Tundra Books & Doubleday Canada Books for Young Readers Fall 2015

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    InvisiBill Hardcover Maureen Fergus 9781770496132 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 9 Jul 14, 2015
    Bill just wanted someone to pass him the potatoes.     Unfortunately, no one even noticed--not his mother (a very busy woman with an important job), not his father (a very important man with a busy job), not his very intelligent older brother, not even his very athletic little sister.      If someone had noticed, the wonderful, terrible thing that happened might never have happened.      But it did.     InvisiBill is the hilariously absurd, tongue-in-cheek story of an ordinary middle child who feels so overlooked by his busy, distracted family ... + Read More
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    Fuzzy Mud Hardcover Louis Sachar 9780385684590 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 10 Aug 04, 2015
    Fifth grader Tamaya Dhilwaddi and seventh grader Marshall Walsh have been walking to and from Woodbridge Academy together since elementary school. But their routine is disrupted when bully Chad Wilson challenges Marshall to a fight. To avoid the conflict, Marshall takes a shortcut home through the off-limits woods. Tamaya reluctantly follows. They soon get lost, and they find trouble. Bigger trouble than anyone could ever have imagined.     In the days and weeks that follow, the authorities and the government become involved, and what they unco... + Read More
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    The Good Little Book Hardcover Kyo Maclear 9781770494510 $18.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 9 Aug 11, 2015
    While banished to a dusty study one day "to think things over", a boy pulls a book off a shelf and with great reluctance begins to read. As the afternoon passes, the story nabs him and carries him away. Before long, this good little book becomes his loyal companion, accompanying him everywhere ... until, one day, the book is lost. Will this bad little boy get back his good little book? Will the good little book survive on its own without a proper jacket? A quirky, enchanting tale of literary love and loss -- and love found again -- that will wi... + Read More
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    Sonya's Chickens Hardcover Phoebe Wahl 9781770497894 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Aug 11, 2015
    Sonya raises her three chickens from the time they are tiny chicks. She feeds them, shelters them and loves them. Everywhere Sonya goes, her chicks are peeping at her heels. Under her care, the chicks grow into hens and even give Sonya a wonderful gift: an egg! One night, Sonya hears noises coming from the chicken coop and discovers that one of her hens has disappeared. Where did the hen go? What happened to her? When Sonya discovers the answers, she learns some important truths about the interconnectedness of nature and the true joys and sorro... + Read More
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    The Bambino and Me Paperback Zachary Hyman 9781770496286 $9.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 6 - 9 Aug 11, 2015
    It's 1927, and ten-year-old George Henry Alexander is full of the joys of summer: long days, warm nights and baseball, especially the greatest player in the game: Babe Ruth--the Bambino.     When George's parents surprise him with tickets to a game between his beloved Yankees and their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, he couldn't be more excited. A real baseball game, and his first chance to see his hero in the flesh!     But when the big day arrives, things don't quite go according to plan. On what is supposed to be the best afternoon of his young ... + Read More
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    Dark Terror Paperback John Wilson 9780385678322 $12.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 9 - 12 Aug 25, 2015
    Alec Shorecross is 14 and has already left school to work in the local mine. He's paid 13 cents an hour to toil in the underground darkness. When war breaks out, Alec ships overseas in search of a different life and a way to contribute. He dreams of doing something heroic but soon Alec finds himself underground again. While soldiers and aircraft engage in battles on the ground and in the sky, down, deep below the surface Alec joins the invisible crew of combatants who risk their lives building tunnels so that they can place mines beneath enemy ... + Read More
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    Bug in a Vacuum Hardcover Melanie Watt 9781770496453 $24.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 9 Aug 25, 2015
    A bug flies through an open door into a house, through a bathroom, across a kitchen and bedroom and into a living room ... where its entire life changes with the switch of a button. Sucked into the void of a vacuum bag, this one little bug moves through denial, bargaining, anger, despair and eventually acceptance -- the five stages of grief -- as it comes to terms with its fate. Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel? Will there be dust bunnies in the void? A funny, suspenseful and poignant look at the travails of a bug trapped in a vacuum.
