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    The Monet Murders A Mystery Hardcover Terry Mort 9781605986975 $33.95 FICTION Sep 15, 2015
    Hollywood, 1934. Prohibition is finally over, but there is still plenty of crime for an ambitious young private eye to investigate. Though he has a slightly checkered past, Riley Fitzhugh is well connected in the film industry and is hired by a major producer—whose lovely girlfriend has disappeared. He also is hired to recover a stolen Monet, a crime that results in two murders initially, with more to come. Along the way Riley investigates the gambling ships anchored off L.A., gets involved with the girlfriend of the gangster running one of the... + Read More
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    The Constable's Tale Hardcover Donald Smith 9781605988610 $33.95 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
    When a traveling peddler discovers the murder of a farm family in colonial North Carolina whose bodies have been left in bizarre positions, circumstances point to an Indian attack. But Harry Woodyard, a young planter who is the volunteer constable of Craven County during a period in America's past when there was no professional police force, finds clues that seem to indicate otherwise. The county establishment wants to blame the crime on a former inhabitant, an elderly Indian who has suddenly reappeared in the vicinity like an old ghost. But he... + Read More
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    The Real Justine Hardcover Stephen Amidon 9781605988658 $32.49 FICTION Sep 15, 2015
    The beautiful younger woman who appeared so unexpectedly, so gloriously, in Michael Coolidge’s life one night—a seemingly chance pick-up at a quiet neighborhood bar—vanished just as suddenly a few days later, leaving him dazed and bewildered. Months later he chances upon Justine on a village street, locked in a violent quarrel with a menacing stranger—a day later, that man is found dead in a seedy motel and Justine has disappeared again, leaving behind only a hasty plea for help. Michael’s efforts to locate her, or to find out something more ab... + Read More
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    The Demon's Brood Paperback Desmond Seward 9781605988696 $20.95 HISTORY Oct 13, 2015
    The Plantagenets reigned over England longer than any other family—from Henry II to Richard III. Four kings were murdered, two came close to being deposed, and the last—and most notorious, Richard III—was killed in a battle by rebels. Shakespeare wrote plays about six of them, further entrenching them in the national myth. Based on major contemporary sources and recent research, acclaimed historian Desmond Seward provides the first readable overview of the whole extraordinary dynasty, in one volume.
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    A Strange Business Hardcover James Hamilton 9781605988702 $35.95 ART Dec 15, 2015
    Britain in the nineteenth century saw a series of technological and social changes which continue to influence and direct us today. Its reactants were human genius, money and influence, its crucibles the streets and institutions, its catalyst time, its control the market. In this rich and fascinating book, James Hamilton investigates the vibrant exchange between culture and business in nineteenth-century Britain, which became a center for world commerce following the industrial revolution. He explores how art was made and paid for, the turns of... + Read More
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    In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe Hardcover Leslie S Klinger 9781605988757 $32.49 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    Edgar Allan Poe did not invent the tale of terror. There were American, English, and Continental writers who preceded Poe and influenced his work. Similarly, there were many who were in turn influenced by Poe’s genius and produced their own popular tales of supernatural literature. This collection features masterful tales of terror by authors who, by and large, are little-remembered for their writing in this genre. Even Bram Stoker, whose Dracula may be said to be the most popular horror novel of all time, is not known as a writer of short fict... + Read More
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    Charlotte's Story Hardcover Laura Benedict 9781605988788 $33.95 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    The fall of 1957 in southern Virginia was a seemingly idyllic, even prosperous time. A young housewife, Charlotte Bliss, lives with her husband, Hasbrouck Preston “Press” Bliss, and their two young children, Eva Grace and Michael, in the gorgeous Bliss family home. On the surface, theirs seems a calm, picturesque life, but soon tragedy befalls them: four tragic deaths, with apparently simple explanations. But nothing is simple if Bliss House is involved. How far will Charlotte go to discover the truth? And how far will she get without knowing w... + Read More
