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Back to Beer...and Hockey
The Story of Eric Molson
By (author): Helen Antoniou
Helen Antoniou


McGill-Queen's University Press



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Higher Education
Apr 09, 2018
$34.95 CAD


235 x 159 mm | 880 gr

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464 pages


91 b&w images
McGill-Queen's University Press
  • Short Description
A personal look into a quiet man's quest to make Molson a global brewer.
A personal look into a quiet man's quest to make Molson a global brewer.

To most Canadians, the Molson name is part of the very fabric of Canada. Since 1786, when John Molson founded his first brewery in Montreal, it has become synonymous with beer, hockey, and philanthropy. Few realize, however, how close the family came in recent years to losing control of the enterprise. Back to Beer...and Hockey offers intimate details of the life and work of Eric Molson, who not only saved the company, but positioned it to thrive as a global brewery into the twenty-first century. With unprecedented access to the Molson family, Helen Antoniou traces Eric Molson's evolution from a young brewmaster captivated by the chemistry of beer-making to chairman of Molson. Quiet by nature, he had to confront big egos, navigate complex boardroom politics, and even battle a disruptive cousin who tried to push him out of the way. Antoniou's carefully researched account details how the introverted Eric overcame his aversion to conflict to take the company from a failing conglomerate back to its core business of beer, eventually turning it into one of the world's leading brewers. Today, he has passed the torch to his sons, the seventh generation, but his steadfast vision prevails. An absorbing account of one man's struggle at the helm of an international brewing giant, Back to Beer...and Hockey shows how Eric Molson's guiding principles influenced the future of Molson – both the enterprise and the family.

Helen Antoniou is an executive coach for corporate leaders and family business owners, as well as a volunteer board member in the areas of health, education, and the arts. She has practised corporate law and management consulting and holds master's degrees from the universities of Paris II and Harvard. She is Eric Molson's daughter-in-law.

"A fascinating portrait of a man, a time, and a company. Elegantly written and based on unparalleled access, the book is a delight of remembrances and vignettes. It stands with the best of this genre, and is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of family businesses." Yvan Allaire, executive chair of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations

« Ce livre d'Éric Molson n'est pas simplement une biographie, c'est un livre d'histoire d'une grande famille et d'une grande entreprise canadienne. Sans complaisance, ce livre nous dévoile les intrigues et les jeux de coulisses d'une grande corporation. Ç

"Back to Beer...and Hockey captures Eric Molson's fascinating path from behind-the-scenes brewer to visionary, sixth-generation leader of North America's oldest brewery. All aspiring business leaders – and anyone with a passion for beer – will be inspired

"Back to Beer...and Hockey is a deeply researched, richly detailed and yet warmly intimate work. The author clearly gained insights that no other writer could have acquired." Gordon Pitts, award-winning author and business journalist

"Helen Antoniou's account of one of Canada's most-fascinating families is both tender and tough. It is the story of Canada's favourite drink and Canada's most-successful hockey franchise – but also the story of the many Molsons at the centre of both, a fa

"A staggeringly candid, page-turner peek into one of the most powerful families in this country: the Molson clan of beer and hockey barons. The book provides rare insight into family infighting and serves up a compelling cautionary tale about corporate go

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