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Mango Publishing Winter 2020

66 Day Journal
A Guided Journal for Creating New Habits
By (author): Matthew Mockridge
Matthew Mockridge


Mango Media



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Paperback , Trade
Dec 03, 2019
$14.95 CAD


9.01in x 6.03 x 0.37 in | 230 gr

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178 pages
Mango Media
SELF-HELP / Journaling
Achieve Your Goal in 66 DaysCreate new habits - and stick with them: Routines can be hard to establish. Often, our goals require us to make difficult changes in our daily lives. This daily journal by cutting-edge speaker and bestselling author Matthew Mockridge serves as a "training partner" to help us create and firmly integrate healthy routines into everyday life.
Find passion through practice: We don't need to find our true passion before we commit to a consistent routine. As readers of the 66 Day Journal will learn, it is only through maintaining regular habits that true passion emerges. When we work hard to become good at something, such as healthy eating, maintaining a regular sleep schedule, or exercising regularly, we'll find that our passion for the topic grows.
Ask quality questions, have a quality life: If we aren't asking ourselves the important questions - "What am I proud of? What could I have done better?" - then maintaining healthy habits is harder than ever. This guided journal walks us through the difficult questions we should be asking ourselves every day. The carefully constructed questions combine mindfulness, positive psychology, and proven strategies for increased productivity to help you stay on track.
Dive into Matthew Mockridge's 66 Day Journal and learn how to:
* Break down overwhelming "marathon" goals into 66 achievable mini goals * Set a goal using the SMART theory (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) * Visualize where you want to be and work to get there If you've enjoyed titles such as The High Performance Planner, My 66-Day Challenge Habit Tracker and Goal Planner, and Hello New Me, then you'll love Matthew Mockridge's 66 Day Journal: A Guided Journal for Creating New Habits .

Matthew Mockridge studied International Business and Management in the USA. He is a young entrepreneur, author and speaker. As the offspring of the actors and protagonists of the television series The Mockridges, Bill Mockridge (Lindenstrasse) and Margie Kinsky, Matthew grows up in a slightly different family. As a brother of comedy superstar Luke Mockridge, director Nick Mockridge, movie actor Jeremy Mockridge, musician Leonardo Mockridge and DJ Liam Mockridge, Matthew also lands in the entertainment business. With his revolutionary event idea NEONSPLASH - Paint-Party® he placed an international party super hit, which has already inspired hundreds of thousands of guests in over 60 cities! The young entrepreneur became famous in the international live entertainment scene overnight.

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