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Heritage Group Distribution Fall 2012

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    George Littlechild The Spirit Giggles Within Hardcover George Littlechild 9781927051511 $39.95 ART Oct 15, 2012
    George Littlechild: The Spirit Giggles Within is a stunning retrospective of a career that has spanned nearly four decades. Featuring more than 150 of the Plains Cree artist’s mixed-media works, this sumptuous collection showcases the bold swaths of colour and subtle textures of Littlechild’s work. Littlechild has never shied away from political or social themes. His paintings blaze with strong emotions ranging from anger to compassion, humour to spiritualism. Fully embracing his Plains Cree heritage, he combines traditional Cree elements like... + Read More
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    Wolves Unleashed Hardcover Andrew Simpson 9781927330173 $39.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Along with the internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary film upon which this book is based, Wolves Unleashed takes the reader on an amazing journey that looks closely at Andrew Simpson’s relationship with one of nature’s most elusive, mythical and misunderstood animals. As a professional animal trainer for the film industry, and having worked for almost every major Hollywood studio on over 100 productions, Andrew deals with numerous species on a regular basis. Thanks to his unique, personal affection for wolves and his worldwide ... + Read More
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    Beyond Beauty Hunting the Wild Blue Poppy Paperback Bill Terry 9781927129364 $24.95 TRAVEL Sep 04, 2012
    Beyond Beauty is the story of a remarkable journey that Bill Terry and his wife, Rosemary, undertook when they joined a party of Dutch and British alpine plant hunters intent on botanizing on the roof of the world. The expedition travelled in a convoy of eight jeeps over roads that were rarely paved and occasionally terrifying. They crossed fifteen passes, some as high as 5,000 metres (16,500 feet), where even in midsummer, the wind scoured exposed skin.They braved days at high altitude, panting in the thin air of the Tibetan plateau, and were ... + Read More
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    Marathon Quest Paperback Martin Parnell 9781927330135 $24.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 15, 2012
    In 2005, during a four-month cycling trip through Africa, Martin Parnell was struck by the power of sport and its ability to bring people together and to bring about change. Five years later, the 55-year-old mining engineer, husband, father and grandfather dedicated a year of his life to run 250 marathons with the aim of raising $250,000 for the charity Right To Play, an international humanitarian organization that reaches out to disadvantaged children around the world. In the end, Martin’s “Marathon Quest 250” raised $320,000 for the charity,... + Read More
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    Highball Exit Paperback Phyllis Smallman 9781927129791 $18.95 FICTION Oct 30, 2012
    Sherri Travis is three months behind on her mortgage and it will be last call for the Sunset Bar and Grill if she doesn’t come up with some cash. So when Aunt Kay offers to pay Sherri to ask a few questions about Holly Mitchell’s death, it sounds like easy money. But it quickly descends into a dangerous world of drugs, sex workers, and perversion. Did Holly really take the highball exit, or was she murdered? And what happened to her baby?Set in small beach towns along the western coast of Florida, the Sherri Travis Mysteries follow Sherri Travi... + Read More
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    Death as a Fine Art Paperback Gwendolyn Southin 9781927129425 $9.95 FICTION Sep 04, 2012
    Journey into the fashionable art world of 1960s Vancouver as Margaret Spencer and Nat Southby return in Death as a Fine Art, the fifth book in the Margaret Spencer mystery series. The owner of the Silver Unicorn Art Gallery is dead, and Southby and Spencer, Private Investigators are back at work in search of the killer. With plenty of suspects and twists and turns along the way, Maggie and Nat have their work cut out for them.The cast of memorable characters are no match for the investigators. Maggie trusts her instincts as they take her from t... + Read More
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    The Slickrock Paradox Paperback Stephen Legault 9781927129395 $18.95 FICTION Sep 04, 2012
    Silas Pearson is looking for answers. It's been more than three years since his wife, Penelope de Silva, disappeared while working on a conservation project in Utah's red rock wilderness. Law enforcement authorities have given up hope of finding the adventurous Penelope alive. And some suggest that she may not have vanished into the desert at all, but simply left Silas for another man. Silas moves to Moab, where his wife was last seen, with one purpose: finding his wife, dead or alive. His search takes him into a spectacular wilderness of red r... + Read More
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    Never Hug a Mugger on Quadra Island Paperback Sandy Frances Duncan 9781926971490 $9.95 FICTION May 01, 2012
    The Islands Investigations International team is back! This time, Kyra Rachel and Noel Franklin are sleuthing around Quadra Island in the employ of Noel’s old high school buddy, Jason Cooper. In a quiet wooded area of the island, Jason, his wife, and two younger boys are worried for the oldest son in the family. Derek was discovered badly beaten in the woods by Campbell River and has remained in a deep coma for three weeks. Desperate to find out what happened to his son and why, Jason hires Noel and Kyra.As the two get to know the sleepy island... + Read More
