North Atlantic Books Fall 2015

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    Mystery School in Hyperspace A Cultural History of DMT Paperback Graham St John 9781583947326 $25.95 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Nov 24, 2015
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    The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Motion Paperback Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones 9781583949832 $38.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Sep 01, 2015
    The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy is the definitive guide to the study of yoga anatomy--a perfect companion book for any yoga teacher or practitioner seeking to understand the biomechanics of the body as it applies to yoga practice. The book is visually designed in quick reference format to offer useful information about the main skeletal muscles that are central to yoga, with asanas to demonstrate the particular muscles and muscle groups. Over 230 full color illustrations detail each muscle's origin, insertion, and action in order to clearly re... + Read More
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    Conscious Parenting The Holistic Guide to Raising and Nourishing Healthy, Happy Children Paperback Gabriel Cousens M.D. 9781583949962 $28.50 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Sep 01, 2015
    Conscious Parenting is a great resource for parents seeking advice on optimal vegan nutrition and the importance of unplugging and having quiet time in nature for today's children. Anchored by extensive research on the importance of diet and environment by the world's leading authority on spiritual nutrition, the book is packed with advice and information to help you • choose authentic, organic, vegan food for optimal health;• support your child's emotional, social, and mental development; • counter the effects of environmental toxins and harm... + Read More
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    Series: Sacred Activism Empty Hands, A Memoir One Woman's Journey to Save Children Orphaned by AIDS in South Africa Paperback Sister Abega Ntleko 9781583949320 $16.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 01, 2015
    Empty Hands is the inspiring memoir of Zulu nurse and healthcare activist Sister Abegail Ntleko. Growing up poor in a rural village with a father who didn't believe in educating girls, against seemingly insurmountable odds Sister Abegail earned her nursing degree and began work as a community nurse and educator, dedicating her life to those in need. "Her story tells us," says Desmond Tutu, who wrote the foreword to the book, "what a single person can accomplish when heart and mind work together in the service of others."Overcoming poverty and r... + Read More
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    The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis Healing Personal, Cultural, and Ecological Imbalance with Chinese Medicine Paperback Brendan Kelly 9781583949511 $23.50 MEDICAL Sep 01, 2015
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    Ocean Country One Woman's Voyage from Peril to Hope in her Quest To Save the Seas Paperback Liz Cunningham 9781583949603 $21.95 NATURE Sep 08, 2015
    Ocean Country is an adventure story, a call to action, and a poetic meditation on the state of the seas. But most importantly it is the story of finding true hope in the midst of one of the greatest crises to face humankind, the rapidly degrading state of our environment. After a near-drowning accident in which she was temporarily paralyzed, Liz Cunningham crisscrosses the globe in an effort to understand the threats to our dazzling but endangered oceans. This intimate account charts her thrilling journey through unexpected encounters with cons... + Read More
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    Suffering the Silence Chronic Lyme Disease in an Age of Denial Paperback Allie Cashel 9781583949245 $23.50 MEDICAL Sep 08, 2015
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    The Wild Edge of Sorrow Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief Paperback Francis Weller 9781583949764 $19.50 SELF-HELP Sep 15, 2015
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    The Cannabis Manifesto A New Paradigm for Wellness Paperback Steve DeAngelo 9781583949375 $24.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Sep 22, 2015
    The Cannabis Manifesto is both a call to action and a radical vision of humans' relationship with this healing but controversial plant. Steve DeAngelo, the founder of Harborside Health Center, the world's largest medical-cannabis dispensary, presents a compelling case for cannabis as a wellness catalyst that must be legalized. His view that there is no such thing as recreational cannabis use challenges readers to rethink everything they thought they knew about marijuana.   The Cannabis Manifesto answers essential questions about the plant, usin... + Read More
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    A Search in Secret Egypt Paperback Paul Brunton 9781583949818 $25.95 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Nov 24, 2015
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    The Vaccine Guide, Third edition Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults Paperback Randall Neustaedter O.M.D. 9781583949498 $25.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Oct 06, 2015
