Penguin Announced Drop-Ins September 2015

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    Series: Hellboy Hellboy Volume 5: Conqueror Worm (2nd ed.) Paperback Mike Mignola 9781593070922 $23.99 COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS Feb 03, 2004
  • 2. catalogue cover
    Shaper Paperback Eric Heisserer 9781616556976 $23.99 COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS Nov 17, 2015
  • 3. catalogue cover
    Sharia Versus Freedom The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism Paperback Andrew G. Bostom 9781633881648 $29.50 SOCIAL SCIENCE Dec 08, 2015
  • 4. catalogue cover
    Lean Out Paperback Dawn Foster 9781910924020 $15.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE Jan 19, 2016
  • 5. catalogue cover
    Doctor Who: Legends of Ashildr Hardcover Various 9781785940576 $16.99 FICTION Age (years) from 13 - 16 Dec 15, 2015
    Ashildr, a young Viking girl, died helping the Doctor and Clara to save the village she loved. And for her heroism, the Doctor used alien technology to bring her back to life. Ashildr is now immortal – The Woman Who Lived. Since that day, Ashildr has kept journals to chronicle her extraordinary life. The Legends of Ashildr is a glimpse of some of those stories: the terrors she has faced, the battles she has won, and the treasures she has found. These are tales of a woman who lived longer than she should ever have lived – and lost more than she ... + Read More
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    Titanic Minute by Minute Paperback Jonathan Mayo 9781780722696 $18.99 HISTORY Jun 14, 2016
    At 2.20am on April 15th 1912, the Titanic was plunging 12,000 feet to the ocean floor. The Titanic had broken into two pieces -- her streamlined bow speeding to the bottom of the sea, her stern sinking slower, breaking up as it went. Machinery, coal, crystal goblets, pianos and jewellery all tumbled through the dark water. It would take an hour for all the remains of the great ship to hit the seabed. Hundreds of passengers and crew were still trapped below decks -- hundreds more were floating on the surface.Titanic: Minute by Minute is the stor... + Read More
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    The Dog Diet Eight Weeks to a Slimmer, Happier, Healthier Dog Paperback Kate Bendix 9781780722504 $18.99 PETS Feb 23, 2016
    Spoilt your dog rotten? We are what we eat. And the same goes for our dogs. . .Millions of them are overweight. Their lives have come to mimic our own. And now, over fed, under exercised and stressed, they have begun to take on our shape and disease pattern. Over the past twenty years the rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and skin problems in our dogs has rocketed.It's not all our fault, far from it. We have grown up feeding our dogs processed cans and kibble because we believed the hype: ‘stick to one... + Read More
  • 8. catalogue cover
    101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone Paperback Ilka Heineman 9781780722467 $14.99 HUMOR Mar 22, 2016
    Play the memory game…Learn how to read your palm…Draw a selfie…Practitioners of the world’s ancient traditions have long known the benefit of pausing, and just taking a few minutes out. It’s time we put down our phones and rediscovered this simple art. This book offers an imaginative list of alternative activities aimed at curing us of our portable tech addiction. More than mere time-killers, they include ways to unleash your creative side and train your brain, but above all methods to set you on the road to mindfulness and calm.
  • 9. catalogue cover
    How Good is Your Grammar? 100 quiz questions - The Ultimate test to bring you up to scratch Hardcover John Sutherland 9781780722573 $27.99 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES Mar 22, 2016
    How good is your grammar? John Sutherland, one of Britain's most celebrated professors of English literature, is here to test, stretch, amuse and instruct you with his definitive quiz on all things grammatical. Why do purists insist that 'television' is wrong while 'telephone' is correct? Was Bill Clinton taking risks with language as well as his presidency when he declared, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman'? And can the use of 'ain't' ever be defended, especially when there's no sunshine when she's gone? This is neither a rule ... + Read More
  • 10. catalogue cover
    Everything You Need You Have How to Feel at Home in Your Self Hardcover Gerad Kite 9781780722597 $27.99 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Feb 23, 2016
    Foreword by Andy Puddicombe, HEADSPACEIn this groundbreaking book, Gerad Kite—founder of the renowned Kite Clinic in London, and therapy guru to the international elite—offers a dramatic new path to fulfilment for both men and women. Kite believes that the way we are living today is making us ill. For all the choices we have, for all the improvements in our material lifestyle, people are more unhappy than ever before. The secret, he says, is to know how to step back and look at things from a different perspective—because everything we need to b... + Read More
  • 11. catalogue cover
    Eat Soup 50-Mouth-watering Recipes for Health & Life Paperback Henrietta Clancy 9781780722658 $27.99 COOKING Jun 28, 2016
    Soup is the new superfood.Five reasons to eat soup:It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that have been linked to lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high cholesterolLow in caloriesKeeps you fuller for longerGives you a big portion of your 5-a-dayThe perfect solution for losing weight and staying healthy—pain-freeIn this beautifully produced book, Brixton-based cook and healthy eating expert, Henrietta Clancy brings a fresh and unique approach to the food which is the new buzzword for good nutrition. Clancy... + Read More
  • 12. catalogue cover
    An Unstoppable Team, a Mind-Blowing Mission Paperback Peter Jay Black 9781408863503 $0.01 JUVENILE FICTION Sep 22, 2015
  • 13. catalogue cover
    Mayflower A Story of Courage, Community, and War CD-Audio Nathaniel Philbrick 9780451486394 $32.99 HISTORY Nov 10, 2015
