Penguin UK Adult Spring 2016

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    The Book of You Paperback Nelli Lahteenmaki 9781405924139 $18.99 ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Jan 26, 2016
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    Memoir Paperback Chris Robshaw 9780718180164 $31.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Jul 26, 2016
    An insightful and inspiring memoir from the English Rugby Union captain.As England’s Rugby Union captain, Chris Robshaw has garnered respect and admiration for his uncompromising leadership style and is determined to lead the national team to victory in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. In this memoir, Robshaw shares his story from the death of his father when he was five and his battle with dyslexia, to becoming one of the leading lights on the world rugby stage. After joining the Harlequins in 2005, he led the team through winning the premiership and... + Read More
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    Series: Penguin Shakespeare The Two Noble Kinsmen Paperback William Shakespeare 9780241200568 $16.99 PERFORMING ARTS Jan 26, 2016
    Part of the authoritative and acclaimed Penguin Shakespeare series, now rejacketed in the celebrated Penguin Classics livery.When Theseus, Duke of Athens, learns that the ruler of Thebes has killed three noble kings he swears to take revenge. But after Athens triumphs over the rival city, Theseus is struck by the bravery of two Theban cousins and orders his surgeons to attend to them. Soon, the cousins’ lifelong friendship is threatened, as both become overwhelmed with love for the duke’s beautiful sister.
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    Twelve Deaths of Christmas Paperback Jason Sharp 9781405920285 $16.99 FICTION Jan 26, 2016
    The second DI Lauren Rose seasonal thriller from author Jason Sharp.The second Detective Inspector Lauren Rose thriller is set in Oxford as a deranged serial killer carries out a sickening string of murders throughout the Christmas holiday season.
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    The Pursuit of Love Paperback Nancy Mitford 9780241974681 $18.99 FICTION Dec 18, 2015
    Reissued on the 70th anniversary of its first publication by Hamish Hamilton.Oh the tedium of waiting to grow up! Longing for love, obsessed with weddings and sex, Linda and her sisters and cousin Fanny are on the look out for the perfect lover. But finding Mr. Right is much harder than any of the sisters thought. Linda must suffer marriage first to a stuffy Tory MP and then to a handsome and humorousless communist before finding real love in war-torn Paris.
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    The Blessing Paperback Nancy Mitford 9780241974728 $18.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    Reissued for the 70th anniversary of the first publication of The Pursuit of Love by Hamish Hamilton.’Grace and her young son Sigi are finally able to join her dashing aristocratic husband Charles-Edouard in France after the war. But Grace is out of her depth among the fashionably dressed and immaculately coiffured French women, and shocked by their relentless gossiping and bedhopping. When she discovers her husband’s tendency to lust after every pretty girl he sees, it looks like trouble. And things get even more complicated when little Sigi s... + Read More
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    The Complete Novels Paperback Nancy Mitford 9780241239476 $41.00 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    “Entirely original, inimitable and irresistible” (Spectator) -­ The novels of Nancy Mitford in a gorgeous new package.In print together for the first time in many years, and here in one volume, are ALL eight of Nancy Mitford’s sparklingly astute, hilarious and completely unputdownable novels, with a new introduction by India Knight. Published over a period of 30 years, they provide a wonderful glimpse of the bright young things of the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties in the city and in the shires; firmly ensconced at home or making a go o... + Read More
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    Wigs on the Green Paperback Nancy Mitford 9780241974711 $18.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    Reissue of a controversial long lost Nancy Mitford classic with a new introduction by Charlotte Mosley.Eugenia Malmains is one of the richest girls in England and an ardent supporter of Captain Jack and the Union Jackshirts; Noel and Jasper are both in search of an heiress (so much easier than trying to work for the money); Poppy and Marjorie are nursing lovelorn hearts; and the beautiful bourgeois Mrs Lace is on the prowl for someone to lighten the boredom of her life. They all congregate near Eugenia’s fabulous country home at Chalford, and m... + Read More
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    Rain Paperback Barney Campbell 9781405921213 $16.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    Drawing on firsthand experience of combat, Rain is a searingly powerful novel in the bestselling tradition of Matterhorn.Tom Chamberlain was destined to be a soldier from the moment he discovered a faded picture of his father patrolling the streets of Belfast. With the war in Afghanistan at its savage peak, Tom is despatched from home in the dead of an anonymous September night, a blood tribute leaving without fanfare. Full of eagerness, but wracked by self-doubt, he must discover who he is and what he is capable of.But as the bonds with his co... + Read More
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    The Woman Who Walked into the Sea Paperback Mark Douglas-Home 9780718182748 $27.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    One of the most unique crime series ever. Cal McGill, the sea detective, must unravel a tragic mystery.Cal McGill is a Scottish oceanographer and one-of-a-kind investigator who uses his knowledge of the waves to find where objects came from, or track where they’ve gone. His expertise could help solve the disappearance of Megan Bates who, twenty-six years ago, strode out into the ocean and let the waves take her away. Megan’s daughter, Violet Wells, was abandoned as a baby on the steps of a hospital hours before the mother she never knew committ... + Read More