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    Safari Paperback Parnell Hall 9781605988825 $17.95 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    Stanley Hastings on safari? I don’t think so. Neither did Stanley, until Alice’s small inheritance—coupled with scrimping on a few luxuries like food and rent—allowed them to book a group trip to Zambia. Now the New York PI is hiking with lions, canoeing with hippos, and having close encounters with elephants and giraffes. The leader is a reckless, gung-ho, great white hunter who delights in leaping from the jeep with a hearty “Come on, gang, let’s see where this lion is going!” And a series of bizarre accidents quickly dwindles the group’s num... + Read More
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    Series: STANLEY HASTINGS MYSTERIES A Fool for a Client Hardcover Parnell Hall 9781605988832 $30.95 FICTION Nov 17, 2015
    A sensational murder trial! A young woman found naked and stabbed to death in her apartment! The woman was the girlfriend of his boss, Richard Rosenberg, and the hotshot lawyer is charged with killing her. Now Richard's in court fighting for his life, and Stanley's out on the firing line trying to dig up some evidence in his favor. It won't be easy. The murdered woman was a law clerk for a prominent judge, and everyone Stanley needs to question is currently tied up in a high-profile Global Banking trial. As Stanley races back and forth between ... + Read More
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    Series: SISTER DEIRDRE MYSTERIES Saint Brigid's Bones Paperback Philip Freeman 9781605988887 $19.50 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    In ancient Ireland, an island ruled by kings and druids, the nuns of Saint Brigid are fighting to keep their monastery alive. When the bones of Brigid go missing from their church, the theft threatens to destroy all they have worked for. No one knows the danger they face better than Sister Deirdre, a young nun torn between two worlds. Trained as a bard and raised by a druid grandmother, she must draw upon all of her skills, both as a bard and as a nun, to find the bones before the convent begins to lose faith.
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    Series: SISTER DEIRDRE MYSTERIES Sacrifice Hardcover Philip Freeman 9781605988894 $32.49 FICTION Oct 20, 2015
    Someone is killing the nuns of Ireland. The grisly discovery of an elderly sister of Saint Brigid’s monastery strangled, bled dry, and thrown into a bog is just the beginning. Soon a beautiful young nun is found decapitated and hung from a barren tree. It doesn’t take long before the members of the struggling monastic community of Kildare realize that not only are the nuns being hunted by a serial killer, but the murderer is preforming the gruesome slayings in the manner of the ancient druid sacrifices. Set in the turmoil of sixth-century Irela... + Read More
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    The Granite Moth Hardcover Erica Wright 9781605988931 $32.49 FICTION Nov 17, 2015
    It begins with a bang: Kathleen Stone is watching her friend Dolly and his fellow drag queens from The Pink Parrot perform at the Halloween Parade when their float explodes. Suspecting foul play, The Pink Parrot’s owner, Big Mamma, hires Kat to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Kat has not given up on her quest to bring gangster Salvatore Magrelli to justice and once more dons a disguise to infiltrate The Skyview, an exclusive club run by his wife, Eva. When she watches the club’s poker dealer drop dead during a high-stakes game, she decides to look... + Read More
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    Eleanor of Aquitaine Paperback Desmond Seward 9781605988979 $20.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 17, 2015
    “A monstrous injurer of heaven and earth,” as Shakespeare referred to this powerful medieval matriarch, Eleanor of Aquitaine’s reign as England’s stormiest and most ambitious queen has never been matched. As the greatest heiress in Europe, she was in turn Queen of France and Queen of England; among her sons were Richard the Lionheart and King John. A magnificent independent ruler in her own right, she lost her power when she married Louis VII of France. She received neither influence nor fame by her second marriage to King Henry II, who jailed ... + Read More
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    Give Me Liberty Paperback Christopher L Webber 9781605988986 $21.95 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES Nov 17, 2015
    "Give me liberty," demanded Patrick Henry, "or give me death!" Henry's words continue to echo in American history and that quote, and the speech it comes from, remains one of the two or three known to almost every American. The other speeches that have become part of our American collective consciousness all have one theme in common: liberty. These feats of oration seem to trace the evolution of America's definition of liberty, and to whom it applies. But what exactly is liberty? Webber's insightful Give Me Liberty looks at these great speeches... + Read More
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    A Different Lie Hardcover Derek Haas 9781605988993 $32.49 FICTION Nov 17, 2015