  • 14. catalogue cover
    People of the Book A Novel CD-Audio Geraldine Brooks 9780451486387 $32.99 FICTION Nov 10, 2015
  • 15. catalogue cover
    Rules of Civility A Novel CD-Audio Amor Towles 9780451486363 $32.99 FICTION Nov 10, 2015
  • 16. catalogue cover
    Series: A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure The Tombs CD-Audio Clive Cussler 9780451486417 $32.99 FICTION Nov 10, 2015
  • 17. catalogue cover
    The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls A Novel CD-Audio Anton DiSclafani 9780451486370 $32.99 FICTION Nov 10, 2015
  • 18. catalogue cover
    Dior by Avedon Hardcover Justine Pidardie 9780847847273 $175.00 PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 27, 2015
  • 19. catalogue cover
    Lift and Look Space Board book Helen Poole 9781408864074 $0.01 JUVENILE NONFICTION Feb 23, 2016
  • 20. catalogue cover
    Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat Hardcover Emily MacKenzie 9781408860472 $22.00 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 6 Jan 10, 2017
    Stanley LOVES to knit. He knocks up pom-poms at breakfast time, whips up bobble hats at bath time. He even knits in his sleep! And what does Stanley do with his wonderful woollies? He gives them to his friends of course – balaclavas for bunnies, neckwarmers for giraffes and much more besides.But when Stanley gets carried away with his dream of winning the Woolly Wonders Competition, he has to decide what's more important – his knitting or his friends?Another fabulously funny story from the creator ofWanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar.Perfect f... + Read More
  • 21. catalogue cover
    Peter Rabbit Baby Cards For Milestone Moments Cards Puffin 9780141367880 $20.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 5 Apr 26, 2016
  • 22. catalogue cover
    Jihad Academy The Rise of Islamic State Paperback Nicolas Henin 9789385436413 $22.00 HISTORY Feb 09, 2016
  • 23. catalogue cover
    Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy An Agenda for Growth and Shared Prosperity Hardcover Joseph E Stiglitz 9780393254051 $34.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Nov 17, 2015
  • 24. catalogue cover
    The Republic of Conscience Paperback Gary Hart 9780399575938 $21.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE Feb 02, 2016
  • 25. catalogue cover
    The Grind Inside Baseball's Endless Season Paperback Barry Svrluga 9780399575952 $22.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Mar 15, 2016
  • 26. catalogue cover
    Looking at Mindfulness Twenty-five Paintings to Change the Way You Live Paperback Christophe Andre 9780399575945 $27.00 BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Jul 05, 2016
  • 27. catalogue cover
    Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore Hardcover Dave Hill 9780399166754 $36.00 HUMOR May 10, 2016
  • 28. catalogue cover
    Fifth Business Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143198246 $22.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 29. catalogue cover
    The Rebel Angels Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143196983 $22.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 30. catalogue cover
    What's Bred in the Bone Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143196990 $22.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 31. catalogue cover
    The Lyre of Orpheus Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143197003 $22.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 32. catalogue cover
    Tempest-Tost Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143197010 $20.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 33. catalogue cover
    Leaven of Malice Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143197027 $20.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 34. catalogue cover
    A Mixture of Frailties Paperback Robertson Davies 9780143197034 $20.00 FICTION Oct 13, 2015
  • 35. catalogue cover
    Series: A Demonists Novel The Demonists Paperback Thomas E. Sniegoski 9780451473523 $20.00 FICTION Apr 05, 2016
  • 36. catalogue cover
    Ghost Story Paperback Peter Straub 9781101989197 $22.00 FICTION Feb 02, 2016
  • 37. catalogue cover
    What the Fun?! 427 Simple Ways to Have Fantastic Family Fun Paperback Donna Bozzo 9780399185519 $22.00 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS May 17, 2016
  • 38. catalogue cover
    Troilus and Cressida Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396415 $16.99 FICTION Jan 26, 2016
  • 39. catalogue cover
    Cymbeline Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396484 $16.99 FICTION Jan 26, 2016
  • 40. catalogue cover
    Henry VIII Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396620 $16.99 FICTION Jan 26, 2016
  • 41. catalogue cover
    Richard III Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396651 $16.99 FICTION Dec 18, 2015
  • 42. catalogue cover
    Love's Labour's Lost Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396439 $16.99 FICTION Dec 18, 2015
  • 43. catalogue cover
    The Two Gentlemen of Verona Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396422 $16.99 FICTION Dec 18, 2015
  • 44. catalogue cover
    The Merry Wives of Windsor Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396576 $16.99 FICTION Nov 24, 2015
  • 45. catalogue cover
    Titus Andronicus Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396323 $16.99 FICTION Nov 24, 2015
  • 46. catalogue cover
    The Tempest Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396309 $16.99 DRAMA Nov 24, 2015
  • 47. catalogue cover
    Macbeth (Film Tie-In) Paperback William Shakespeare 9780241246894 $10.95 FICTION Oct 27, 2015
  • 48. catalogue cover
    Pericles Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396637 $16.99 FICTION Nov 02, 2015
  • 49. catalogue cover
    Much Ado About Nothing Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396590 $16.99 FICTION Oct 22, 2015
  • 50. catalogue cover
    The Taming of the Shrew Paperback William Shakespeare 9780141396583 $16.99 FICTION Oct 22, 2015


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