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    Secret Combinations Paperback Gordon Cope 9781926971537 $9.95 FICTION May 01, 2012
    Winner of the Silver Medal for Suspense/Thriller at the 2012 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards FBI Agent Jack Kenyon is an expert at cyber warfare, in which hackers and secret government agencies leverage weak spots in the Internet to cause carnage to their enemies. Assigned to uncover an industrial spy ring trying to steal Cyberworm, a US secret code, Jack is sure the murder of a double agent is linked to his investigation. But the sudden passing of his aunt Lydia in London complicates his plans. As the named executor of her estate, Ja... + Read More
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    Embedded on the Home Front Where Military and Civilian Lives Converge Paperback Joan Dixon 9781927051573 $19.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 15, 2012
    Home front. It’s hard to separate that expression from war. In the First and Second World Wars, the home front was a clear entity and location: if you weren’t on the frontlines, you were on the home front. But during current times of peacekeeping, peacemaking and armed interventions, the notion of home front seems to comprise only those who are in some way directly affected by the military: family and friends of soldiers, returning soldiers or ex-soldiers—an invisible group camouflaged by everyday jobs and activities. Editors Barb Howard and Jo... + Read More
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    The Arctic Journals of John Rae Paperback John Rae 9781927129746 $19.95 HISTORY Sep 18, 2012
    Scottish doctor and explorer John Rae is a controversial figure in the history of the Arctic. He began his career with the Hudson's Bay Company as a surgeon in Moose Factory, Ontario, where he learned to survey, live off the land, and travel great distances on snowshoes. These skills served him well when, in 1846, he was charged with completing the geography of the northern shore of North America and set out on his first expedition. Some years later, while exploring the Boothia Peninsula in 1854, Rae obtained information about the rather shocki... + Read More
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    Finding Japan Early Canadian Encounters with Asia Paperback Anne Shannon 9781927051559 $22.95 HISTORY Nov 01, 2012
    In contrast to the widely known experiences of Asian immigrants who came to Canada, this book looks at movement in the opposite direction. Using text and images, it is a collection of stories about how Canadians “found Japan,” the first place they reached when travelling westward across the Pacific. These connections began as early as 1848, when the adventurous son of a Hudson’s Bay Company trader tempted fate by smuggling himself, disguised as a shipwrecked sailor, into the closed and exotic land of the shoguns. He was followed by an intrigui... + Read More
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    Keeper of the Mountains The Elizabeth Hawley Story Paperback Bernadette McDonald 9781927330159 $22.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 01, 2012
    Beginning in 1946, Elizabeth Hawley worked for Fortune magazine as a researcher. Shortly thereafter, she left both her job and the United States itself to travel the world, and thus began her lifelong attraction to the exotic and remote sovereign state of Nepal. In the years that followed, she began reporting on the political and cultural events taking place in her adopted homeland for the likes of Reuters and Time Inc., letting the world in on the strange community of mountaineers, pilgrims and politicians who were descending on Kathmandu, whe... + Read More
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    FREEDOM CLIMBERS (PB) Paperback Bernadette McDonald 9781927330128 $24.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Oct 01, 2012
    NEW IN PAPERBACK Winner! 2012 American Alpine Club Literary Prize (USA) Winner! 2011 Munday Award, Banff Mountain Festival (CANADA) Winner! 2011 Boardman Tasker Prize, Kendal Mountain Festival (UNITED KINGDOM) Freedom Climbers—the most honoured book of mountaineering literature published in Canada—tells the story of a group of extraordinary Polish adventurers who emerged from under the blanket of oppression following the Second World War to become the world's leading Himalayan climbers. Although they lived in a dreary, war-ravaged landscap... + Read More
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    Cold Matters The State and Fate of Canada's Fresh Water Paperback Robert William Sandford 9781927330197 $29.95 NATURE Dec 01, 2012