    This completely updated edition of The Vaccine Guide gives consumers the facts they need to make informed decisions about vaccines, with clear discussions of childhood and adult diseases, their incidence, and the likelihood of exposure and complications. For each vaccine the book evaluates effectiveness, toxicity, adverse effects, dangers, and long-term consequences. Dr. Randall Neustaedter, who has practiced holistic medicine for more than thirty years, invites parents to take a look at the bigger picture as far as their children’s lifelong he... + Read More
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    Your Self-Motivated Baby Enhance Your Baby's Social and Cognitive Development in the First Six Months through Movement Paperback Beverly Stokes 9781583949573 $32.49 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Oct 06, 2015
    A hands-on guide for communicating with babies in their first six months and nurturing their physical, social, and cognitive development, Your Self-Motivated Baby shows parents and other caregivers how to interact with very young infants and understand what they are expressing in their movements. Color photographs throughout the book show babies' motivation in play and how subtle interactions build bonding and encourage development. Following advice from author Beverly Stokes, a seasoned developmental movement educator, adults learn how to rela... + Read More
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    Trauma and Memory Brain and Body in a Search for the Living Past: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Working with Traumatic Memory Paperback Peter A. Levine Ph.D. 9781583949948 $28.50 PSYCHOLOGY Oct 27, 2015
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    Neurodynamics The Art of Mindfulness in Action Paperback Theodore Dimon Jr 9781583949795 $29.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Nov 03, 2015
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    Nine Dimensions of Madness Redefining Mental Health Paperback Robert L. Gallon 9781583949269 $28.50 PSYCHOLOGY Nov 03, 2015
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    Confessions, Revised and Updated The Making of a Postdenominational Priest Paperback Matthew Fox 9781583949351 $24.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 10, 2015
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    The New Seaweed Cookbook, Second Edition Over 100 Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes for an Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense Diet Paperback Crystal June Maderia 9781583949863 $24.95 COOKING Nov 10, 2015
    This beautifully illustrated new edition of The New Seaweed Cookbook is a must-have collection of 106 delicious recipes featuring the rich and deeply nourishing flavors of sea vegetables of all kinds. Known for its healing properties in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, seaweed is the most abundant food on Earth—a nutrient-dense super food with a long history of medicinal uses. Author and chef Crystal June Maderia provides exciting options—such as Hijiki Caviar; Roast Lamb with Mint, Arame, and Kumquat Jam; Maple Toffee with Black... + Read More
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    The Cannabis Health Index Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases Paperback Uwe Blesching 9781583949627 $32.49 HEALTH & FITNESS Dec 01, 2015
    This comprehensive sourcebook combines evidence-based insights from more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research to present a convincing case for the powerful healing effects of medical marijuana on over 100 chronic symptoms and diseases. Written by a former paramedic with a PhD in alternative healthcare, this in-depth reference shows that the subtle shifts in awareness commonly observed in cannabis-using patients vastly contribute to these compounds' therapeutic potential. The Cannabis Health Index is organized into con... + Read More
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    Io Anthology Literature, Interviews, and Art from the Seminal Interdisciplinary Journal, 1965 -1993 Paperback Richard Grossinger 9781583949924 $38.95 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Dec 08, 2015
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    Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core An Illustrated Guide to a Safe and Effective Core Training Program Paperback Evan Osar 9781583949993 $38.95 HEALTH & FITNESS Jan 05, 2016
    This book is the first to illustrate the essential connection between the functional anatomy of the body’s core and its application during Pilates’ fundamental core exercises. Focusing on the inherent potential of the human body to stabilize and move, Dr. Evan Osar and Marylee Bussard combine the most current research around core stabilization with six fundamental Pilates principles to offer simple, easy-to-use strategies for relieving discomfort and improving pain-free movement. With more than 290 full-color illustrations, Functional Anatomy o... + Read More
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    Rainbow Body and Resurrection Spiritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material Body, and the Case of Khenpo A Chö Paperback Francis V. Tiso 9781583947951 $32.49 RELIGION Jan 26, 2016


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