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Flamingo Rampant

The Newspaper Pirates
By (author): j wallace skelton Illustrated by: Ketch Wehr
j wallace skelton ,

Illustrated by :

Ketch Wehr


Flamingo Rampant - Toronto



Product Form:


Form detail:

Picture book
Paperback , Picture book


Juvenile: Age (years) 6 - 8, Grade (CAN) 1 - 3, Grade (US) 1 - 3, Reading age 6 - 8
Oct 15, 2015
$18.95 CAD


8.25in x 10.75 x 0.25 in | 184 gr

Page Count:

32 pages


Colour illustrations
Flamingo Rampant
  • Short Description
Anthony Bartholomew is on a mission to find the “newspaper pirates” who have been stealing his father’s newspaper from outside their apartment door. Along the way he discovers just how fierce he can be.
Sometimes it takes a pirate king to stop newspaper pirates.

One of Anthony Bartholomew’s dads loves the morning paper, but some mornings it’s stolen from outside their front door. Anthony overhears something about “newspaper pirates” and wanting to protect their newspaper, sets out to search for clues. Anthony turns up a sword in the building recycling room, but the laundry room is a dead end. The pirates don’t fall for the trap, and fingerprints turn out not to be so useful. Sometimes, when you can’t beat them, you instead become their king. Anthony becomes the King of the Newspaper Pirates and keeps the newspapers safe. Landlubber beware!

Key Selling Points

  • This is a detective story where a kid sets out to solve the crime. Anthony Bartholomew leads the search, hunts for clues and in the end, saves the day and the newspaper.
  • This book features apartment living, two dads and a multi-racial family.
  • Anthony Bartholomew has no pronouns in the book and appears femme with a name assumed to be masculine. There is room for a child to project their own identity and celebrate sparkle, glitter and jewelry.
  • The last page gives instructions on how to fold your own pirate hat out of newspapers.

j wallace skelton draws with words and writes in pictures. j is a writer, cartoonist, teacher, student and equity consultant--the common thread is working to make a more just and equitable world. j is queer, trans and a parent of three. j lives in Toronto.

Ketch Wehr is a queer and trans non-binary artist and illustrator living in New York state. Once upon a time, they lived in Italy, where they painted murals, cared for feral cats, and made comics every day. Now they work in design and illustration, making new and wild things all the time. Ketch lives with a parade of rescue animals, a magical partner, and a very good baby.

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