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    Everything, Everything Hardcover Nicola Yoon 9780385683654 $21.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 12 Sep 01, 2015
    My disease is as rare as it is famous. It's a form of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, but basically, I'm allergic to the world. I don't leave my house, have not left my house in fifteen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.      But then one day, a moving truck arrives. New next door neighbors. I look out the window, and I see him. He's tall, lean and wearing all black--black t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare ri... + Read More
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    Seven Dead Pirates Hardcover Linda Bailey 9781770498150 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Sep 08, 2015
    Lewis Dearborn is a lonely, anxious, "terminally shy" boy of eleven when his great-grandfather passes away and leaves Lewis's family with his decaying seaside mansion. Lewis is initially delighted with his new bedroom, a secluded tower in a remote part of the house. Then he discovers that it's already occupied -- by the ghosts of seven dead pirates. Worse, the ghosts expect him to help them re-take their ship, now restored and on display in a local museum, so they can make their way to Libertalia, a legendary pirate utopia. The only problem is ... + Read More
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    Series: Every Every Word Hardcover Ellie Marney 9781770497757 $19.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 14 Sep 08, 2015
    James Mycroft has just left for London to investigate a car accident similar to the one that killed his parents ... without saying goodbye to Rachel Watts, his 'partner in crime'.     Rachel is furious and worried about his strange behavior - not that Mycroft's ever exactly normal, but London is the scene of so many of his nightmares. So Rachel jumps on a plane to follow him ... and lands straight in a whole storm of trouble.     The theft of a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, the possible murder of a rare books conservator, and the deaths of... + Read More
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    Julian Paperback William Bell 9780385682077 $14.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 12 Sep 08, 2015
    Fifteen-year-old Aidan has had more foster parents than he cares to remember. Careful to always keep his distance from those around him, and aided by a deep well of self-reliance and tenacity, he longs for the day that he's old enough to strike out on his own.     That day comes sooner than he could ever have imagined. On a miserable March afternoon, Aidan's life is changed so radically as to become unrecognizable. Through a near-tragic event in which he saves the life of a young boy, Aidan earns the gratitude and unqualified support of the chi... + Read More
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    Series: The Rephaim Haze The Rephaim, Book 2 Paperback Paula Weston 9781770495517 $12.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 14 Sep 08, 2015
    Gaby Winters' life used to be pretty normal. She lived with her best friend. She worked in a library. She was slowly getting over the death of her twin brother, Jude. And then Rafa came looking for her.     With him, her blood-soaked nightmares stopped. But now they are reality. She is one of the Rephaim - a wingless half angel, descended from the Fallen. Demons exist and they are hunting her.     She knows she's alive when she's meant to be dead. And that means maybe Jude is too. So why isn't she out there looking for him?
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    Speak a Word for Freedom Women against Slavery Hardcover Janet Willen 9781770496514 $24.99 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 12 Sep 08, 2015
    From the early days of the antislavery movement, when political action by women was frowned upon, British and American women were tireless and uncompromising campaigners. Without their efforts, emancipation would have taken much longer. And the commitment of today's women, who fight against human trafficking and child slavery, descends directly from that of the early female activists. Speak a Word for Freedom: Women against Slavery tells the story of fourteen of these women. Meet Alice Seeley Harris, the British missionary whose graphic photogr... + Read More
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    Five Thousand Years of Slavery Paperback Marjorie Gann 9781101917923 $17.99 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION Age (years) from 10 Sep 08, 2015
    When they were too impoverished to raise their families, ancient Sumerians sold their children into bondage. Slave women in Rome faced never-ending household drudgery. The ninth-century Zanj were transported from East Africa to work the salt marshes of Iraq. Cotton pickers worked under terrible duress in the American South.Ancient history? Tragically, no. In our time, slavery wears many faces. James Kofi Annan's parents in Ghana sold him because they could not feed him. Beatrice Fernando had to work almost around the clock in Lebanon. Julia Gab... + Read More
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    Regenesis Paperback Eric Walters 9780385683098 $12.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 12 Sep 15, 2015
    An asteroid has hit the Earth: the end of the world is just beginning. Billy and his companions have been taking refuge in outer space to avert this catastrophe. But what will it take to survive?     This dramatic second book in an electrifying duology will have readers at the edges of their seats as they discover that survival above is as difficult as survival below.
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    When Santa Was a Baby Hardcover Linda Bailey 9781770495562 $21.00 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 7 Oct 13, 2015
    Santa's parents think their little one is absolutely wonderful, even though he has a booming voice instead of a baby's gurgle, loves to stand in front of the refrigerator, gives his birthday presents away, trains his hamsters to pull a matchbox sleigh ... and has an unusual interest in chimneys. The adorably funny portrait of an oddball kid who fulfills his destiny - and two very proud parents.
