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Jessica Kingsley Publishers: Winter 2023

My Child Told Me They're Trans...What Do I Do?
A Q&A Guide for Parents of Trans Children
Edited by: Brynn Tannehill Contributions by: Amy Cannava Contributions by: Clara Baker Contributions by: Clara Lee Contributions by: Cristy Mereles Contributions by: Danielle O'Banion Contributions by: Darlene Tando Contributions by: Debi Jackson Contributions by: DeShanna Neal Contributions by: Matt Goldenberg Contributions by: Paria Hassouri Contributions by: Sebastian Barr Contributions by: Wayne M. Maines Contributions by: Janis Tannehill Contributions by: Janna Barkin Contributions by: Jennifer See Contributions by: Jennifer Solomon Contributions by: Jo Ivester Contributions by: Kelly Storck Contributions by: Lizette Trujillo Contributions by: Luchina Fisher Contributions by: Marsha Aizumi Contributions by: Nathan Glickler Contributions by: Noah Berlatsky Contributions by: Chester Hitchcock Contributions by: Rachel Gonzalez

Edited by :

Brynn Tannehill ,

Contributions by :

Amy Cannava ,

Contributions by :

Clara Baker ,

Contributions by :

Clara Lee ,

Contributions by :

Cristy Mereles ,

Contributions by :

Danielle O'Banion ,

Contributions by :

Darlene Tando ,

Contributions by :

Debi Jackson ,

Contributions by :

DeShanna Neal ,

Contributions by :

Matt Goldenberg ,

Contributions by :

Paria Hassouri ,

Contributions by :

Sebastian Barr ,

Contributions by :

Wayne M. Maines ,

Contributions by :

Janis Tannehill ,

Contributions by :

Janna Barkin ,

Contributions by :

Jennifer See ,

Contributions by :

Jennifer Solomon ,

Contributions by :

Jo Ivester ,

Contributions by :

Kelly Storck ,

Contributions by :

Lizette Trujillo ,

Contributions by :

Luchina Fisher ,

Contributions by :

Marsha Aizumi ,

Contributions by :

Nathan Glickler ,

Contributions by :

Noah Berlatsky ,

Contributions by :

Chester Hitchcock ,

Contributions by :

Rachel Gonzalez


Jessica Kingsley Publishers



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Form detail:

UK Trade
Paperback , UK Trade


General Trade
Feb 21, 2023
$24.95 CAD


226 x 152 x 26 mm | 360 gr

Page Count:

304 pages


Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Parenting: advice and issues|Gender studies: ‘trans’, transgender people and gender variance|LGBTQ+ Studies / topics|Relationships and families: advice and issues
An FAQ book of commonly asked questions from parents of trans children with advice from leading experts, parents and activists

'My child just came out to me as trans: What should I do?'

If you are a parent looking for an answer to this question, you have come to the right place. Gathering together practical advice and personal experiences from a range of parents, activists and experts, this FAQ book provides answers to the most common questions you will have as a parent of a transgender child.

What if they change their minds?
How do I make sure my child is safe at school?
How do we tell our other children?

Sharing their experiences of how they navigated their child's transition to raise a happy and healthy child, the parents in this book will give you the tools you need to support your trans child to thrive, while the experts provide a research-based perspective on supporting trans youth. With answers to everything you need to know - from social transition, mental health and medical care, through to schools, faith and your personal feelings as a parent - this is the ultimate resource for any family with a trans child.

Brynn Tannehill is a leading trans author and essayist, and has written for The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Bilerico, Slate, Salon, USA Today, The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, The Los Angeles Blade, DAME Magazine, and The New Civil Rights Movement. They have previously published Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trans But Were Afraid to Ask.

My dad asked me for help answering a few of his questions in this book. He and the other parents had few resources to guide them as they tried to help us grow and be safe. Now parents, teachers, doctors, friends, family and beyond have access to their lessons learned and more! Thank you all! - Nicole Maines, actress starring as Dreamer in Supergirl & transgender rights activist

Priceless advice from multiple sources, reflecting an open and heartfelt community of trans allies. Touching, honest and all-encompassing. - Fox Fisher, Artist, Film-Maker and author of Trans Teen Survival Guide

A personal, practical, and powerful book that gives parents the tools to support their transgender child. - John Sovec, LMFT, author of Out: A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your LGBTQIA+ Kids Through Coming Out and Beyond

This book is a honest, heartfelt recollection of the triumphs, realities, and realizations of parents with gender-diverse children. It's required reading for any parent who wants their child to blossom into their fullest self. - Jeffrey Marsh, author of the international bestseller How To Be You

A compassionate, compelling resource that provides space for many voices and perspectives - though with a common theme running through - listen to your child and love them for who they are. - Michelle Forcier MD MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, Rhode Island USA

This book asks direct and practical questions, and provides diverse and helpful answers, because every parent has a unique experience and a unique child. - Alex Stitt, LMHC and author of Accepting Gender

My Child Told Me They're Trans... What Do I Do? provides what every parent or caregiver of a trans/gender-expansive child dreams of-your very own trustworthy support team of parents and experienced professionals to answer every question you have had, have been too shy or afraid to ask, as well as those you didn't know you need to be asking. Social and medical transition, navigating tricky family dynamics, clearing up misunderstandings of what it means for your child to be trans-it's all here. Organized in Q&A interview fashion, you'll hear a variety of perspectives from parents who share with down-to-earth, heartfelt vulnerability, as well as gaining critical research-backed advice, evidence, and resources from subject matter experts. As this guide shines a much-needed light on how parents of trans children can be as supportive, loving, and informed as possible along what can be an incredibly overwhelming journey, the resounding message from those gathered together for this compilation is abundantly clear: "You are not alone. We've been through this. We are here to help." - Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC, Author of You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery

This book answers every single question a new parent has ever asked me - and it doesn't just give one answer, it gives many. In asking these questions not just of parents but of subject matter experts, and in presenting all their answers, any new parent picking up this book will be informed, will be reassured, and will have a wealth of experience and perspectives at their fingertips. 'My Child Told Me They're Trans' showcases that there's no one right way to be the parent of a trans or gender diverse child - it provides new parents with compassion, guidance, and love. - Jennifer Shields, Healthcare Lead at Qtopia and Rainbow People Health & Wellbeing Advisor at Pegasus Health

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