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Kids Can Press Spring 2012

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    Hen for Izzy Pippik, A Hardcover Aubrey Davis 9781554532438 $18.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Mar 01, 2012
    When Shaina finds a magnificent hen, she knows that Izzy Pippik, the hen's owner, is sure to return for her. In the meantime, Shaina decides she will care for the animal. But when dozens of eggs hatch and rowdy chickens scatter throughout the village, Shaina must fight the entire town if she has any hope of protecting the birds. Inspired by Jewish and Islamic traditional texts, this is a beautiful tale about doing the right thing, even in the face of adversity.
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    Virginia Wolf Hardcover Kyo Maclear 9781554536498 $18.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Mar 01, 2012
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    Animal Masquerade Hardcover Marianne Dubuc 9781554537822 $16.95 USD JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 7 Mar 01, 2012
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    Dear Flyary Hardcover Dianne Young 9781554534487 $18.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Mar 01, 2012
    One-eyed alien Frazzle recounts his flying adventures in a new journal (in alien vernacular, of course). He bighearts his little Model 7, but as time passes, it starts making strange sounds, and Frazzle --- pressured by friends and co-workers --- wonders if he should trade it in. One day, when it goes CLUNK in the middle of the flyway, it's clear something must be done. Youngsters will love the out-of-this-world illustrations depicting worlds rife with all manner of alien life. Even more irresistible: an unexpected ending sure to delight carefu... + Read More
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    Series: Jasper John Dooley Jasper John Dooley: Star of the Week Hardcover Caroline Adderson 9781554535781 $16.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 7 - 10 Mar 01, 2012
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    Series: Daisy Daisy's Perfect Word Hardcover Sandra V. Feder 9781554536450 $15.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 7 - 10 Mar 01, 2012
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    Series: Lobster Chronicles Lower the Trap Hardcover Jessica Scott Kerrin 9781554535767 $16.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 7 - 10 Mar 01, 2012
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    Island Horse, The Hardcover Susan Hughes 9781554535927 $17.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 7 - 10 Mar 01, 2012
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    Faith Five Religions and What They Share Hardcover Richard Steckel 9781554537501 $18.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Mar 01, 2012
    This kid-friendly exploration of faith provides a superb overview of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Young readers will learn about different aspects of each religion, including historical origins and beliefs, holy texts, religious clothing and places of worship. They will also find out about the values, customs and symbols all five religions share, such as the golden rule, charity, prayer and candles. Straightforward, simple text makes the content interesting and accessible, as do the vivid photos of children around the w... + Read More
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    Get Outside The Kids Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors Paperback Jane Drake 9781554538027 $16.95 USD JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 6 - 10 Mar 01, 2012
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    Kitten's Spring Board book Eugenie Fernandes 9781554531479 $8.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 1 - 4 Mar 01, 2012
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    Pup and Hound Board book Susan Hood 9781554538188 $8.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 1 - 4 Mar 01, 2012
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    Series: Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach 1st edition Paperback Mélanie Watt 9781554534623 $7.95 USD JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Mar 01, 2012
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    Larf Hardcover Ashley Spires 9781554537013 $18.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 7 Apr 01, 2012
    No one believes Larf exists, and he likes it that way. Larf, you see, is a sasquatch, the only sasquatch in the world (or so it seems). He has a very pleasant, and very private, life in the woods, where on any given day he might be found jogging, gardening or walking Eric, his pet bunny. But everything changes one morning when Larf discovers that another sasquatch is scheduled to make an appearance in the nearby city of Hunderfitz. What?! That must mean he's not the only sasquatch in the world! Excited by the prospect of having a friend to s... + Read More
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    Pirate Girl's Treasure, The An Origami Adventure Hardcover Peyton Leung 9781554536603 $16.95 USD JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Apr 01, 2012
    In this spectacularly original picture book, the story mirrors an origami activity: As a pig-tailed pirate girl travels through mountains, valleys, a cave and finally by sea to reach the treasure her grandfather has hidden for her, imaginative illustrations show different incarnations of a single folded sheet of paper within the scenes. Best of all, clear instructions at the end will let readers recreate the story with just a few folds and tears, transforming a piece of notebook paper into a mountain, hat, cave, boat and really cool pirate shirt.
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    Vote for Me! Hardcover Ben Clanton 9781554538225 $18.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Apr 01, 2012
    Hey, you! Yes, you with the dazzling smile! The donkey wants your vote. So does the elephant. And each will do just about anything to win your support. Brag? Sure! Flatter? Absolutely! Exaggerate, name-call, make silly promises and generally act childish? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Soon, the tension mounts, and these two quarrelsome candidates resort to slinging mud (literally) and flinging insults. And what happens when the election results are in? Well, let's just say the donkey and the elephant are in for a little surprise --- and a certain bewh... + Read More
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    Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea, The Hardcover Helaine Becker 9781554537464 $16.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Apr 01, 2012
  • 18. catalogue cover
    Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea, The Paperback Helaine Becker 9781554537471 $10.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Apr 01, 2012
    Based on the idea that knowledge is power, The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea shows how the ocean works and why this immense ecosystem needs our protection. Experiments using everyday materials help explain scientific concepts, such as why the ocean is salty, how temperature affects water density and why fish don't get waterlogged. A focus on pollution and other ecological hazards raises awareness. Young scientists will gain a hands-on understanding of how “booms” clean oil spills and how a garbage patch roughly twice the size of Texas cam... + Read More
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    Earth-Friendly Buildings, Bridges and More The Eco-Journal of Corry Lapont Hardcover Etta Kaner 9781554535705 $19.95 JUVENILE NONFICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Apr 01, 2012
  • 20. catalogue cover
    Margaret and the Moth Tree Hardcover Kari Trogen 9781554538232 $16.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 8 - 11 Apr 01, 2012

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