada, and their ... + Read More
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    Beatlebone Hardcover Kevin Barry 9780345810489 $29.95 FICTION Nov 17, 2015
    A searing novel that blends truth and fiction--and Beatles fandom--from one of literature's most striking contemporary voices, author of the international sensation City of Bohane.     It is 1978, and John Lennon has escaped New York City to try to find the island off the west coast of Ireland he bought nine years prior. Leaving behind domesticity, his approaching forties, his inability to create, and his memories of his parents, he sets off to find calm in the comfortable silence of isolation. But when he puts himself in the hands of a shape-s... + Read More
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    The Diet Fix Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work Paperback Yoni Freedhoff M.D. 9780345814357 $22.00 HEALTH & FITNESS Dec 29, 2015
    With over two-thirds of North Americans overweight and the $66 billion weight-loss industry only growing larger, a maverick obesity expert exposes how widespread myths about dieting prevent us from losing weight and getting healthy.          At least 90% of diets end in failure and for chronic dieters, this can mean years of compounded frustration, disappointment and shame--baggage that won't make weight loss any easier the next time. But in The Diet Fix, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff breaks down the flaws in the way that we approach dieting and offers an... + Read More
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    Bad News Last Journalists in a Dictatorship Hardcover Anjan Sundaram 9780345814821 $29.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Jan 12, 2016
    Author of the acclaimed Stringer, praised by Jon Stewart as "a remarkable book about the lives of people in the Congo," Anjan Sundaram returns to Africa for a piercing look at Rwanda, a country still caught in political and social unrest years after the genocide that shocked the world.     Bad News is the story of Anjan Sundaram's time teaching a class of journalists in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. The current Rwandan regime, which seized power after the genocide in 1994, is often held up as a beacon of progress and is the recipient of b... + Read More


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