    Now a new dad, the infamous Silver Bear finds himself staying up late for feedings and changing diapers—all while leading the double life of a contract killer. The struggle is not with his conscience. He enjoys his gig. But a child forces him to weigh selfishness versus safety. Continue his line of work, and he’ll always wonder if he’s putting his child’s life at risk. His partner, Risina, serves as his fence. Like Columbus, she’s good at her job and likes doing it. An unusual take on working motherhood . . . When the next assignment comes in, ... + Read More
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    Series: BOHEMIAN TRILOGY, THE Bohemian Gospel Hardcover Dana Chamblee Carpenter 9781605989013 $33.95 FICTION Nov 17, 2015
    Thirteenth-century Bohemia is a dangerous place for a girl, especially one as odd as Mouse, born with unnatural senses and an uncanny intellect. Some call her a witch. Others call her an angel. Even Mouse doesn’t know who—or what—she is. But she means to find out. When young King Ottakar shows up at the Abbey wounded by a traitor's arrow, Mouse breaks church law to save him and then agrees to accompany him back to Prague as his personal healer. Caught in the undertow of court politics at the castle, Ottakar and Mouse find themselves drawn to ea... + Read More
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    Lone Star Nation Paperback Richard Parker 9781605989068 $20.95 POLITICAL SCIENCE Nov 17, 2015
    To most Americans, Texas has been that love-it-or-hate it slice of the country that has sparked controversy, bred presidents, and fomented turmoil from the American Civil War to George W. Bush.  But that Texas is changing—and it will change America itself. Richard Parker takes the reader on a tour across today's booming Texas, an evolving landscape that is densely urban, overwhelmingly Hispanic, exceedingly powerful in the global economy, and increasingly liberal.  This Texas will have to ensure upward mobility, reinvigorate democratic rights, ... + Read More
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    Terror in Plain Sight Hardcover Unni Turrettini 9781605989105 $37.95 TRUE CRIME Nov 17, 2015
    *Winner of the 2016 Silver Falchion Award for Best Nonfiction Adult Book* July 22, 2011 was the darkest day in Norway’s history since Nazi Germany’s invasion. It was one hundred eighty-nine minutes of terror—from the moment the bomb exploded outside a government building until Anders Behring Breivik was apprehended by the police at Utoya Island. Breivik murdered seventy-seven people, most of them teenagers and young adults, and wounded hundreds more. The massacre left the world in shock. Breivik is a new type of mass murderer, and he is not alo... + Read More
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    Tolstoy's False Disciple Paperback Alexandra Popoff 9781605989143 $18.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Dec 15, 2015
    On the snowy morning of February 8, 1897, the Saint Petersburg secret police were following Tolstoy’s every move, and he was always in the company of a man named Chertkov. Tolstoy was recognizable enough, with his peasant garb and beard, but who was the man who towered over Tolstoy, twenty years younger, with a cold, impenetrable look on his face? This man, Chertkov, was a relative to the Tsars and nephew to the chief of the secret police and represented the very things Tolstoy had renounced. He would become the writer’s closest confidant, read... + Read More
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    In the Company of Sherlock Holmes Paperback Leslie S Klinger 9781605989174 $20.95 FICTION Dec 15, 2015
    The Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were recently voted as the top mystery series of all time, and they have enthralled generations of readers—and writers! Now, Laurie R. King, author of the New York Times-bestselling Mary Russell series (in which Holmes plays a co-starring role), and Leslie S. Klinger, editor of the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, have assembled a stellar group of contemporary authors from a variety of genres and asked them to create new stories inspired by that canon. Readers will find Holmes in times and pla... + Read More
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    The Last Volcano A Man, a Romance, and the Quest to Understand Nature's Most Magnificent Fury Hardcover John Dvorak 9781605989211 $37.95 SCIENCE Dec 15, 2015
    Volcanoes have fascinated—and terrified—people for ages. They have destroyed cities and ended civilizations. John Dvorak, the acclaimed author of Earthquake Storms, looks into the early scientific study of volcanoes and the life of the man who pioneered the field, Thomas Jaggar. Educated at Harvard, Jaggar went to the Caribbean after Mount Pelee exploded in 1902, killing more than 26,000 people. Witnessing the destruction and learning about the horrible deaths these people had suffered, Jaggar vowed to dedicate himself to a study of volcanoes. ... + Read More


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