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ECW Press Fall 2022 Trade

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    Lexile measure: 950L
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    For sale with exclusive rights in: WORLD
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    Distributor: Jaguar Book Group Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Sep 20, 2022 On Sale Date: Oct 11, 2022 Carton Quantity: 40 $22.95 CAD
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    Distributor: BTPS Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Sep 20, 2022 On Sale Date: Oct 11, 2022 Carton Quantity: 40 $17.95 USD
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    Distributor: Turnaround Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Sep 20, 2022 On Sale Date: Oct 11, 2022 Carton Quantity: 40 $14.99 GBP
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The Battle Cry of the Siamese Kitten
Even More Tales from the Accidental Veterinarian
By (author): Philipp Schott DVM
Philipp Schott DVM


ECW Press - Toronto



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Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Oct 11, 2022
$22.95 CAD


7in x 5 x 0.64 in | 0.61 lb

Page Count:

280 pages


10 10 illustrations, black and white
ECW Press
PETS / Essays & Narratives
Memoirs|Cats as pets|Dogs as pets
  • Short Description
The Battle Cry of the Siamese Kitten is Dr. Philipp Schott’s third collection of funny, touching, and informative true veterinary stories drawn from his over 30 years in practice.

From Dr. Schott’s 30 years in veterinary practice come over 60 heartwarming, funny, and adorable stories about angry pelicans, bug-eyed goldfish, and plenty of cats and dogs

In the third book in this bestselling series, we meet the oddest creatures, from an escaped newt to a baby snow leopard, but the focus is on the dogs and cats that make up most of a pet vet’s day and on the wacky and wonderful people who bring them in.

Dr. Schott also pulls back the curtain on what it’s really like to be a veterinarian. Do some vet students faint at the sight of blood? (Yes.) Is it easier for vets to bring their own pets in for procedures? (No.) Did the pandemic change veterinary practice? (Yes, and how.)

You will also learn how to bathe a dog, why some rats love cats, why Dr. Schott is afraid of parrots, and a surprising way for a dog to accidentally get drunk. And, of course, you will meet Supercat, the Siamese kitten with the mightiest lungs.

Sales and Market Bullets

  • A FUN, GIFTY, AND ADORABLE PACKAGE: Delightful stories from a real-life veterinarian and an affordable price point make The Battle Cry of the Siamese Kitten an ideal gift.
    • Fantastic for table placement and impulse buys with that adorable kitten on the cover!
    • You’ll meet an astonishing array of creatures, from an escaped newt to an angry pelican, a bug-eyed goldfish to a baby snow leopard, and of course, adorable cats and dogs.

    • Both of Schott’s previous vet story collections were national bestsellers.
    • The Accidental Veterinarian has been translated into Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and simplified Chinese.
    • Philipp Schott was born in Germany and speaks fluent German.

  • PERFECT FOR CONSUMERS OF VIRAL PET CONTENT: Billions of people engage with #pet TikTok daily, and these animal lovers will love Dr. Schott’s dedication to his patients’ well-being (the animals and the humans!).


  • Pet owners with pet insurance

  • Gift buyers

  • Veterinary workers and students

  • Consumers of viral pet content (Cats of Instagram, The Dodo, etc.)

  • Readers of previous books in the series

Philipp Schott grew up in Saskatoon, where he studied veterinary medicine. He is now chief of staff at a large pet hospital in Winnipeg, MB. He lives with three humans and four animals in a creaky old house on the river. The Battle Cry of the Siamese Kitten is his fifth book.

“An entertaining, simple book, worthwhile for any library. This volume fits perfectly with Schott’s two previous ‘The Accidental Veterinarian’ books.” — Library Journal

“While some pieces offer LOLs and some are sad, it’s all just plain entertaining, with clients like bush dogs Doobie and Gator, a gorgeous snow leopard due for an ultrasound, and yellow lab Man Hampton. Animal owners will find lots of welcome — and readily dispersed — factoids.” — Booklist

“Well-written, entertaining and informative for everyone who loves animals.” — The Winnipeg Free Press

“Philipp Schott is not James Herriot. This book isn’t about creatures great and small in pre-war Yorkshire — but the pets that come to this Winnipeg clinic are just as entertaining.” — Chesil Magazine

“When all is said and done, short stories or collections of essays, are the best, and Dr. Schott’s are particularly congenial. Each is engaging; a few are tear-jerkers, and while some are persuasive or informational, most are humorous … Highly recommended.” — Seattle Book Mama blog

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