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    Today Is the Day Hardcover Eric Walters 9781770496484 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 6 - 9 Oct 13, 2015
    Mutanu is excited. As she goes about her chores, she thinks about the day to come and what surprises it might bring. For today is no ordinary day at the orphanage she lives in. Every year, the orphanage honors its newest arrivals by creating a birthday day especially for them. From that moment forward, the orphans have a day that they know is theirs--a day to celebrate, a day to enjoy, a day to remember. And today is the day!      Based on real children in an orphanage in Kenya, this lovely story shows how something as simple as a birthday, som... + Read More
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    1, 2, 3 Cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs! An Official Toronto Maple Leafs Book of Numbers Hardcover Matt Napier 9781770498013 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 7 Oct 18, 2016
    In 1, 2, 3 Cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs!, Matt Napier and Melanie Rose take us on a tour of Maple Leafs history though vivid illustration and rhyming verse. For children learning their numbers, it has never been this fun -- whether it's Tim Horton's number SEVEN, Darryl Sittler's TEN points in one game, the Leafs' THIRTEEN Stanley Cups, Rick Vaive's FIFTY-goal year, or celebrating the Leafs' ONE HUNDRED years as a team. This book captures the spirit of "Canada's game." 1, 2, 3 Cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs! is destined to become a cl... + Read More
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    Hockey Hero Hardcover Zachary Hyman 9781770496309 $19.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 6 - 9 Oct 13, 2015
    A heart-warming, intergenerational story about an awkward young boy who finds his hockey chutzpah at a PeeWee tournament. Tommy goes from timid observer to essential player - as we readers cheer him on! Illustrated by Zachary Pullen whose inimitable style blends perfectly with Zachary Hyman's inspiring text.
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    The Masked Truth Hardcover Kelley Armstrong 9780385684750 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 14 Oct 13, 2015
    Riley Vasquez is haunted by the brutal murder of the couple she was babysitting for.     Max Cross is suffering under the shadow of a life-altering diagnosis he doesn't dare reveal.      The last thing either of them wants is to spend a weekend away at a therapy camp alongside five other teens with "issues." But that's exactly where they are when three masked men burst in to take the group hostage.      The building has no windows. The exits are sealed shut. Their phones are gone. And their captors are on a killing spree.      Riley and Max kno... + Read More
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    Heartache and Other Natural Shocks Hardcover Glenda Leznoff 9781770498365 $21.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 14 Oct 13, 2015
    When fifteen-year-old Julia Epstein and her Anglophone family flee Montreal in October 1970, she struggles to adjust to a new life in the suburban wasteland of North York, Toronto. Next door lives Carla Cabrielli, who works her "assets" and knows how to get what she wants. Julia and Carla get on a collision course, not only for the same role in the school production of Hamlet, but also for the leading man - sword-wielding bad boy and sex magnet, Ian Slater. Heartache and Other Natural Shocks explores teen rivalry. When events take a dangerous t... + Read More
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    What We Hide Paperback Marthe Jocelyn 9781770496439 $11.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Oct 13, 2015
    Jenny and her brother Tom are off to England. Tom to university to dodge the Vietnam draft, Jenny to be the new girl at Illington Hall, which the students call Ill Hall. This is Jenny's chance to finally be special and stand out, so when she arrives she tells everybody a lie. But in the small world of Ill Hall, everyone has secrets. Jenny pretends she has a boyfriend. Robbie and Luke pretend they don't. Brenda won't tell what happened with the school doctor. Percy won't tell about his famous dad. Oona lies to everyone. Penelope lies only to her... + Read More
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    The Adventures of Miss Petitfour Hardcover Anne Michaels 9781770495005 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 6 - 9 Nov 03, 2015
    The magical adventures of an eccentric Mary Poppins-esque heroine and her flying feline charges, sure to charm readers big and small. The first book for children by an internationally acclaimed novelist and poet.Miss Petitfour enjoys having adventures that are “just the right size - fitting into a single, magical day.” She is an expert at baking and eating fancy iced cakes, and her favorite mode of travel is par avion. On windy days, she takes her sixteen cats out for an airing: Minky, Misty, Taffy, Purrsia, Pirate, Mustard, Moutarde, Hemdela, ... + Read More


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