    Cold Matters is a vital and approachable work that distills the scientific complexities of snow, ice, water and climate and presents the global implications of research put forth and funded by the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences. This timely book gives the concerned reader an opportunity to take part in the conversation about our global environment in a way that transcends traditional scientific journals, textbooks, public talks or newspaper articles that are so often ignored or forgotten. In the end, Cold Matters will ... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Becoming Water Glaciers in a Warming World Hardcover Mike Demuth 9781926855721 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Becoming Water takes the reader on a tour of Canada’s glaciers, describing the stories they tell and educating the reader about how glaciers came to be, how they work and what their future holds in our warming world. By visiting Canada’s high and low Arctic and the mountain West, the reader will learn how varied and complex our glaciers really are, how they are measured and how they figure into the national and global story of inevitable change. The reader will learn to think like a scientist, in particular how to look at climate-related data t... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Digging the City An Urban Agriculture Manifesto Hardcover Rhona McAdam 9781927330210 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    At the last census in 2006, just over 80 percent of Canada’s population lived in urban centres. How we feed that population and protect its food sources is an enduring subject of debate in food security circles these days. As consumers and citizens, we all need to take a hard look at the deficiencies in Canada’s ability to feed the urban poor; our dependence on imported foods and centralized food processing; our detachment from our food sources; the often problematic solutions to food security devised by governments, municipalities and non-prof... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Gift Ecology Reimagining a Sustainable World Hardcover Peter Denton 9781927330401 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Global sustainability in the 21st century seems to be an elusive goal. There are too many issues, too many problems—and, increasingly, too many people—to make the major changes required in the time various experts tell us we have left before it’s too late. To create a sustainable future, we need to change the game itself. We cannot simply try to solve our problems one at a time. Instead, we need to reimagine sustainability in all its dimensions—social, cultural, environmental and economic—to create a global system that reflects how we should b... + Read More
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    Series: An RMB Manifesto Little Black Lies Corporate & Political Spin in the Global War for Oil Hardcover Jeff Gailus 9781926855684 $16.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    Beginning in 1967 and for just over 30 years, the oil industry toiled in the relative obscurity of Northern Alberta as machines peeled away earth and boreal forest to exhume what has now become one of humanity’s most precious and contentious resources: bitumen. As the years passed, the bitumen mines sprawled, poisonous tailings ponds spread, toxins polluted the environment, cancer reared its head downstream and the price of petroleum soared beyond all expectations. As plans continue to build the Keystone and Northern Gateway pipelines, a growi... + Read More
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    The Will of the Land—Updated Edition Hardcover Peter Dettling 9781927330548 $39.95 NATURE Oct 01, 2012
    This second edition of Peter Dettling’s stunning, bestselling and highly controversial book The Will of the Land, which earned the praise of Farley Mowat, Ben Gadd, Doug Peacock, Canadian Geographic Magazine and Outdoor Photography Canada, features a new afterword by the author that updates readers on the continuing plight of the fragile ecosystem that exists in one of North America’s most renowned, popular and threatened natural spaces. . Peter Dettling first visited Canada’s internationally renowned Rocky Mountains national parks as a Swiss t... + Read More
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    Flavours of the West Coast Paperback Cedarwood Productions 9781927129241 $29.95 COOKING Sep 04, 2012
    Winner of Best Local Cuisine (Canada) at the 2012 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards The West Coast has an abundance of produce and natural food resources, and some of the most talented and influential chefs in the world. In this colourful cookbook, British Columbia's top restaurateurs, chefs, and foodies share signature dishes that will inspire cooks everywhere. Meet the province's well-known and up-and-coming culinary stars as they reveal recipes and stories from their kitchens. Inspired by the popular television program Flavours of the West Coas... + Read More
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    The Judge and the Lady Paperback Marlyn Horsdal 9781927129302 $19.95 FICTION Sep 04, 2012
    When the beautiful and flirtatious Eleanor Wentworth is sent away from London in 1870 for her scandalous behaviour, she arrives, angry and rebellious, in Victoria, a town that falls far below her expectations of society. Soon, however, she is befriended by Celia Turner, the freethinking young wife of a conservative minister, and unlikely though it seems, they become lifelong friends. When Eleanor meets the fascinating judge Matthew Baillie Begbie, the first chief justice of BC, life in the colony suddenly becomes much more attractive. Discover ... + Read More
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    Passage on the Cardena Paperback Mel Dagg 9781927129333 $9.95 FICTION Sep 04, 2012
    In the summer of 1930, fifteen-year-old Matthew Clayton's mother dies, leaving him alone in Vancouver. Using the Union Steamship ticket she gave him, he sets out in search of his father, who is logging somewhere on the rugged West Coast. Matt boards the SS Cardena and begins an incredible voyage up the Inside Passage and through the isolated coastal communities the ship services.On board he befriends fellow passengers Monica James and the high rigger Will Cameron, both intent on finding a new life, and Emily Carr, a soon-to-be-famous painter se... + Read More