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    Becoming Your Real Self A Practical Toolkit for Managing Life's Challenges Paperback Eddie Murphy 9780241971475 $18.99 SELF-HELP Feb 23, 2016
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    Why Grow Up? Paperback Susan Neiman 9780141982496 $21.99 PHILOSOPHY Feb 22, 2016
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    For Two Thousand Years Paperback Mihail Sebastian 9780241189610 $21.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    An Eastern European masterpiece translated into English for the first time by an award-winning Irish writer.For Two Thousand Years is the profoundly moving story of a young Jewish man who tries to understand the increasingly polarised society he lives in as the Second World War looms ahead. Constantly threatened and often beaten up, he seeks beauty, truth and meaning in the hateful world that surrounds him as people decide he doesn’t belong in their country.First published in 1934, For Two Thousand Years is a strikingly lucid and poignant tale ... + Read More
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    Barging Round Britain Exploring the History and Heritage of our Lost Waterways Paperback John Sergeant 9780718180645 $18.99 SPORTS & RECREATION Feb 25, 2016
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    The Egyptians A Radical Story Hardcover Jack Shenker 9781846146329 $31.99 POLITICAL SCIENCE Feb 23, 2016
    The essential book about Egypt and radical politics published in time for the 5th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.In early 2011, Cairo’s Tahrir Square briefly commanded the attention of the world. Half a decade later, the international media has largely moved on from Egypt’s explosive cycles of revolution and counter-revolution—but the country remains as volatile as ever.In The Egyptians, Jack Shenker uncovers the roots of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and explores a country now divided between two irreconcilable political orde... + Read More
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    The Bomb Girls Paperback Daisy Styles 9781405924344 $16.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
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    Chasing the Dead A David Raker Thriller Paperback Tim Weaver 9781405923125 $16.99 FICTION Feb 23, 2016
    The first novel in the David Raker series by Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author Tim Weaver.One year ago, Alex Towne’s body was found. One month ago, his mother saw him on the street. One week ago, David Raker agreed to look for him. Now he wishes he hadn’t.Mary Towne’s son, Alex, went missing six years ago. Five years later he finally turned up—as a corpse in a car wreck. Missing persons investigator David Raker doesn’t want the work: it’s clearly a sad but hopeless case of mistaken identity brought to him by a woman unable to ... + Read More
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    Almost the Perfect Murder The Killing of Elaine O'Hara, the Extraordinary Garda Investigation & the Trial that Stunned the Nation: The Only Complete Inside Account Paperback Paul Williams 9780241973783 $16.99 TRUE CRIME Feb 23, 2016
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    The Holy Roman Empire A Thousand Years of Europe's History Hardcover Peter H. Wilson 9781846143182 $74.95 HISTORY Feb 25, 2016
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    The 24-Hour Wine Expert Paperback Jancis Robinson 9780141981819 $10.95 COOKING Mar 30, 2016
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    Incarnations India in 50 Lives Hardcover Sunil Khilnani 9780241208229 $63.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 29, 2016
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    Iris Grace Hardcover Arabella Carter-Johnson 9781405923644 $35.99 PSYCHOLOGY Apr 26, 2016
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    A Fever of the Blood Frey & McGray Book 2 Paperback Oscar De Muriel 9780718179847 $16.99 FICTION Mar 22, 2016
    ’The Victorian X-Files’ returns as Inspectors Frey & McGray embark on a doomed road-trip.Edinburgh, 1889. The murder of a nurse at the lunatic asylum awakens Inspectors Ian Frey and ’Nine-Nails’ McGray on New Year’s Day.Before the attack, the murderer was overheard talking to fellow patient Amy McGray, sister of ’Nine-Nails’. But Amy has been mute for five years. So why did she break her silence? And why won’t she talk to her brother even now?McGray will do anything for answers—even if it means dragging Frey with him across the country. Trailin... + Read More
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    The Great Explosion Gunpowder, the Great War, and a Disaster on the Kent Marshes Paperback Brian Dillon 9780241956762 $21.99 SCIENCE Mar 22, 2016
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    The Forgotten Summer Paperback Carol Drinkwater 9780718183097 $21.99 FICTION Mar 22, 2016
    In the sweltering heat of summer in the heart of rural France, love and secrets grow in equal measures.She may be in paradise, but Jane Cambon would much rather be back in London alone with her wonderful husband than here, battling her difficult mother-in-law, Clarrise. Not only does she have to withstand Clarrise’s sharp tongue and interference in her marriage, but her and Luc must break their backs to keep the family vineyard afloat.But when a terrible accident changes Jane’s whole world she finds that her perfect husband was not all he seeme... + Read More
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    Over Our Heads Stories Paperback Andrew Fox 9780241968956 $18.99 FICTION Mar 22, 2016
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    Making It Up As I Go Along Hardcover Marian Keyes 9780718182526 $31.99 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Mar 22, 2016
    A hilarious collection of essays, perfect for fans of Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham.A collection of hilarious, poignant and moving essays from the Number 1 Sunday Times bestselling novelist. Marian’s tales of her eye-lash extension horrors, domestic Goddess attempts and the time that she decided to become a yoga instructor will have you crying with laughter.
