McClelland & Stewart Fall 2015 Catalogue

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    No Cure for Love Paperback Peter Robinson 9780771072277 $22.95 FICTION Aug 11, 2015
    On the twentieth anniversary of No Cure for Love--Peter Robinson's classic, standalone noir mystery--comes this sharp repackage, which features an introduction by Michael Connelly.     You think you do not know who I am, but you do. They took you away and Seduced you and stole you from me, just as the others did before. They have tried to blot out your Memory of me... But everything is clear now...      At first, British TV star and recent Los Angeles transplant Sarah Broughton thinks the letters she has been receiving are from a typical fan--s... + Read More
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    The Heart Goes Last A Novel Hardcover Margaret Atwood 9780771009112 $34.00 FICTION Sep 29, 2015
    Imagining a world where citizens take turns as prisoners and jailers, the prophetic Margaret Atwood delivers a hilarious yet harrowing tale about liberty, power, and the irrepressibility of the human appetite.     Several years after the world's brutal economic collapse, Stan and Charmaine, a married couple struggling to stay afloat, hear about the Positron Project in the town of Consilience, an experiment in cooperative living that appears to be the answer to their problems - to living in their car, to the lousy jobs, to the vandalism and the ... + Read More
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    Superforecasting The Art and Science of Prediction Hardcover Philip E. Tetlock 9780771070525 $34.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Sep 29, 2015
    From one of the world's most highly regarded social scientists comes a seminal book on forecasting that shows, for the first time, how we can all get better at making predictions.       In Superforecasting, Tetlock and coauthor Dan Gardner offer a masterwork on prediction, drawing on decades of research and the results of a massive, government-funded forecasting tournament. The Good Judgment Project involves tens of thousands of ordinary people--including a Brooklyn filmmaker, a retired pipe installer, and a former ballroom dancer--who set out ... + Read More
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    Stephen Harper Hardcover John Ibbitson 9780771047039 $35.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Aug 12, 2015
    The authoritative biography of Stephen Harper, to be published on the eve of the next election.          As one of the important prime ministers in the life of our nation, Stephen Harper has reshaped Canada into a more conservative country, a transformation that his opponents tacitly admit will never be reversed. He has made government smaller, justice tougher, and provinces more independent, whether they want to be or not. Under its 22nd prime minister, Canada shows the world a plainer, harder face. Those who praise Harper point to the Conserv... + Read More
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    A Celtic Temperament Robertson Davies as Diarist Hardcover Robertson Davies 9780771027642 $35.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 06, 2015
    Versatile and prolific, Robertson Davies was an actor, journalist and newspaper publisher, playwright, essayist, founding master of Massey College at the University of Toronto, and one of Canada’s greatest novelists. He was also an obsessive, complex, and self-revealing diarist. His diaries, which he began as a teenager, grew to over 3 million words and are an astonishing literary legacy. This first published selection of his diaries spans 1959 to 1963, years in which Davies, in mid-life, experienced both daunting failure and unexpected success... + Read More
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    Hockey Moms Realities from the Rink: Introducing 20 Women You Already Know Paperback Julie Bertuzzi 9780771013508 $19.95 HUMOR Oct 06, 2015
    Julie Bertuzzi, the wife of NHL player Todd Bertuzzi and Hockey Mom extraordinaire, presents us with twenty hilarious portraits of the Hockey Moms we know and love. The perfect gift book for all seasons.     Straight-shooting, observant, and uproarious, Julie Bertuzzi's Hockey Moms is an irreverent look at the many kinds of moms you are sure to find in the ice rinks, on the road, and in the hotel bars at tournaments across this hockey-loving continent. While always applauding the dedication of moms who support their players -- at early morning ... + Read More
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    Leafs '65 The Lost Toronto Maple Leafs Photographs Hardcover Stephen Brunt 9780771006951 $35.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 06, 2015
    From celebrated author and sports journalist Stephen Brunt comes a beautifully illustrated, elegiac tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs of yesteryear.     In 2006, Lewis Parker, an artist and illustrator, was disposing of some of his belongings from years before in preparation of a move. He and his friend Dennis Patchett were going through boxes, and anything that was deemed not worth saving was relegated to a roaring fire. As Lewis passed him box after box, Dennis would pitch them in the blaze, one after the other. Suddenly, he caught the words... + Read More
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    Poles Apart Paperback Terry Fallis 9780771036194 $22.95 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    Eve of Equality, a new feminist blog, becomes an overnight sensation when a wildly popular talk show host stumbles upon it, tweets about it, and promotes it on her show. The anonymous blog is intelligent, thoughtful, and bold, brazenly taking on various injustices in the lives of women. But it’s the blogger Eve’s post about the controversial entrepreneur behind XY, a new chain of high-end strip clubs opening up across the country, that sets off a firestorm. In a matter of hours, the site crashes, its Twitter count jumps from a paltry 19 followe... + Read More
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    The Journey Prize Stories 27 Paperback Various 9780771050619 $17.95 FICTION Oct 06, 2015
    “Expect pleasure. Expect delight. Expect surprise. Expect these twelve writers to emerge as some of this country’s most interesting voices.” Anthony De Sa, Tanis Rideout, and Carrie Snyder (from their Introduction)   The celebrated annual collection showcasing the best stories by the best new writers in Canada, all contenders for the prestigious $10,000 Writers’ Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize. A must-read for anyone looking for exciting new voices in Canadian fiction.   For three decades, this acclaimed annual anthology has ... + Read More
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    The Great Defender My Hockey Odyssey Paperback Larry Robinson 9780771072383 $21.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 13, 2015