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    The Fisher Queen A Deckhand's Tales of the BC Coast Paperback Sylvia Taylor 9781927051535 $17.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Aug 15, 2012
    It’s 1981, and Sylvia Taylor has signed on as rookie deckhand on a wallowy 40-foot salmon troller. Looking forward to making money for university, she is determined to master the ins and outs of fishing some of the most dangerous waters in the world: the Graveyard of the Pacific. For four months, she helps navigate the waters off northern Vancouver Island, learning the ways of fisherfolk and the habitat in which they breathe, sleep and survive. The politics of selling fish, the basics of tying gear, near-death experiences, endless boat trouble... + Read More
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    Series: Coastal Spirit Tales The Salmon Twins Hardcover Caroll Simpson 9781927051528 $19.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 8 Aug 15, 2012
    In her third book inspired by First Nations’ stories, children’s author and illustrator Caroll Simpson explains the significance of community values. She introduces readers to a world of creatures like Sea Lion, Killer Whale, Dogfish and Kingfisher. Her dramatic tale of young twins and their transformation shows how working together keeps a community healthy. When new twins are born in a mythical Pacific Coast village, everyone celebrates because the birth of twins is a rare occasion; twins are the children of the salmon. But when the twins gr... + Read More
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    Quests for Fire Tales from Many Lands Paperback Jon C. Stott 9781927051597 $12.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 6 - 12 Sep 05, 2012
    It is hard to imagine life without fire. Heat, light, food—where would we be without these essentials? Although we do not rely on fire as much today as in times past, nor have as much direct contact with it, fire was often crucial to survival when the stories in this collection were first told. People often told stories about it: what their lives were like without fire, how they first acquired it and how it changed their lives. This collection of nine traditional tales, retold by Jon C. Stott, draws from eight different countries. Learn how Ma... + Read More
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    The Spencer Mansion A House, a Home, and an Art Gallery Paperback Robert Ratcliffe Taylor 9781927129272 $19.95 HISTORY Sep 04, 2012
    Built in 1889 and now home to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Spencer Mansion is a magnificent building with a rich and layered history. With detailed research, historian and author Robert Ratcliffe Taylor describes the original appearance of the house, designed by William Ridgway Wilson for Alexander Green and his family, as well as its inhabitants over the decades. Also known as Gyppeswyk, after the village in England where Green wed Theophila Rainer, the house is more commonly referred to as the Spencer Mansion, after later owners D... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Scoundrels and Saloons Whisky Wars of the Pacific Northwest 1840–1917 Paperback Rich Mole 9781927051788 $9.95 HISTORY Oct 15, 2012
    From the days of the fur trade, one constant thread weaves its way through the tumultuous history of frontier British Columbia, Washington and Oregon—the war over liquor. Between 1840 and 1917, the whisky wars of the west coast were fought by historical heavyweights, including Matthew Baillie Begbie (the “Hanging Judge”) and Wyatt Earp, and a contentious assortment of murderous whisky traders, angry Natives, corrupt policemen, patronage-loving politicians and trigger-happy drunks. Liquor was a serious and life-threatening issue in 19th-century... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Sir John Franklin Expeditions to Destiny Paperback Anthony Dalton 9781927051818 $9.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Sep 15, 2012
    After Royal Navy captain Sir John Franklin disappeared in the Arctic in 1846 while seeking the Northwest Passage, the search for his two ships, Erebus and Terror, and survivors of his expedition became one of the most exhaustive quests of the 19th century. Despite tantalizing clues, the ships were never found, and the fate of Franklin’s expedition passed into legend as one of the North’s great and enduring mysteries. Anthony Dalton explores the eventful and fascinating life of this complex and intelligent man, beginning with his early sea voya... + Read More
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    Series: Amazing Stories Flying on Instinct Canada's Bush Pilot Pioneers Paperback L.D. Cross 9781927051849 $9.95 TRANSPORTATION Sep 15, 2012
    They were nicknamed Snow Eagle, Flying Knight, Bush Angel, Punch, Doc and Wop. They worked in open cockpits and flew through cold, snow and fog without the benefit of radios, maps or weather reports. They flew over the Barrens, frozen lakes, boreal forests and mountain ranges by dead reckoning and line of sight. They landed on makeshift runways, glaciers, muskeg, tundra and glassy lakes. Comrades of the wilderness, they were Canada’s early bush pilots. L.D. Cross brings us the incredible stories of the brave and enterprising pilots who rolled ... + Read More

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