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    Fallen Paperback Lia Mills 9780241964729 $18.99 FICTION Mar 29, 2016
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    The Mark and the Void Paperback Paul Murray 9780241953860 $18.99 FICTION Mar 22, 2016
    A comic masterpiece about love, art and the banking crisis—by the author of Skippy Dies.What links the Bank of Torabundo, (yes, hots with an s, don’t ask), an art heist, a novel called For Love of a Clown, a four-year-old boy named after TV detective Remington Steele, a lonely French banker, a tiny Pacific island, and a pest control business run by an ex-KGB man? You’ve guessed it…The Mark and the Void is a stirring examination of the deceptions carried out in the names of art, love and commerce—and is also probably the f... + Read More
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    In the Family Way Illegitimacy Between the Great War and the Swinging Sixties Paperback Jane Robinson 9780241962916 $21.99 HISTORY Mar 22, 2016
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    Easter 1916 The Irish Rebellion Paperback Charles Townshend 9780141982472 $22.99 HISTORY Mar 29, 2016
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    An Affair with My Mother A Story of Adoption, Secrecy and Love Paperback Caitriona Palmer 9781844883578 $31.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Apr 26, 2016
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    Dear World, How Are You? Hardcover Toby Little 9780718183387 $27.99 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Apr 26, 2016
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    The Way We Were Paperback Sinead Moriarty 9780241970720 $16.99 FICTION Apr 26, 2016
    She thought he had died. She made a new life. Then he came back.Alice and Ben. A couple like any other. Bound together by love, work, children, familiarity and a shared sense of purpose. But when Ben decides to pursue a dream of his own, he brings devastation on his family and, as far as they know, their lives will never be the same again. Alice and Ben are now on different paths: she needs to put their shared life behind her; he needs to remember it to survive. So what happens if they get a second chance? Can they—should they—go back to the wa... + Read More
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    Madonna in a Fur Coat Hardcover Sabahattin Ali 9780241206195 $21.99 FICTION Jul 26, 2016
    The Turkish classic of love and loss in a changing world, available in English for the first time.The soul, upon encountering its likeness, appears without even seeing the need to consult us, nor our intellect, nor our calculations. Only then do we start living.A shy young man leaves his home in rural Turkey to learn a trade in 1920s Berlin. The city’s crowded streets, thriving arts scene, passionate politics and seedy cabarets provide the backdrop for a chance meeting with a woman, which will haunt him for the rest of his life. Emotionally pow... + Read More
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    Edward VII The Cosmopolitan King (Penguin Monarchs) Paperback Richard Davenport-Hines 9780241014806 $27.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mar 29, 2016
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    Charles II The Star King Hardcover Clare Jackson 9780141979762 $27.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Apr 26, 2016
    Part of the Penguin Monarchs series: short, fresh, expert accounts of England’s rulers in a collectible format.Charles II has always been one of the most instantly recognisable British kings—both in his physical appearance, disseminated through endless portraits, prints and pub signs, and in his complicated mix of lasciviousness, cynicism and luxury. His father’s execution and his own many years of exile made him a guarded, curious, unusually self-conscious ruler. He lived through some of the most striking events in the national history—from th... + Read More
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    Richard II A Brittle Glory (Penguin Monarchs) Paperback Laura Ashe 9780141979892 $22.99 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Feb 23, 2016


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