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ECW Press Fall 2022 Trade

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    Distributor: Jaguar Book Group Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Sep 13, 2022 On Sale Date: Oct 04, 2022 Carton Quantity: 33 $23.95 CAD
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    Distributor: BTPS Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Sep 13, 2022 On Sale Date: Oct 04, 2022 Carton Quantity: 33 $19.95 USD
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Follow the Buzzards
Pro Wrestling in the Age of COVID-19
By (author): Keith Elliot Greenberg
Keith Elliot Greenberg


ECW Press - Toronto



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Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Oct 04, 2022
$23.95 CAD


9in x 6 x 0.72 in | 1 lb

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304 pages


40 40 photographs, colour
ECW Press
History of sport|Wrestling
  • Short Description
Follow the Buzzards: Pro Wrestling in the Age of COVID-19 examines wrestling as an ecosystem — all the way from local community shows to those that are on national television — against the backdrop of real-world events like the American presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement, Brexit, and the race to find a vaccine.

Industry expert Keith Elliot Greenberg chronicles pro wrestling through the most memorable, controversial, and polarizing period of the last two decades

As a new decade dawned, 2020 was supposed to be the best year to be a wrestling fan. Finally, WWE had serious competition in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and there were viable secondary promotions and a thriving international indie scene. Few in the industry realized that in China, a mysterious virus had begun to spread. By the time a pandemic was declared in March, the business — and the world — was in disarray. For the first time, pro wrestling was no longer seen as escapism, as real-world events intruded on the fantasy. Still, when everything else shut down, wrestling never went away. Despite cancellations and empty arena shows, there were great innovations, like the cinematic match — battles shot to look like movies — and the “ThunderDome,” which replicated the live experience with fan faces surrounding the ring on LED screens. On the indie circuit, matches were held outdoors with spectators separated into socially distanced pods. The entire time, New York Times bestselling author and historian Keith Elliot Greenberg was chronicling the scene, juxtaposing pro wrestling developments with actual news events like the U.S. presidential election and Brexit. The result, Follow the Buzzards: Pro Wrestling in the Age of COVID-19, captures the dread, confusion, and spontaneous creativity of this uncertain era while exploring the long-term consequences.

Sales and Market Bullets

  • ECW’S STRONG TRACK RECORD WITH WRESTLING: ECW Press has an established fanbase for wrestling history titles such as Sisterhood of the Squared Circle, The Death of WCW, and Death of the Territories. We have extensive publicity contacts in this market and will do extensive outreach.

  • COVID AND WRESTLING: The author traveled to unique outdoor wrestling shows during the global pandemic to research how the sport was adjusting to rapidly changing safety regulations and the landscape for live events. He was also on-hand for the first live cards presented by major companies after the shutdown.

  • A MOMENT IN TIME: Explores the world of professional wrestling against the backdrop of events like the 2020 American presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement, Brexit, and the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • GREENBERG IS WELL-CONNECTED IN THE WRESTLING WORLD: He has written for WWE publications for decades, as well as outlets such as Men’s Journal, Playboy, Maxim, The Daily Beast, Bleacher Report, and the HuffPost. His “Colour Commentary” column in Britain’s Inside the Ropes is one of the magazine’s most popular features. Greenberg’s previous book, Too Sweet, was featured on SiriusXM Busted Open Radio and was positively reviewed by Kenny Herzog (writer, Rolling Stone, The Ringer) and by Justin Barrasso in Sports Illustrated.


  • Wrestling fans

Keith Elliot Greenberg is a New York Times bestselling author and television producer. A columnist for wrestling magazine Inside The Ropes, he previously co-authored the autobiographies of Freddie Blassie, Ric Flair, and “Superstar” Billy Graham. Follow the Buzzards picks up where Too Sweet: Inside the Indie Wrestling Revolution left off. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

“A timely, often humorous account, well-written in the jargon of the pro wrestling industry. A must for wrestling fans and historians, and recommended for all libraries that serve either population.” — Library Journal

“A fantastic account and time capsule that perfectly captures an unprecedented era, when pro wrestling soldiered forward just as the world came screeching to a halt. Follow the Buzzards draws pinpoint parallels between mainstream political news and every corner of the pro wrestling industry from WWE, to AEW, to GCW, and everything in between. The wrestling industry has always been a microcosm of society at large, and I challenge anybody to find a book or publication that does a better job telling the story of pro wrestling in the COVID era than Keith Elliot Greenberg.” — Alfred Konuwa, Forbes

“Really? Brock Lesnar, Boris Johnson, Kenny Omega, and Donald Trump all in one book? Yes! Yes! Yes! The story of how wrestling was body-slammed by the pandemic — and got up before the 3-count!” — Nils Suling, Bild

“I always hear that pro wrestling imitates life. But during COVID-19, that statement could probably be reversed. Keith has written one of the most important pro wrestling books I’ve ever read. His writing brought back feelings of sitting at a wrestling event before we had to worry about the pandemic, then listening to politicians yell about something they didn’t quite understand after people started to get sick, and finally going back to live wrestling once again. COVID-19 changed all our lives, and it changed the landscape of pro wrestling, and no one describes what we were feeling better than Keith Elliot Greenberg. Whether you are a historian or just a fan, this book is a necessary read.” — Dave LaGreca, Busted Open radio, SiriusXM

Follow the Buzzards is a thorough, engaging, fast read.” — Slam Wrestling

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