    Legendary Canadien and Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Larry Robinson takes readers rink-side in this highly anticipated and poignantly told memoir.     Larry Robinson spent 20 seasons playing in the NHL -- seventeen with the Montreal Canadiens and retiring from the game after his final 3 seasons with the LA Kings. His great size gave his teams an incredible presence on the blue line and a tremendous defender in front of their net. But he was more than just big. He was agile, he could score and he played a style that provided both offensive and de... + Read More
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    The Battle of Alberta The Historic Rivalry Between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames Hardcover Mark Spector 9780771078064 $32.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 20, 2015
    An up-close look at the rivalry between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, told from the perspective of those that were there. Sports writer and on-air personality Mark Spector pays tribute to the province's hockey heyday with a unique blend of humour and homage.     "I hated every single guy on the Oilers, 'cause they all hated me." --Tim Hunter, the Calgary Flames     In the 1980s, the province of Alberta was home to the two best hockey teams in the NHL. Aptly dubbed "Death Valley" due to the sheer talent and ability of its players, ... + Read More
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    The Toronto Maple Leafs Ultimate Book of Facts, Stats, and Stories Hardcover Andrew Podnieks 9780771072222 $45.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 27, 2015
    The perfect gift for the diehard Leafs fan (is there any other?), this big and beautiful -- and official -- publication is bursting with fascinating Maple Leafs trivia and photos.     The Toronto Maple Leafs Ultimate Book of Facts, Stats, and Stories is the definitive guide to everything you want to know about the Toronto Maple Leafs as they approach their centennial season. From the first puck drop in 1917 right up to the present day, it brings together the monumental games, the Stanley Cup wins, the blockbuster trades, and the many milestones... + Read More
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    Bench Bosses The NHL's Coaching Elite Hardcover Matthew DiBiase 9780771025082 $35.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 27, 2015
    Bench Bosses celebrates the greatest NHL Coaches in the history of the game.     Bench Bosses is filled with compelling biographical narrative, innovative analysis, historical allusion, hockey folklore, humour, heartbreak, and tragedy. By introducing a creative new method for evaluating coaching success, professional historian and hockey columnist Matthew DiBiase settles many a debate. His hard-hitting prose and cogent analysis covers key aspects of coaching and definitively identifies the greatest offensive and defensive coaches, expounds on t... + Read More
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    2015 World Series Champions: Kansas City Royals Paperback Major League Baseball 9780771059766 $19.99 SPORTS & RECREATION Nov 03, 2015
    Celebrate the 2015 World Series champions with the official publication from Major League Baseball!2015 World Series Champions takes fans out to the ball game and right down to the field-level action. Published in conjunction with MLB and researched and written by their own in-house team of committed and knowledgeable baseball experts, this commemorative keepsake offers fans not only a detailed game-by-game recap of games through the annual Fall Classic, but also a history of the World Series. With more than a hundred incredible photographs, de... + Read More
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    2015 World Series Champions: New York Mets Paperback Major League Baseball 9780771059759 $19.99 SPORTS & RECREATION Nov 03, 2015
    Celebrate the 2015 World Series champions the New York Mets with the official publication from Major League Baseball!2015 World Series Champions takes fans out to the ball game and right down to the field-level action. Published in conjunction with MLB and researched and written by their own in-house team of committed and knowledgeable baseball experts, this commemorative keepsake offers Mets fans not only a detailed game-by-game recap of the team’s run through the annual Fall Classic, but also a history of the World Series. With more than a hu... + Read More
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    Stranger Than We Can Imagine An Alternative History of the 20th Century Hardcover John Higgs 9780771038471 $34.00 HISTORY Sep 21, 2015
    The extraordinary story of the 20th century, as told from the furthest fringes of science, art and culture. For readers of Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.     Before 1900, history was an account of great discoveries that actually made sense. People understand innovations like the steam engine, agriculture, or electricity. The twentieth century, by contrast, gave us quantum entanglement, cubism, relativity, psychedelics, postmodernism, chaos maths, and the Somme.      This is the story of that confusing century as told through the... + Read More
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    And Yet ... Essays Hardcover Christopher Hitchens 9780771038563 $34.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Nov 24, 2015
    From "one of the most lucid and humane voices of our age" (Globe and Mail) comes a collection of new essays never before published in book form.     Christopher Hitchens was known for his erudition and pitch-perfect, oftentimes argumentative prose, and in this new collection of essays that span his storied career, he is no different. No subject is safe: Bosnia, Norman Mailer, Helen Mirren, Hitler--and yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton.     Lively and smart, angry and thoughtful, and a perfect companion to his bestselling Arguably, And Yet, And Yet ... + Read More
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    Series: Hazel Micallef Mystery, A The Night Bell Paperback Inger Ash Wolfe 9780771088681 $24.95 FICTION Dec 29, 2015
    Michael Redhill's new Hazel Micallef mystery, written under the pen name of Inger Ash Wolfe, is his strongest yet. For readers of crime fiction who enjoy such writers as Giles Blunt, Linwood Barclay, Lee Child, Louise Penny, Peter Robinson.     The fourth novel in this acclaimed series is brilliantly paced, addictively suspenseful--the author's best yet. Hazel Micallef (played by Suzanne Sarandon in the recent film of the series' debut, The Calling) has become one of crime writing's most memorable detectives. Port Dundas, Ontario, is portrayed ... + Read More
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    The Piano Maker Paperback Kurt Palka 9780771071287 $22.95 FICTION Dec 29, 2015
    The suspenseful, emotionally resonant, and utterly compelling story of what brings an enigmatic French woman to a small Canadian town in the 1930s, a woman who has found depths of strength in dark times and comes to discover sanctuary at last. For readers of The Imposter Bride, The Cellist of Sarajevo, Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, and The Red Violin.     Helene Giroux arrives alone in St. Homais on a winter day. She wears good city clothes and drives an elegant car, and everything she owns is in a small trunk in the back seat. In the local... + Read More


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