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April 2018 Fiction: Canadian

By (author): David Gibbins



Product Form:


Form detail:

Dust jacket
Hardcover , Dust jacket


Apr 10, 2018
Print Run: 35000
$36.50 CAD
Out of print


9.59in x 6.53 x 1.16 in | 450 gr

Page Count:

288 pages


Includes one map
St. Martin's Press
FICTION / Thrillers / Historical

The latest Jack Howard thriller from internationally bestselling mastermind David Gibbins.

As the blood of martyred Christians runs through Rome's catacombs, Pope Sixtus entrusts their most sacred object to a devoted follower. Soon after, the Holy Grail disappears into the darkness of time.

While overseeing the evacuation of the English colony of Tangier, Samuel Pepys attempts to retrieve a treasure which has resurfaced after more than a thousand years. Meanwhile, a Jewish merchant is tortured by the Altamanus, a secret group determined to locate the Grail.

Present Day

A wreck off the Cornish coast reveals clues to a mystery that marine archaeologist Jack Howard had thought beyond solving. He embarks on an epic quest that takes him to the sunken ruins of the pirate city of Port Royal in Jamaica. But the specter of the deadly Inquisition dogs his every step, and Jack must face a descent into hell itself if he is to uncover the greatest reward in Christendom.

Gibbins, who has led numerous underwater archeology expeditions around the world, writes with an authority that makes “the astounding seem more than plausible” (Parmenion Books). This latest Jack Howard novel brings together historical details and a thrilling plot for an action-packed adventure.

DAVID GIBBINS is the internationally bestselling author of the Jack Howard novels, which have sold over three million copies worldwide and is published in thirty languages, and the Total War historical novels. He has a PhD from Cambridge University and taught archaeology. He is a world authority on ancient shipwrecks and sunken cities. He has led numerous expeditions to investigate underwater sites around the world. He currently divides his time between fieldwork, England and Canada.

"National Print Publicity Online Publicity Library Marketing Campaign Promotion on CriminalElement.com Author Website: DavidGibbins.com Author Facebook: DavidGibbinsAuthor.com"

"A sophisticated plot lifts bestseller Gibbins’s superior 10th thriller featuring archeologist Jack Howard.... Steve Berry fans eager for an intelligent blend of suspense and reality, including some horrific contemporary developments, will be rewarded." —Publishers Weekly(starred review) onInquisition

"A brilliantly written thriller"—Parmenion BooksonTestament

"David Gibbins is a marine archaeologist himself and his expertise and experience endow these books with invaluable authenticity and detail...There isn’t another thriller hero like Jack Howard and I treasure him."—For Winter NightsonTestament

"Utterly absorbing . . . When the adventure is as exciting as it is here, it is too good not to be allowed to speak for itself. . . . Put aside your assumptions of what a thriller should be and instead immerse yourself in one of the best historical adventures you’ll read this year." —For Winter Nights on Pharaoh

"History, mystery and myth all brought together to astound the reading senses . . . a true leader of his genre and his art." —Parmenion Books on Pharaoh

"An exciting mix of fact and fiction, with shades of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones." —York Evening Press on Crusader Gold

“The historical conspiracy angle gives the bookDa Vinci-esque appeal, and the intense visual details of the team’s marine discoveries make it naturally cinematic.”—Publishers Weekly onAtlantis

“What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins.”Daily MirroronAtlantis

“...a superb novel...one of the best historical adventures you’ll read this year.” —For Winter Nights onPyramid

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